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  1. Qukie

    [TC18] McLaren F1

    It is 100% enough to build the F1. The suspension is good but not perfect to be honest. The front works fine provided there are strong enough rubber-bands involved. The rear, because of the use of those thin 1x3 beams et the ends, seems to be much more delicate. Nevertheless I wanted it because of the looks and that is great :)
  2. 5:10 6:6 1:4 17:3 26:2 20:1 Good luck to all the participants. Wish I could have two or three more votes.
  3. Qukie

    [TC18] McLaren F1

    Hey @letsbuild it was my first time building with a 3D model so I had to take my time with it to disassemble each part to see what was underneath and rebuild it in real life. Maybe there is a way to start from zero in the program but I did not look for it. The build is fairly simple if the builder takes care and stays focused, however a few elements around the back and front suspension required extra care and attention ;) Next photos with the Senna
  4. Qukie

    [TC18] McLaren F1

    @letsbuild soooo after many months I believed that I have all of the parts ready and sorted for the build. I was wrong and had to go through my boxes a few times more. Nevertheless I strted building thanks to the model at mecabricks and soon had some front and rear, After that I made one side and later the other to complete the whole car. Despite not having some system parts and flex axles the F1 looks great. I allowed myself to implement a different front diffuser and lamps. Now I am waiting for the purchase of the Senna to have comparison to the TLG creation. I will do some better quality photos then ;) Thank you @letsbuild for a great build and the 3D model.
  5. Qukie

    [TC18] McLaren F1

    @letsbuild I did build part of the chassis and was waiting for the remaining parts to arrive. In the meantime we bought a house from a developer and that turned to be a pain as we are just starting to renovate/finish it and were hoping to live there by Christmas 2020... Long story short, all my Lego is in boxes and waiting for us to move in about 5-6 months. I do have the model in my favourites in the browser and have to build it together with the Senna. Expect pictures in the autumn of 2021 ;)
  6. Qukie

    MOC Mclaren Senna 1:8

    A wonderfull representation of a car that is not very pretty. Great work.
  7. Simply awesome, wonderfull representation of the real thing :)
  8. Qukie

    [42093 C-model] Midengine sportscar

    This looks like a great little c-model. Great job.
  9. Qukie

    [MOC] 42112 Silos transport

    That is just awesome. Congratulations on a great build.
  10. Qukie

    [TC18] McLaren F1

    Thank you for your work @letsbuild I was following the project at mecabricks and now I am missing a few pieces but will build the F1 soon as it is great :)
  11. Qukie

    [MOC] [Control+] WTCC Race Car

    Nice little creation. I like it a lot despite the colour craziness. Does not look like any of the cars on the WTCC/WTCR grid but is definitely interesting. As with all race cars: is it fast?
  12. Great little construction. I especially enjoyed the slo-mo head movement and face of the driver at around 3:36 :D
  13. Qukie

    [MOC] 1:10 Aston Martin Vantage AMR

    Great creation
  14. Qukie

    [MOC] AZURA LMP2 Racing Car

    Wonderful LMP racer, simply stunning. and it's RC.
  15. Qukie

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Is it only me or are all of these five colour variations looking way better than the 'original' green the Sian comes in?