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  1. A game is not a film so no. Please DM me if you have any other questions this isn't the mountain to plant your flag.
  2. Dukeside

    Display for Star Wars UCS sets?

    That looks nice. How is it at keeping dust out? That’s my main problem.
  3. I think it’s time for you to sit down and read about canon.
  4. Very cool for you that you own these. I personally am not a fan of such limited quantity items such as these. It's not even a collectors item anymore at this point since it's not possible to own.
  5. I kind of only like the Bacta tank mini figure and Vaders lair/pod whatever it's called. I have no use for more royal guards, or some made up character that doesn't exist. I may just purchase the minifig separate and build my own pod & Bacta tank.
  6. Dukeside

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Possibly the best X-Wing I've seen, didn't even realize Jerac created it. Already has the best Tie Fighter MOC's ever created.
  7. It's interesting to see what will be announced. I've always thought Lego seems a little behind the times. There are a ton of MOC's that are way better than anything Lego has ever created and they have yet to capitalize on it. The Lego Ideas is a joke. If they were smart they would create a way to include AFOL fan designers and their creations and possibly be able to easily purchase bricks to build the sets through Lego. I have a feeling it will be an underwhelming program that will just highlight some nice designs for Lego to publicize and not much more.
  8. Nebulon B Medical Frigate. Lego would never ever make it.
  9. I have never understood why anyone wasted any energy caring about what Lego labels their sets. I'm either gonna buy it, or not buy it. Mostly I just buy them.
  10. Can't believe people are really complaining about lack of Willrow Hood. Lego sells toys, not memes. I think the set itself is rather good. The landing pad seems like a bit of a waste, maybe a good chance to create a closed quarter of cloud city there instead. I searched a ton of CC images a while back and I didn't think any of them were very good, this is about as good as I've seen. A bottom section would have been nice but I think we will see some customs for that as well.
  11. I have 2 black cards. I complained to Lego as I was supposed to receive it in November, so they said they would ship me out a new one, but I ended up getting it in December, and another in February. Doesn't do me any good, but for what it's worth. They did send me another. I left 1 unopened.
  12. I really don't understand the criticism with colors/accuracy. It's a lego mining, if you want accuracy, buy a black series figure, or bandai kit, or hot toys.
  13. Dukeside

    Next UCS Set

    I thought the last sail barge they did was pretty good. It's a pretty boring looking ship in general, not really UCS worthy IMO. I'm going to go with Star Destroyer and maybe Tantive IV, but I think it will be Y Wing instead, which I guess I'm okay with.
  14. First time I've heard it. I don't mind it.
  15. Dukeside

    Flooded Collection

    If I lived near you, I'd almost offer to rebuild them for you. My wife would probably hate me though. Unfortunately I don't think I have enough money to buy the whole lot. You're probably looking at $2000-$2500 or so depending on damage for the non top shelf items of Star Wars only. I guesstimate about $3400 if they were mint from my rough math.