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  1. Hi forum, I want to make some single/double cylinder LPEs, and I need to find the correct oil to purchase to lubricate the cylinders and the switches, so I have a couple of questions about both. First, I chose a silicone oil that is safe on rubber and plastic, but is the o-rings/seals on the pneumatic cylinders rubber or silicone? I know that silicone oil can make silicone o-rings and seals expand, so I wanted to make sure it will be ok. My other question is is it required to cut the friction tabs on the Pneumatic switches (I only have the newest switches) or could I just put oil in the switch? My previous non-modified engine was really terrible and didn’t really work, so that’s why I'm looking to make another one. Thanks!
  2. Yes and no for me, but its mostly the shipping that drives me nuts. I live in California, and a seller also lived in CA, and he was selling LA’s for $6.50, so I decided to get them, but the shipping cost more than if I bought something from New Zealand. So, no, the price of all four isnt TOO bad, but the shipping is terrible for me. I like to do that too, only prob with that is sets that have LA's are practically all over $100-$400
  3. I just checked, but its not a bestseller so it will take longer and is also too much even without shipping. But thanks
  4. Hey, there forum, I was recently browsing through Bricklink and Brickowl searching for large linear actuators and noticed that they were just too expensive. For my excavator moc, I need 4 minimum, and the cheapest I could find was $6. Im not sure if its too much, because I could find them in Europe for $3 per actuator, but then the shipping was around $10-$15, which is too much for me. Is there some other place in the US that could perhaps sell Lego Large LA's for a cheaper price? Thank you
  5. Hi forum, Im purchasing 3rd party hose for my lego pneumatic models, and I'm not sure about the inner diameter that the hoses need in order the properly fit the Lego Pneumatic pieces. The smallest industrial size on amazon I could find was 2.5 mm, so would that fit lego pneumatics? Thanks
  6. technicboi

    Not sure what part to use here...

    I mean the shipping turn me off if im just buying a few parts. I usualy buy a lot of parts in one order on bricklink
  7. technicboi

    Not sure what part to use here...

    Yeah but the shipping often turns me off if im not gonna get other parts
  8. Hi forum, as you can probably tell from my previous posts, I don't own too many parts (growing my collection slowly, 4-5k parts) and I want to make some larger Moc's that require larger mudguards. Currently, I only have the smallest mudguard available, and I need the 6358258 part but for right now its too expensive on Bricklink so I wanted to ask what part(s) I can use instead of the 6358258 part. Thank you
  9. technicboi

    Follow up on lego banning me

    Most likely yes
  10. technicboi

    Follow up on lego banning me

    I guess ill try but i still might not want to do it (not too much of a big deal) because ive been dealing with customer service all day long and i dont feel like emailing lego anymore.
  11. technicboi

    Damaged Light Brick

    Im pretty sure once you clean it you have to replace the battery
  12. technicboi

    Follow up on lego banning me

    I probably wont email them, but ill most likely purchase from amazon. Well, if i had a piece missing from a set from amazon, what are they going to do? The most i could do is to return it and buy another one
  13. Hi forum, sorry, in my last post, I didn't clarify, after that one order, I asked customer service why I was banned, and they claimed that I was ordering 'more than a normal person would need'. One order does not make sense to completely ban a person from ordering again. Sure, the actuator is slightly expensive, but it was missing and I had to give them some verification (some code written on a paper next to the box). They also told me that once they do that (banning), they will not undo it in any circumstance. Now, I don't know what to do really. Again, some advice on what to do would greatly help me now.
  14. Well, no, i need a rotary catch, not the predecessor. I have those but its so much more bulkier to use instead of the rotary catch, i guess il just buy them.
  15. Im not a fan of buy parts from lego becuase their shipping is too much ( i dont want to sped $35 at a time). I like to buy used parts from bricklink. Anyway, most gearboxes use the knob gears as the sequential selector to shift, and in those cases i can use bevel gears.