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  1. I'm sincerely hoping it will be back this time...MOCpages was gone for good and we never had any warning whatsoever, hope this is not the case with Brickshelf. By the way, was i the only one who could not create any new account ?
  2. quiriacus

    Kingdom of Heidra

    Update The Green Guard - Heavy armor infantrymen protecting nobles and the King Peasants Militiamen - Light to no armor, rare shields and helmets, pikes, and occasional swords. They're usually put on the first line in battle.
  3. quiriacus

    Kingdom of Heidra

    *chuckles* Sure, i'd love to ! I already planned on writing a background story, but i'm just in the process of putting everything together. I'm glad you like them !
  4. quiriacus

    Kingdom of Heidra

    Hey everyone. As a first post, i'd like to show the WIP faction i'm working on which is the Kingdom of Heidra. Regular Infantry with their general Pikemen Two Standard-bearer, two officers & 30 pikemen Archers Highlands Mercenaries Hope you enjoy. More to come soon, i'll try to update with the changes and additions.