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  1. bricklover

    Sir Cross St. Vanille

    Great parts usage!
  2. bricklover

    [SoNE Episode XII] R02 Siege of Javin

    Excellent battle scene! The vehicles are great.
  3. bricklover

    [Challenge 5][Cat D] M-9000 Zoomfastâ„¢

    Definitely the best Segway I've seen.
  4. bricklover

    What did you buy today?

    2 S16 Secret Agents 2 S16 Desert Warriors 1 S16 Rogue 1 S16 Ice Queen 1 S16 Penguin Boy My first CMFs! Yay!
  5. bricklover

    Dol Guldur [MOC]

    Wow! Nice build. Excellent execution of dol guldur.
  6. Great build! This is very good for a first build.
  7. bricklover

    Please don't dive...

    Funny, good story! Can't wait for more. Great builds as well.
  8. bricklover

    Qar Riwa

    So many details! The architecture is great as is the swamp river. Keep it up.
  9. bricklover

    (MOC) Memories of Crime Alley

    Looks good! Hope to see more.
  10. bricklover

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Nice armies everybody! Unfortunately I don't have very many.
  11. bricklover

    Ye Old Merry Battleground Mocs

    Great job on all of these! The church is the best.
  12. Epic army, that doesn't seem to stand a chance against your orcs. Great job on the rock work, and foliage!
  13. Cool battle scenes and story. Can't wait for more!
  14. bricklover

    The Realm Of The Wind

    Wow, nice tank! Can't wait for more.
  15. bricklover

    [SR-FB 2 August] Secrets in the Hold

    Looks good! Can't wait for more.