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  1. Looking at the preliminary pics I must say that the sets look ok in an early blurry way. Although it looks a little crude the rally car is probably going to be the one I am most looking forward to because of the theme, wheels and hopefully good suspension. The fire truck jeep looks like a plus one to the 42068 set or a possible c-model. But the styling looks good. Catamaran and ferry seem interesting but due to the fact that Lego does not swim they are probably going to be a little short on playability. I have almost all of the pull-backs but these two look dissapointing in the picture. I hope they look better in the real life as those are always a good gift for my nephews. As for the Mack it does not look like a big set with 42024 / 8052 tyres and probably similar size. Hopefully it will be packed with functions due to its truck and trailer design. Maybe something will be PF driven or upgradeable.
  2. If anyone can PM me the first of the two leaked photos I will be grateful
  3. DarkShadow73 I have bought two or three of those for the PF parts which I do not have many. I bought them for much less than the RPP. The last one for like 48€ and other two for 58€. It is a fun thing to play with for a while but the capabilities are limited and people mod them with buggy motors, s-brick and others. If you are looking for the PF parts and can buy it cheap - go for it.
  4. Good deal, I just scored a used 42029 custom pick-up for around 55€ and some time ago I got a brand new 42037 off roader for like 17€ due to wrong labeling. I also bought a used 8109 flatbed for 45€
  5. Great photos, review and a great set. 100% sure about buying this one. One thing I do not like though are the brown axels going through the support wheels on the tracks. They should be black or red.
  6. Thank you for the review. I liked this set from the moment I saw the first pictures and now I am sure that I will be getting it almost as soon as it hits the shelves. However I do hope that there will be a fairly easy way of making it RC to increase the playability
  7. I checked the Polish descriptions and like the fact that Lego did not know how to translate the Mobile Research Base for 42069 and just said fvck it and went ahead and wrote 'xxx' https://shop.lego.com/pl-PL/Ekstremalna-przygoda-42069
  8. oh my goodness, this is wonderful. Huge, functional and in scale Congratulations on a truly fantastic build
  9. [MOC] Sand Jeep

    Looks good and seems to drive really well despite the low ground clearance which I like. Do a 6x4 truck next.
  10. Not a big fan of the Chiron but I do like how the front looks, good job
  11. Little Excavator

    I am not a fan of miniature creations but this one is super fantastic and it blows my mind how you managed to squeeze all these hoses and functions into something this small I personally believe this could very much end up as a future technic set if you submit it to Lego Ideas.
  12. Great work. Good to know that the XL motors do not help with the speed. Have you considered making the Racer 2 studs wider to accomodate 4 M motors? Do you believe this would help with speed and climbing?