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  1. I have 2 black cards. I complained to Lego as I was supposed to receive it in November, so they said they would ship me out a new one, but I ended up getting it in December, and another in February. Doesn't do me any good, but for what it's worth. They did send me another. I left 1 unopened.
  2. I really don't understand the criticism with colors/accuracy. It's a lego mining, if you want accuracy, buy a black series figure, or bandai kit, or hot toys.
  3. Dukeside

    Next UCS Set

    I thought the last sail barge they did was pretty good. It's a pretty boring looking ship in general, not really UCS worthy IMO. I'm going to go with Star Destroyer and maybe Tantive IV, but I think it will be Y Wing instead, which I guess I'm okay with.
  4. First time I've heard it. I don't mind it.
  5. Dukeside

    Flooded Collection

    If I lived near you, I'd almost offer to rebuild them for you. My wife would probably hate me though. Unfortunately I don't think I have enough money to buy the whole lot. You're probably looking at $2000-$2500 or so depending on damage for the non top shelf items of Star Wars only. I guesstimate about $3400 if they were mint from my rough math.
  6. Dukeside

    Flooded Collection

    I may be interested in the Star Destroyer (10030) Tantive IV, & Y-Wing UCS, but I am not sure if you can organize by set. It sounds like a big pile of mess! I would be curious to see if you have any photos of the damage? Sorry about the flooding. Feel free to PM me if you'd like.
  7. I know unfortunately I PM'd him and he is no longer providing any info.
  8. Yeah that one is nice, but he is not releasing any LDD or LXF for it unfortunately.
  9. I have 2 Y-Wings (75172) that I haven't opened. I also have the Y-Wing refresh here: although I didn't finish the Y-Wing. I am considering making a new one. Anyone have any recommendations on the best looking Y-Wing MOC?
  10. Awesome set, wish I had a Tantive IV but I think I will wait a while. This one is almost $500 to bricklink! It is beautiful though!
  11. Dukeside

    Next UCS Set

    Need new Star Destroyer, then Tantive IV, Y Wing could use updates. Would like to eventually see an AT-AT UCS but I'm happy with the plus size MOC I have.
  12. Dukeside

    New BB8 Star Wars Lego Set

    I don't really care what Lego calls it, if it's a large set then I consider it UCS whether it's this BB8, or Assault on Hoth or Sandcrawler. I don't really care if it has a plaque or not.
  13. Dukeside

    13 foot 50,000 piece Lego Star Destroyer (in progress)

    Bruh, who do you think are you are building a 13 foot Star Destroyer? Also if you build a small ship to put in it, it would be a ship inside a ship inside a ship. A true shipception. Say that 3x fast.
  14. Dukeside

    What UCS has not been done? (MOC or SET)

    UCS Imperial Probe Droid? I've seen a couple decent ones but none with instructions that I could find.
  15. Dukeside

    75137 Carbon Freezing Chamber MOD

    I have 2 of these sets but it's still sitting around I couldn't figure out what to do with them.