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  1. I built something that has a very similar axle layout. Check it out for ideas on how to connect to the chassis.
  2. There are ~11 tires that fit your requirements from RC4WD alone. ttps:// Happy shopping
  3. You might want to work up to those tires incrementally. Each step will show you what may be required for the next. Envision fitting 94mm tires first, this will show you some of the difficulties in fitting 107mm ones. It isn't just about the tires, it also is about having room for steering and those portal hubs are going to multiply the required amount of room. Alternatively, you could remove the body from the Landrover, install the desired tires, then see what can be parts of the body can be reinstalled. Those fender flares definitely will not fit unless you lift the vehicle a great amount.
  4. AndyCW

    The Handful of Buggy 4x 5292

    'Unrestricted' may have been hyperbole. The motors have not been altered. The motor controller can sustain 12 amps indefinitely and can burst to 24 amps. I have not had any problems with the controller thermally limiting the motors or the motors thermally limiting themselves. Some potential explanations for why the motors are not thermally limiting themselves: motors exposed to airflow, not buried inside of the MOC ambient temperatures low 1.8 gear ratio off of slow output low weight lack of traction
  5. AndyCW

    The Handful of Buggy 4x 5292

    I'm using a non-lego solution. It is inside of the orange 3d printed box in the center of the chassis. It is in turn connected to a 2 channel 2.4ghz radio controller.
  6. AndyCW

    The Handful of Buggy 4x 5292

    During one of the test runs, before we got out the camera, the front right hand shock mount sheared right off the spring body. This is why the springs are mounted by the vertical central cross axle hole. Looking closely, in some of the pictures, the damage to that spring is visible. I didn't have another spring easily available to replace. I think my next creation is going to be another rock bouncer with the same power, but less weight.
  7. Hello All, It has been ages since I shared something on here, even though I visit daily to see everyone else's builds. However, 'recent events' have given me more time to build. I haven't been idle these last couple of years, but nothing I made rose to the level of sharing. The following buggy has four unrestricted 5292 motors, at 12.6 volts, going to the rear wheels and only weighs 1400 g. This makes it hard to handle for the inexperienced driver. The rubber bands on the rear control arms keep the ball sockets from coming apart. The lower arms are different from the upper ones due to the change in position of the joints on the swing arm through the suspension cycle. This also creates a rather nice camber curve. I also discovered a weakness in the stiff springs. The upper mount will shear off of the side of the shock body if it is used. Many of my shocks have stress fractures there. I've got to clean the thing up now, it is covered in mud. I wonder who did that. Question, concerns, comments, or relevant war stories? v/r Andy
  8. AndyCW

    [MOC] RC Red Buggy

    I like the stopper pin on the battery box switch
  9. I'd hazarda guess that the next couple of months are going to be productive from MOCing perspective. This seems like an ideal candidate to try to stuff buggy motors into.
  10. AndyCW

    Lego Chevrolet Silverado K30

    Reminds me of an old rusty forestry service truck. The US Army used these too and they can be found fairly cheaply at military auctions. An underbelly shot would be appreciated.
  11. AndyCW

    [WIP] Trophy Truck V.1

    Looks like you could use the 9l links for steering and build control arms of the same length.
  12. AndyCW

    [WIP] Trophy Truck V.1

    Great start. For your next revision, try moving the steering pivot closer to the center of the wheel and you can keep the same track width by making the control arms longer. This will give you more suspension travel and easier steering. The bodywork looks fine and your economy of build is impressive.
  13. AndyCW

    Axle Collection Thread

    Just realized I never shared the following images with the community. These are the front and rear axles of one of my more recent rock bouncers. As well as some of the installation images.
  14. AndyCW

    [Help] Crawler suspension.

    Check this out. It's some pictures of my last functional crawler. There may be some inspiration in there.
  15. AndyCW

    Gear questions

    Another option, would be to make a heavy flywheel. Use the motors to spool up the flywheel(s) and the use a trigger mechanism to nudge the aircraft into the launcher. This way you are not using the torque of the motors to accelerate the plane, but rather the inertia of the flywheel.