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  1. Thanks a lot for; your detailed explanations. You are very talented . Best Regards afols_anonymous_
  2. Thank you for your quick support. We are a technic group in Turkey (named "afols_anonymous_") and a big fun of you. I will go for both 6*6 and 8*8 since i like off roading. XL motors have already the high torque i am surprised when you use buggy motors in offr-oaders such as tiger, is there a specific reason for that? Best Regards Kerim Atay afols_anonymous_
  3. Dear Zerobricks, Thank you for the support. I would go for tiger 6*6 in the first step. I am cruious about 4 buggy motors can trigger the buwizz 2.0 units since they can supply only one buggy per each. Maybe when i receive my preordered buwizz 3.0 this problem would be solved like you said. Did u faced with the issue driving 4 buggy motors with 2 buwizz units? On the otherhand your fox vol 2 looks incredible because of that i ve bought 4 extra tires of 8675 set (I have full one already). My last question is when u compare fox vol2 and tiger 6*6 whats your valuation for offroad capabilities? Thank you very much. I appreciate that. Best Regards Kerim Atay afols_anonymous_
  4. Dear Zerobricks, I am always asking you this question thank you for your understanding. I am confused which one to choice for building. Tiger 4*4 Tiget 6*6 Or wildcat I need very nice offroad capabilities so the left competetors are tiger 6*6 and wildcat. Which one do you advice. And as i know buwizz is able to supply power only one buggy motor per buwizz. So in your tiger models your buwizz units are only 2 in total. Did you faced with the buwizz trigerring and reseting issue. I ve faced with this problem when i connect 2 buggy motors to 1 buwwizz 2.0 unit . Last question is do you think buwizz 3.0 will be a solution for this high amper issue of buggy motors when u connect 2 of them ( buggy motors triggers the buwizz 2.0 and it gets red blinkind until drain) Best Regards Kerim Atay Afols_anonymous_
  5. Kerimatay

    Grum's Shed

    Dear sysclone, I have 8675 as well. Replaced the bateries with 2400 mah NiMh. İt's quite better compare to original 1200 mah NiMh Bateries but still it drains very quickly. So my plan is to replace them with 2cell lipo 20c 1200+ MAH. My question is since mah only effects the capacity of batery how did you manage to get higher speeds with 2000 mah? BR Afols_ananymous_
  6. Kerimatay


    Thank you Dear Friend, I already know but afraid to build it from ldd file. I hope i can able to do ) BR Anaonymous_afols_
  7. Kerimatay


    Dear @Zerobricks, I have 8675. I bought additional 4 tires of 8675 to build your Fox Vol2 model. But know i saw this model. I am very undermined to build which one ) Which one has better offroad capabilities? Thank you for creating this model. Best Regards Afols_Anonymous_
  8. Dear Friends, I have 8675 also. I replaced the original batery which was 1200 mah with 2400 mah. Although this replacement batery can last only 15 minutes at 3rd gear(speed) . 1)Is it normal for batery life 15 minutes? 2)May i update it with 2cell lipo batery which has 7.4 volt when it's empty and 8.4 volt when its fully charged? 3)I am afraid to burn the motors. Your support will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.