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  1. 14: 10 18: 6 10: 4 12: 3 3: 2 16: 1
  2. The rotor configuartion looks incredible great work so far
  3. Qukie

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    The Mack looks awesome. For me system parts make it look more realistic than it would with only technic pieces. Look at the front of 8109 it has a few system bricks and thanks to them, for me at least, it is the best looking of all the medium sized technic truck sets. Does it matter if they add piece count? No. Does it matter that these are not relly 'technic' bricks? No. @shimon great replica
  4. Qukie

    42074 - Racing Yacht

    Please note that the top of the sail in A model and B model are slightly different (there is a round part on top in the A model) and the photo of the instructions is clear enough to notice this difference. I believe these are the two instruction booklets for both models of 42074
  5. Cool looking little thing and with pneumatics
  6. Qukie

    [MOC] 1973 Formula 1 - medium scale

    This looks great. Small and crazy fast. Maybe you could try to add another axle to the front to create the Elf 6 wheeled F1 car?
  7. Qukie

    [MOC] Autosan H9-21

    Looking at this is like going back in time 15 years. I absolutely love it
  8. Qukie

    Do you have a pullback motor?

    I have about 4 or 5 of those from hunting down bargain used Lego sets.
  9. If you use the L shape beam 5x3 as the mounting point by the frame (instead of the 4x2) with the shorter part turned up and inward you could use them for effectively mounting the springs two studs further inside thus narrow the total width by 4 studs. Or you could use the current 4x2 beams mounted up side down and narrow the width by 2 studs.
  10. Qukie

    Land Carrier Khagaan

    Awesome stuff with great looks and some neat functions
  11. Qukie

    Depreciation of Technic sets?

    For me brand new sets give me extra thrills and certainty that all the parts are in perfect, immaculate condition. Including the instructions and stickers which I use seldom. But is it worth the MRP, sometimes no. The sets that I buy used I first disassemble, pack in cloth and wash thoroughly. Check the stickers condition and usually peel them off and clean some more. They are way cheaper than new ones and don't depreciate as much. Sometimes they even gain value. I came back into Technic after about 15-20 years of absence and am trying to piece a collection of the sets from the years gone as a way to fulfill my childhood dream so the only way to own most of the sets is by purchasing them used. I try to pick just the ones in perfect condition. But for a good deal I will buy even the less cared for and less interesting ones just for the parts and build experience. I know that if needed I can re-sell them with minimal loss or even a profit sometimes. This way the depreciation does not hit as hard as with the sets bought brand new. So what is the depreciation value of Lego Technic? That depends on how, when and for how much you buy and later sell your sets. It's just a matter of how much time you have and how much are you willing to spend.
  12. Qukie

    Rebuilding the 42029

    Thank you @Void_S the 'double layered' hood is a result of trying to create totally covering the wheel well/ inner fenders. A bit like the black curved panels at the sides of the engine of 42070, even though they imitate engine covers. I just moved the curved pannel two studs back and believe it looks better and less like two layers of hood. I hope to share more progress once I improve on the front.
  13. Qukie

    Rebuilding the 42029

    So after a few days I came up with a little mod of the 42029 like below. The suspension is lowered but retains a travel of 1,5-2 studs. In the bottom out position the frame is on the ground. The doors and the hood open but not the bed cover (not yet). Nor is it RC yet. I am not happy with the way the front looks like and will recreate it in the future. And a height comparison between the two. Also a little mod of the 8292 B-model with a better dumper
  14. Qukie

    [MOC] Lego Technic Cactus Crawler

    Great crawling, fast and agile however could do with some bodywork will you be adding any?
  15. Qukie

    Rebuilding the 42029

    I don't want to start a new topic regarding rebuilding the 42029 but I decided to build a second one using spare parts and modify it a little. Now I am at a crossroad and would like your imput. Should I put on the wheels from 42039, lower the suspension and do a lowrider truck: OR put the wheels from 8297 and create a sort of monster truck? Personally I was leaning towards the first option but after putting on those big wheels I kind of want to do both Later I will RC it for some additional fun factor