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  1. Cocoa

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Just some random thoughts. Based on this list, I hope for a Tron aesthetic from the supposed Season 12 wave. "Velocity Racers," in particular, make me think of light cycles. I'm excited to see we will be receiving 2 dragons! Considering that only the "Empire" and Jay receive dragons (based on the list,) I believe they are the main antagonist and protagonist of this wave, respectively. Jay also receives more than one build, something to note when he received no vehicles in the Summer 2019 wave. Also, The Empire Temple of Madness just sounds epic. I want to see a temple with a completely chaotic aesthetic, maybe a black base with some crazy neon colors. As for the Legacy wave, I am surprised they are doing one so soon again. If this wave is released separately from the techno wave, I realistically expect this wave to be released in Winter, and the techno one in Summer. The Golden Mech is a pleasant surprise, as the original was amazing. Though I wonder if they are remaking the whole Temple of Light set. The original had just below 100 pieces more (the new one is said to have 489.) If they scaled down the Golden Mech to be the size of say, the Samurai Mech from Legacy 1, then I believe LEGO could use the remainder of the parts to make a smaller, but wholesome Temple. Realistically, however, I just expect a larger Golden Mech. The other choices are interesting. From what I have seen, the only one that's confirmed is the Jungle Raider. I think the original vehicle had a lot of charm, though there are better sets from the ToE wave to remake sets of. The Titanium Dragon or Enter the Serpent come to mind. I hope they condense the Raider and make it a tad more polished. It would also be cool to see them go all out with the spike aesthetic. The others rumored are Thunder Raider and Kai's Dragon. Thunder Raider had an awesome concept with some fun vehicles, but I feel that the Ninjacopter is more iconic, especially considering the focus of the Rebooted wave was on Zane. That said, I'm excited to see if they beef up Jay's tread vehicle, as the original just didn't look too good without Cole's mech. As for Kai's dragon, I hope it has some pre-fab, organic-looking elements, considering it is a 4+ set.
  2. Cocoa

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    According to Jang, Zane's spinner is actually light aqua and trans. light blue. While initially confused as to why Zane's spinner didn't include glitter, I think it was a compromise. Since light aqua is a rarer color, I don't believe it would have been cost efficient to use both light aqua and glitter in one spinner. While it would've been absolutely amazing to see both, I think it was good trade.
  3. Cocoa

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I was looking forward to seeing this one IRL as the pictures didn't impress me. Hands-on, though, this looks stellar! The Wyvern - It's quite good, almost Green NRG good. I wasn't expecting that level of shaping in this build. Love the shaping of neck and head, and the use of the ragged texture parts throughout. Mixed on the wings, as they look too big. Main Fortress - The center is a bit jarring, but the function is very innovative! The builds for the fortifications are great, with many great part usages, such as the 2x1 round plate and small barb for icicles, the masonry brick, the use of the flag panel parts for the roofs. Since space is limited, it was smart to use the second level as watchtowers. It allows you to display figures on the exterior and interior of the build. Additional Fort - It feels incomplete. It doesn't have the level of detail that the main fortress does, with a lot more prefab parts making up the build. That said, the function they fit in is good, and so is the crossbow shooter on top. The figures - So many good figures! Lloyd and Cole's new garbs are among some of the best this wave. I love the look of the FS masks, and the spinner is glitter. Enough said. As for Akita, I love the ornamental look of her garbs, and the tail cloth element and hat/hair combo part top it off fantastically. For the baddies, they're alright. First, the Ice Emperor looks awesome in the white armor. Wish they would've made the other Samurai white as well. Speaking of which, you get three of them here. The "ice" printing looks uber fake. They're only good with the armor, IMO. However, the Samurai armor are among some of the coolest parts introduced in this wave of sets. Can't complain there.
  4. Cocoa

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    If we're looking at price per part ratio, then the value isn't great. But if the contents and the volume of stuff is taken into account, I would say it's a great deal. A CMF is typicially worth $4. Due to the new armor parts and prints, I would say the ice samurai is $4 worth. Let's say Lloyd, who has no parts, but a couple new prints, is worth $3. And finally, the kitsune fox is obviously worth more than a minifigure, and on its own, is at least $5 or $6, if that. Adding that up gives you at least $12 of value with the minifigures and kistune fox alone. Add the build, which takes up the majority of the 81 pieces, and you have yourself a great deal at $15.
  5. Cocoa

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Thoughts so far. Spinners - Interesting. I like that the feature seems to be compatible with winter's spinners, and that the function isn't built into the spinner. The recolors are definitely great, with a very Bionicle 2016 vibe with the silver and gold co-injections. And the new Spinjitzu masks are, interesting. The elemental, eh, flame? at the top looks more like hair to me. Definitely going to pick one up though, as the function intrigues me and that recolors are a delight. Lloyd's Journey - The fortification is boring, but has some nice parts. Lloyd and the Kitsune are great. The ice samurai has some great armor parts, but the ice printing looks fake and the face print is just ugly. Cole's Bike - Not a huge fan of the color scheme, but the build itself is quite sleek, with a nice consistency in the rock texture. The spring shooters are a tacky edition, but the flag looks very tasteful. Not much else to say. Shuricopter - The build is quite sleek, with a lot of nice angular shapes and accents. I feel like they should've stuck to one blue, instead of throwing in both trans. light blue and medium azure. The gold has questionable distribution as well. Love the winglets with those gorgeous new shuriken blade parts. Snake - . For a set that has to be built with legal, sturdy techniques, and have at least one play feature, the shaping is quite impressive. It was a smart move to incorporate the grey into the colorscheme, as typically, the grey takes away from the believability of creature builds, especially those notorious friction adders. Here, it adds another layer of depth into the colorscheme, and that's just fantastic. Also to note, the rock texture has great consistency here. Katana 4x4 - Right away, not my cup of tea. If you like Madmax-style vehicles with oversized parts, then this is for you. I like certain elements of it, like the giant thrusters, the front grill, and the flag in the back, but the giant wheels, shuriken blade in the front, and bright red colorscheme make the vehicle look overwhelmingly tacky. Especially those gold rims on the wheels. Titan Mech - This bad boy almost looks like a MOC. It's so 3-dimensional, with no anti-studs on the inner parts of the arms and legs! The shaping looks so complete because of it. Not to mention the colorscheme; it's extremely tasteful. Love the wing set, though the helmet I cannot see clearly enough to make a judgement yet. Ice Fortress - I'm going to refrain on making too many judgements, as I can barely see this. Like Aanchir said, it looks similar to the Flying Ninja Fortress from the original 1999 Ninja theme, and that's great. That said, there is something off to me about the middle of the main structure, can't pin-point what it is. I will refrain from commenting on the dragon, as I can't see any of it except for the wings and tail. Fingers crossed it looks good. Land Bounty - Not liking what I'm seeing. It looks like a scaled down Destiny's Bounty on a trailer with oversized wheels. I'm going to reserve my judgements on this one. Overall, interesting wave. Not in love with it yet, but these are preliminary photos. Many of the Legacy prelims looked horrid but ended up being fantastic sets. We'll wait and see if that's the case here.
  6. Cocoa

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I completely agree with what’s been said concerning Nya’s suit. Being a more water-like color, I agree that gunmetal should’ve been used over dark red. Additionally, I am sad to see that the lacquered silver from Nya’s movie suit hasn’t returned yet. The silver and azure had a lot of pop when paired with the more muted gunmetal. That said, dark red and dark azure make for a fantastic color scheme, so I am still content. And I believe, as Jason said, that this color change may only be present in this wave. Time will tell.
  7. LEGO needs to introduce an opaque version of their transparent reddish orange color. That would be a great match for the cloud car. As for the set, I’m quite disappointed. I was hoping for something akin to the Kenner playset. I was afraid they’d go the Death Star route, though. I think they’ve made it worse. The Death Star look organized in its structure, but this looks extremely disjointed. The “I am your father” and carbonite scenes look incredibly crammed together. Yet, a full corner is dedicated to a landing pad. The other rooms look nice, just very incomplete from top view. The price is what really gets me. If this was only, say $200, it wouldn’t be such a disappointment. But when competing D2C sets like the Ninjago City line offer so much more, for less, it makes this set look extremely lacking
  8. Cocoa

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    That makes much more sense. That does make me wonder, though, is there nothing ‘set worthy’ in these 4 upcoming episodes, or will there be a time travel episode/special of sorts? It seems weird to release sets just to commemorate the 100th episode of the TV show. Either way, I would consider these remakes ‘out of left field,’ for sure.
  9. Cocoa

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I’d be skeptical, however, I did enter the DCPI codes into Brickseek, and they pulled up. Still taking this with a grain of salt, but unless someone hacked into Brickseek, or something of the like, these are most likely real. If real, I’m curious to see how they’ll remake these sets. Remaking Jay’s vehicle makes sense, but the Earth Driller is a bit of a baffling choice. The spinner sets will probably be akin to what we saw in SOG wave.
  10. Cocoa

    1968 FIAT 500 F

    Being a fan of Lupin III, I instanty recognized this. Fantastic work here. It looks like it would fit in perfectly with other Creator Expert cars.
  11. I'm curious, when you say recreation, can you re-imagine the thing you're building, or is it a strict recreation of it?