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    "Battle damaged" Stormtrooper transformation

    I have tried and it really works even if it's harder than Brasso. I personnally prefere Brasso because it's quicker.
  2. CRCT Productions

    "Battle damaged" Stormtrooper transformation

    I believe it would but if you want you can also try with an eraser even if it's a little harder and it takes more time.
  3. CRCT Productions

    [MOC] Episode V - Hoth Echo Base

    Wow, I love All of the details, specially the ones in the two hangars. Great job!!!
  4. CRCT Productions

    Hello EB

    Hi My name is Andrsz and I'm french (even if I live in Mexico). I'm a Star Wars fan that loves clones. I usually make a lot of MOCs (specialy clone bases and mini MOCs). I have a YouTube channel called CRCT Producions where I usually share slideshows of my MOCs. I'm really excited of start sharing with you my MOCs but in the meanwhile you can check my YouTube to see some of them: Andrsz