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  1. [MOC] Porg

    That would be amazing! I would definitely build one of these for my desk at work!
  2. [MOC] Porg

    Very nice!
  3. Adding OT radar dish to 75105 Millenium Falcon?

    @marksableI did the same thing a while back. Don't forget to get the parts for Luke's lightsaber training orb! :)
  4. It is cool to get the funky speeder thing and the Wuher minifig, but that's all I got out of it. I was hoping to use some of the parts to expand my cantina but there really isn't much new stuff there. I used a couple of the stickers and stuff from the new one I guess to update the one from 2014.
  5. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I would love a Hogswart in the style of the Helicarrier that way you could hopefully have the whole castle with little micro figures as well. Lego already has micro figures of the HP world from a game right? Of course if they go that route, they also need to release a nice set of regular figures with a good display stand just like the Helicarrier did.
  6. Thanks! Some are off-brand from ebay and some are spray painted. Thanks! yeah I love the hot tub too :)
  7. Custom Black Pearl

    Hi there, sorry I didn't reply way back when you made this post. I lost track of where the post was lol! Forgot about it being in the MOC subforum! It's been a while, but I would estimate I put another $200 into it on top of the official LEGO Black Pearl set. It didn't reuse as much of the original as I expected other than the sails, mast, hull.
  8. I wanted to share with you my Christmas village for 2017. This year my main additions are a ski lodge and resort area, the new official Winter Station (expanded), and a new city block made of Creator 3-in-1 sets. Here is a video tour of the village: Below are some of my favorite pics of the new stuff. Trying not to overload you with too many (but probably still did), but all the photos can be found in my Flickr album: I guess I'll start with the ski lodge. It and the ski lift were a big challenge for me this year. I'm not a master builder by any means, but it was a lot of fun putting it together. The lodge is pretty crammed full on the inside with a sitting area, cafe area, and ski rental spot. Here is the front of the lodge with some skis being delivered, car by @de-marco: Inside the lodge: Little coffee shop inside: Ski rentals and lockers: Hitting the slopes: I purchased some of the Friends ski related sticker sheets to help around the resort, like here at the ski lift operator shack: These are the Friends Ski Chalet sets that have been recolored. Thanks to @Cheatay for the LDDs to get these started: Taking a ride on the ski lift. Unfortunately, no the ski lift is not operational. That would be ideal and may be one day in the future but I will have to get a lot better at the technic side of MOCs. The chair design was inspired by @twigman Sitting atop the ski slopes of course is the North Pole: Now heading into town we have the Winter Station that I expanded: Coming home for Christmas: Christmas tree farm: Carolers: Creator 3-in-1 sets in the holiday spirit. Cars by @de-marco I actually have another train station on the "city" side of town: Here is a grand shot of the whole village: That's just a few of my favorite pics. Be sure to check out the video to get a tour of the whole town. You can also see many more photos in my Flickr album: Eurobricks provides so much inspiration for my village, I wanted to thank you all. I want to credit as many as I can for the inspiration. The expanded train cars was done last year by @mouseketeer. The sidewalk pattern was from @alex54. @Alebricks has just an awesome diorama that has inspired me as well. Thanks for looking!
  9. This is such an incredible creation. And you can use it for years to come. Just amazing!
  10. [MOC] De-Marco's Vehicles

    @de-marco My LEGO Christmas village needed some cars so I made 6 of yours. They were delicate but ingenius to build and I loved the way they turned out and fit into my town very nicely. I was looking through my pics of my village yesterday and thought I'd share with you some of the cars riding around in my town: Thanks for all the models, I'm sure I will add more in the future!
  11. I've posted this before but here is mine after expanding it. Much better with an expanded waiting area and coffee shop inside.
  12. Winter Village diorama 2017

    Looks great. I remember what you had last year and it inspired me to do some similar things with my village.
  13. 10259 Winter Village Station

    Thanks! Yeah extending it wasn't bad at all other than having to buy the second set. I used a few pieces from my spares for the flooring of the coffee shop and the supports underneath, but I didn't have to. I originally only used pieces from the extra set and was able to extend it. I just wanted to improve it a little more and used spares. I did have to use a long 1 x ? gray plate for waiting area's roof to connect to the two black support beams, that was the only piece the extra set didn't offer, but again I think I could have made do with what was offered but it wasn't as structurally sound. Making one just for the coffee shop works out good with the $10 Christmas Train Ride set from this year because that set comes with a barista minifig.
  14. [MOC] Adult Store and Comic Shop

    I love the realistic and run down look of these. Perfect!