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Found 234 results

  1. Long story short. One of my kids is now 4 years old and we have started to build some new Lego sets together. I have all my Lego saved from my own childhood, and I got a sudden urge to try and find and build some of the sets. Unfortunately they are all mixed in plastic bags. I hope to find help identifying some sets, and then use or other resource to piece them together. Link to images below, thanks in advance.
  2. Quick question for those who own a SBrick, do you know if a Samsung S5 will work with an SBrick? Considering getting an SBrick, but don't know if I have the correct phone for one. Thanks!
  3. This is my first WIP post on EuroBricks where I will show my progress on my newest build, an EV3-powered 1:8 replica of Lexus' newest flagship coupe, the LC500. The car will most likely be a combination of both the standard and the V6 hybrid LC, but it will have a V8. The body will also be orange. Here's a photo I found of an LC that looks a lot like the one I am shooting for. Features I'm planning to add: Four or six-speed paddle-shift transmission Retractable spoiler Detailed interior Fake V8 engine (but I would like to achieve moving pistons) Full independent suspension All I built so far was the rear axle for the LC. It's exactly like the one in the Porsche 911 GT3 RS set but more reinforced. I also made the V8 engine using Lego Digital Designer. I plan to build the paddle-shifting mechanism used in Didumos' Ultimately Playable Porsche 911 GT3 RS (the one with the tilted wheel) and pair it up with a gearbox. I currently am having trouble whether to motorize his gearbox with the EV3 motors or to pick a different one with less gears and friction. I also am having a little bit of trouble finding the right front axle, though I like the one that Didumos put his Porsche because of the fact that is has two shocks for each wheel. However, I find it very difficult to fit the V8 engine in the middle since the axle is made for a rear-engine car. Here's a poorly drawn render I made of what I'm trying to achieve with the front axle. And here's the chassis in the real LC and the measurements for the LC Lego model. Overall, I'm excited about the build. I would welcome some helpful comments about the V8 engine, axles, and the gearbox I planned to use before I order pieces on BL. Once I start working on the body and aesthetics, I would appreciate some input with that as well. I can also give you the download for the .lxf file of the engine if you'd like to check it out. I look forward to replying to your comments and sharing my progress. Thank you.
  4. hey, been a while since i've built anything major, but i've finally figured out what i'm going to do for my next moc series. i'd like to build upgraded, full-scale versions of the crazy vehicles from the ninjago movie, as the released sets each seem to be roughly half the size of the movie versions. unfortunately i'm running into an issue in finding reference images of them. the concept art book has some good stuff in it, but stuff like cole's mech in the book isn't the final one (it has a brick built wheel) and the garma-mecha-man isn't represented in its brick form like, at all. any google searching i have done has nearly entirely lead me to pictures of the toy versions, not the movie versions. i'm looking for any screenshots, current mocs or in progress shots, or production shots that are available for these, or any tips you guys could give me on doing them. i'm starting off with the ice tank, so shots of that are the most helpful for now
  5. Hi I'm using lego digital designer and I hope I'm not the only one who does this, but I love making my own brick decals or "stickers" by using this method: or some other website I forget. But I cant add a decal to this door piece, (58381) I do what the instructions from the link above told me, It works for most pieces but not this one please help.
  6. Hello, Today I was on LDD, and I looked at the Tool Box in the top corner, and I tried the paint tool, and it went to that. Then I pressed V on the keyboard and this happened: I took a screenshot and it remained the same: I pressed V again and it changed even more: Here's what the C key does: H makes everything green and occasionally centers the XYZ axis thing. I have no idea what is going on. I do have Developer Mode, maybe it has to do with that. I've never seen anything like this before. Can anyone help?
  7. Hey I'm working on a MOC of The Mole from Thunderbirds in LDD and I need help with a few parts of it like a sliding mechanism for the drill itself and to make the hull round. I've seen a lot of great cylinder techniques that I could use for the hull but all of them were either too fragile, you couldn't make gaps in them for the tracks and sliding mechanism (yes there are tracks on the base as well, take another look) or not hollowed out, which is a problem for me cause I want it to have an interior. also I could use some help with the frames of the chassis and base, not to mention the part with all the crossbars which carries the drill. if you're unfamiliar with what this thing even is then here EDIT: Also I need help with a sliding door for the interior of The Firefly (another vehicle from Thunderbirds), the wall needs to be like 3 plates thick with the studs hanging off the sides and for the door itself to be 1 plate thick
  8. I'm trying to connect multiple 16x16 and 8x16 plates together for a large-ish MOC, the base size is 56x44 studs so I can't use standard 32x32 baseplate parts. If I build directly on top of the network of plates, the plates pop off with the slightest flex. If I sandwich the base layer between a pair of 2xN plates running along the seams, it's a bit stronger but the 16x16 plates can twist so much that they still pop the plates off and it all falls apart. I've studied a lot of the official sets, but not even the Disney castle had a footprint this big. Does anyone have any tips and tricks for building a strong and rigid base, that can survive being picked up and moved around a little?
  9. Small pine tree design?

    Hi, I posted this in another subforum and was directed here, I am looking to build some pine trees, I want them to be about 3 minifigures tall and consist of easy to source pieces. Does anyone here have any design ideas to share ;)
  10. Any Pinterest Users Here On Eurobricks?

    I've been a Pinterest user for a little while now, and after getting used to its many different functions, features, and format, it has undergone a bit of a revamp. While the format changes and reconfigurations don't bother me, it's what's missing that does. I don't know if it's the same way for others, but three major (and useful) functions are now completely absent from the site, and they are... The ULR address pin function, which was located within the "plus" button that was formerly in the bottom right hand corner of the home feed. This allowed you to save pins without the Pinterest app button that they would suggest you upload for your browser. Though I didn't use this one, the other function contained within the "plus" button was an upload function for your own photos/content if you wished to host it on Pinterest directly. The "visually similar search" function, which was located in the upper right hand corner of each pin when they were opened, denoted by a four bracketed symbol. The "Hide" function, which was located in the bottom right hand corner of each unopened pin. Hiding a pin would purportedly insure that similar such pins would not be suggested in your home feed in the future. Have these changes happened to anyone else who may be users here?
  11. Small pine tree design?

    Hi everyone, I would like to build a setting of a pine forest but I am having difficulty with finding a design for pine trees. I am looking for trees about the height of 3 minifigures that can be made using cheap and readily available parts from Bricklink. Any designs that you can share? Thanks ;)
  12. Hello evry1, I'm attemting to build my first MOC. What I'm aiming for: - something like a retro / vintage / classic car, two seater cabrio. Like the Catherham Seven or what this guy made - 4x4, motorized with independent suspension; - the gear shifter will manually shift between neutral (only the fake engine will work), 2x4, 4x4 and 4x2 (yeah, i'm going to need some help with this one) - in the future I intend to attach a go pro to an arm. the arm must turn the camera 360 and lower or raise the depression angles. Currently I have the following sets: - 2 x 8838 Shock Bike; these two sets will supply the wheels, suspension and chain; - 1 x 42050 Drag Racer; i will use the fake V8 engine from this set; - 1 x RC Tracked Racer Set 42065 - from this one i will use the two M motors (stearing + drive), battery box, IR receiver and remote; - 1 x Arctic Truck Set 42038 - this set has a switch with gears which i want to use to switch manually between N, 2x4, 4x4, 4x2. - 1x Fire Truck Set 8289 - 9392 Quad Bike Set - 3 differentials, universal joints (cardan), verious gears and miscellaneous parts. This being my first MOC, I have some questions: 1. are the two M motors enough or do I need to get an XL engine for te drive. I expect the set to be large and I dont know if one M engine will be enough to power the fake engine along with the 4x4 drive train? 2. how do i make the manual switch between N and traction settings? Theser are 4 options, the switch I have only has three settings. 3. the transmision will be: M motor > central differential and the fake engine (the motor will turn the fake engine at all times) > from the central diff to the front and rear differentials > wheels. Is this ok? Thank you! Bwt, do I need to gear down the motor?
  13. Hi, I need some advice on what to buy myself because I simply cannot decide. It's either 75179 Kylo Ren's Tie Fighter or 75155 Rebel U-Wing Fighter. What do you think is better? Or is anything else in the price range (up to 75€; for example Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle which is on clearance in my area)? Thank you so much fpr helping me and if this is inappropriate, please delete :)
  14. I am a new member and eager to learn more about Lego and in particular MOC's. However, when I click on the link to "Tutorials", I am not allowed access. Error code 2F173/H. The link is on the, Welcome to new members, get started here page. Help please.
  15. Hi everyone, I have an ongoing project but I'm not really into it. I have lately been having some trouble finding something to build. I assume some of you have had the same problem at some point. Here's my question: what did you do when you had trouble finding something to build? I appreciate all answers.
  16. I briefly got back into building this year, but recently have taken interest in the world of RC and have started a custom project. Because of this as well as a busy college schedule, I've been thinking of parting with my collection, and I'm not sure what is the best way to approach this. Do I part out items and sell separately? I have already taken my most expensive items and made listings on BrickLink at a competitive price, but the vast majority of my collection is still on the shelf in sorted, wall-mounted containers. Do I sell in bulk? It seems to be the fastest way to sell large amounts of pieces, but often go for cheap and with random pieces, whereas I have neatly sorted according to color and/or part type. Change my mind and hang onto it? It's been a big part of my younger years, but my interests have changed and I find myself after performance and reliability in my projects, something that can only be done with metal. Are there people out there who snag entire inventories? I think BrickLink would be the most lucrative option as I need the money for this new project, but would also take a long time to sell everything, or at least my most valuable items. The rest can be sold in bulk, especially non-Technic pieces. Is there anyone here that has gone through the same process? I'd be interested to hear your stories.
  17. Not really, but I found out that the motors in my GX EV3 peform better in IR Control mode than how they do in my program, and I believe that it is because the motor power is different. Each block in the EV3 programming software that moves the motors has a digit for how much power each motor should have. I'm wondering what this digit is in IR Control mode, because the motors act much better in this mode than how the do in the program. If anyone here knows the power of the motors when the EV3 brick is in this mode, please reply as soon as possible. It would be very appreciated.
  18. I'm back with one last issue in my GX EV3 build. I just got done finishing the doors, side panels, rear trunk door, hood, and some part of the roof. But the vehicle was so heavy that when I drove it around, it kept on doing the same thing. The diffs were clicking and the car had very much difficulty moving. Here is a picture of the bottom of the vehicle. Most of the clicking seems to be coming from the rear diff when I move the wheels by hand. I can either do two things. 1. Reinforce the rear diff somehow. 2. Improve it's off-road performance and stop the clicking somewhat by replacing the diffs with knob gears. But this will come at the cost of independent moving between the wheels. What should I do? Please give me the best response you can so the clicking will stop and I could finally take this AWD machine through some rough terrain like a real SUV. I really appreciate any advice.
  19. Hello, hope this is the correct forum to post this in. I was hoping someone out there could help me know if it "safe" to use the hydrogen peroxide method to "de-yellow" or restore bricks on colored bricks to their old color. I know that it works on whites and grays but has anyone tried this on other colors whether Modulex Colors or not? The bricks I am trying to restore are the Modulex red and Modulex Pink along with the Modulex Pastel-Green and Modulex Pastel-Blue. The really bad ones are the red and a few of the pink and Pastel-Blue while the Pastel-green is bearable but still needs work. I was hoping someone could help me on this. Thanks! -RailCo
  20. Creating an ABC with lego minifigures for my son's nursery and am stuck on "X" and need options for N (I got Nute Gunray) . The best I can come up with is X-Wing Pilot. Am I missing people with either name starting with X or a Species/Race? Examples: A - Ashoka V - Darth Vader W - Wookie
  21. "Badges" and messages

    Hello everyone! I have noticed that on certain Eurobricks member's comments and such there are a number of badges (Not sure what else to call them). Some are pronouncing their wearer things like "MOC master,". My question is what are they and how do you get them My other question is how do you get those little messages that are under a profile pic on a comment? Thanks for the help, everyone!
  22. Hello everyone! So i am seeing that a lot of bricks / colorways are missing from the LDD program - So an example would be that 1x2 bricks i cannot get the colorway or the pattern way "masonry" Anyone who can / know to fix this problem? Thanks! :) Best Regards, Mads
  23. I really need help to make some professional looking Lego instructions. I want to start selling them on ebay and I have a ton of awesome LDD files that I want to convert into professional looking instructions. I tried Blueprint but my graphics card can only run OpenGl 3.1 (You need 3.2) and I tried Ldraw but I can't upload LDD files into it (It keeps crashing) and I tried Lpub but you need an Ldraw file for that. I'm really frustrated and don't wanna buy a new graphics card so I can use Blueprint. I need some help. does anyone have suggustions or how you make high quality instructions? Thanks, MovieMocs
  24. Help me find the tire!

    The BTR-80 kit from Brickmania. Does anybody know what wheels Brickmania uses? I think its from a technic lego set, I cannot find the set. Please help.
  25. I hope there's not some rule against advertising I glanced over. I hope to make this place a bit more popular, so I'll have more people to talk with LEGO about!