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  1. Mat099

    REVIEW | 10274 Ghostbusters Ecto-1

    I supposed, by now, some peoples must have compared those two... but since I could not find it, here it is!
  2. Mat099

    Nakatomi Plaza

    I have also made these figures to go with the building!! Richard Thornburg, Harry Ellis, Joe Takagi, « Shut up » Bear, Holly Gennero, John McClane, Al Powell, Argyle, Dwayne T. Robinson, Special Agent Johnson, Agent Johnson Alexander, James, Franco, Fritz, Tony, Karl, Hans Gruber, Theo, Eddie, Uli, Marco, Heinrich, Kristoff
  3. Mat099

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    and what about the hellicarrier and the Junior Avengers Tower??
  4. Mat099

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Did anybody manage to get a release date in US/Canada for the sets already availliable in Europe?? still nothing here...
  5. Mat099

    Nakatomi Plaza

    @James329 @kieran thank you both!! sadly James, I wouldn't even know how to make usable plans... maybe you could teach me! i'll check if i've kept some pictures taken while i was building it, but i don't think so... I have since add a base for an exposition i've participated to, before all hell broke loose!! and a homemade "UCS style" template also. And then, i've given it a nice spot, at the entrance of my Lego Room:
  6. Mat099

    Nakatomi Plaza

    @marvelBoy123 @J4ck thank you both! I wanted to see some Die Hard related Lego stuff too, for a while now! I had hope for a John McClaine figure last year, with his appearance in TLM2, but 2019 was a very disapointing Lego year!! (I am still waiting for my Jurassic Park visitor center by the way, LEGO!!)
  7. Mat099

    Nakatomi Plaza

    Hi everyone! This is my first attempt to recreate the Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard. I wish to improve it, and make it more accurate, so advises are really welcome!!
  8. Anyone knows what is up with the 30623 SHAZAM! polybag ??
  9. because size does matters!!
  10. oh yeah, the 1966 classic one and the 76119 were also sweet looking! @Gremer2 thanks! it's a first for me, that I can say!
  11. ok, so i'm done building the 40433 Batmobile (or so I think!) it looks OK. probable the best looking minifigure scale batmobile to date, with maybe the 2006 one but, I've read the manual real slow, at least 5 times, and I can't find where this piece is suppose to go it's is in the inventory at the end. so if anyone could enlight me and give me the page number, that would be nice!!
  12. Anybody seen what seems to be Nicholson’s Joker? It looks real! And nice!
  13. It’s not that complicated! An exclusive package should be distributed to the Comic-con visitors, as a « I was there » collectable object, but the minifigures should be availliable in other sets or elsewhere for all the other counsumers. Until this year, that’s what they where doing with the exclusive Comic-con superheroes sets, in wich there was never any exclusive parts or figs... I agree with you, it is very very unlikely that they will propose a set with the « Comic-con exclusive » inscription in the VIP program!!
  14. Mat099

    Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    Sincere apologies to the ones I may have offended! More seriously, I generally don't mix my real minifigs with bootlegs or custom. And I have lost interest in trying to replicate SDCC exclusives a while ago... I made my new Batman frame to fit the size of my other ones (you can see all of them here: That gave me 78 spaces. Now, I currently own 73 of the 77 batman minifigures referenced on brikclink, only missing the two exclusives () and two recent ones ( tlm192 and sh589). There is also 3 mighty micros and 1 microfig who are referenced, but I keep them with their other friends So I reached to the drawer to fill the 5 empty spots with my two copys, and 3 spare batman minifigs. You can play "where's Waldo" if you want to . But I have a feeling it won't be that long before we get 3 new batman minifigures... and the drawer again for those controversial bootlegs!!
  15. Mat099

    Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    Sadly no. And neither is the 2011Comic-Con Exclusive! I tried to put the most legit lego parts and the best bootleg parts I can find together. I think they are pretty close, but, you know, it’s not the same! here they are: And, here are the real ones: