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  1. Arigomi

    Unikitty! 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    He's in the Dr. Fox Laboratory set. You can see him listed as "Rick" with the other characters on the box. I'm torn about the blind bags. I really want to collect them all but the chances of getting doubles is extremely high and trying to get a full set might end up costing more than the other series that had far more figures. The minifigure swap events at LEGO Stores aren't helpful because they only have them on Mondays.
  2. It seems that LEGO's legal team has sent notices, forcing YouTubers to take down their reviews of SW:TLJ sets. This includes popular channels like JANGBRiCKS. I wonder if Disney is putting pressure on LEGO to do this because sets tend to have spoilers. This sudden change in policy is troubling, especially when Force Friday II is this week.
  3. Arigomi

    Lego IDEAS 2017 - Women of Nasa

    Disappointed but not surprised. The research institute was extremely successful and the initial production run sold out extremely fast. Recent Ideas sets like Adventure Time haven't replicated that level of success. It also helps that one of women in the winning set was featured in the Oscar nominated film "Hidden Figures".
  4. Arigomi

    Your first set costing over $100

    Technically, it would be 70816 Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! but I bought that on sale so it didn't cost me $100. My first set that actually cost more than $100 was 70810 Metalbeard's Sea Cow. Benny's spaceship was fun but this was the set I needed to own. I wasn't expecting the build to be so massive in size and weight. To this day, it is still my favorite set.
  5. Arigomi

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I'm going to wait till Best Buy has a sale. Best Buy has been pretty good about having sales for LEGO Dimensions to compete with other retailers including Amazon. I have a GCU membership that gives me an additional 20% off the sale price for packs.
  6. If you aren't in a hurry, wait for 60134-1: Fun in the Park: City People Pack to be released later this year.
  7. Arigomi

    Buying LEGO as an investment

    Gold is a special case. Unlike other precious metals, it has unique physical properties that are of value in various practical applications. It is malleable, ductile, dense, conducts electricity well, and doesn't corrode. As a result, gold is used in computer chips to produce circuits. The price of gold is just inflated beyond its practical value. It will always have a base value due to its usefulness.
  8. Arigomi

    [HELP] Wheel Arches

    You could try looking at the instructions for 10248 Ferrari F40 for ideas. The rear wheels in particular might be closer to what you are looking for. Another possibility are these 1x6 mudguards but have them oriented so that the protruding lip is hidden on the inside. They might be small enough that any shaping won't deviate too much from your desired proportions.
  9. Arigomi

    Seasonal 2015

    The gingerbread house looks wonderful. This explains why the train was carrying holiday treats instead of presents. I wonder what the green flower plate in the doorway represents.
  10. Arigomi

    Nexo Knights 2016

    The unusual wheel configuration leads me to believe that this vehicle splits into smaller vehicles. The front section seems to have a pair of detachable bikes due to the symmetry. The section with Clay looks looks like a detachable aircraft due to the angles and wing shaped fins. The parts on the rear wheels suggest something more than just decoration.
  11. Arigomi

    Gender in LEGO Themes

    The issues surrounding gender and marketing are still complicated despite a gender neutral approach. For example, 21110 Research Institute was called Female Minifigure Set in the original proposal. Despite the gender neutral rebranding, many people still bought because it featured female minifigures in STEM fields. Whether people realized it or not, these decisions are based on gender even if it is a positive message.
  12. Arigomi

    Nexo Knights 2016

    It seems inevitable that Nexo Knights will at least get a fun pack for LEGO Dimensions due to the LEGO Universe comparisons. Ninjago's success can't last forever and LEGO wants to find a successor. Nexo Knights seems to have more potential than Chima did in filling that role.
  13. Arigomi

    Parts Lego didn't need to make

    There is an updated version of that in the Juniors line. Young kids that are ready to graduate from Duplo aren't ready for regular System sets. These kids need models that are easy to build and don't need gentle handling during play.
  14. Arigomi

    Angry Birds 2016 Rumors & Discussion

    It would be weird to see LEGO pick up another license that was previously done by K'NEX. K'NEX Grumpy Sparrows was a bland recreation of the game in physical form. A different route was taken with K'NEX Plants vs Zombies. Individual plants and zombies are sold in blind bags like the CMF line with only a few K'NEX Plants vs Zombies sets on shelves. It will be interesting to what the LEGO set designers will come up with. They will have to rely a lot upon the movie for ideas since the games are very bare bones in terms of things you want build.
  15. Arigomi

    75095 TIE Fighter

    Each wing uses 4 of the large tiles typically used for the fact plaque.