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  1. Fair point, I was kind of assuming that clone scout trooper = scout trooper. I think that helmet design could have been improved by similar dual molding changes.
  2. When it comes to stormtroopers or massable figs the prints lining up really doesn't matter. Torso and leg prints have equal chances of being shifted in any direction. If you have multiple figs, just mix and match legs and torsos based on which way they are shifted and you'll end up with mostly aligned prints. I think the scout trooper print details are great, if you look at a real prop helmet the design is very accurate. It's very strange that they'll be producing the old version of the helmet for the AT-AP. I wish different set designers would work together better about updating molds.
  3. Earlier we thought that every anniversary remake would come with a classic yellow fig, but these remakes don’t have any corresponding yellow figs. Any info on what they would be?
  4. I was worried it would be like those Ninjago handheld spinners which are barely a build at all.
  5. I keep seeing people say "shooter set", but what would that mean? Happy holidays to all.
  6. It's more detailed in the sense that it has more texture to it, but are those grooves actually accurate to a real Rebel pilot helmet? I personally don't think so: They all look smooth to me. I think the size of the new helmet is jarring given what we're used to but probably closer to correct proportions relative to a person/minifig size. The more I look at it, the old helmet looks too small!
  7. Any pilots with new helmet designs? Would be great to start getting new characters with the new helmet mold.
  8. I was ok with it until I saw that side shot. What were they thinking?! How many years are we going to be stuck with this terrible design?
  9. Not a huge deal for me, if you have multiples you can just swap legs around until they’re all aligned
  10. That new stormtrooper helmet just looks... off. Can’t tell if it’s the proportions or what. On the bright side the dual molding means they won’t have the misaligned printing issues that were common with the old design.
  11. Are you sure that it's actually a different color and not the lighting in the picture? I find it hard to believe they'd change one of their pad printing layers for such an unimportant detail given how expensive the print designs are to create. I personally think it's going to be exactly the same. Practical, but disappointing since I already have it.
  12. Tusserte

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Isn’t eraser like fine grit sandpaper in that it dulls the plastic shine?
  13. Tusserte

    Updating Your Minifigs

    How did you remove part of the printing like that? I’m thinking about doing that with some prints, but the brasso method seems hard to be precise
  14. Forgive my ignorance, but what pieces do you consider rare in the 75230 Porg? I don't see any particularly interesting parts...
  15. I think I saw a wrong version? I agree with you now: https://www.lego.com/r/www/r/stores/-/media/brand retail/stores/calendar/2018/october/10 october.pdf?l.r2=394635849 This is what I saw earlier...