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  1. Hello Ivan. I really like the model you are buidling but like others have said aswell, i'm also not a fan of the bucket. Wouldn't the bucket from 8862 be better? I'm not sure if these are in the same scale or not but it seems like it could fit.
  2. Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    Just buy the Claas. It's easily worth the money and later you can still add some of the 2018 2H sets to your collection anyway
  3. Lego UCS (76023) custom Wheels and Rims

    I would have to agree with Sariel here. Only thing that could make this better is somehow incorporate a chrome or silver-ish stripe (as TheTobi tried to accomplish).
  4. Lifting heavy loads

    Very impressive experiment. Could you explain what happend to the axle at 6:25? Did it break or twist apart?
  5. Nice design, simple but elegant. Suits the truck better than the original trailer.
  6. Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    or maybe a new micro motor (PF)?
  7. Wow! Really nice looking truck in all black! Are you planning on adding more wespons? Looks like there is still some room to spare in the back of the truck.
  8. Cat 297c

    Why is it that scale models should be 1:20 scale or larger? I myself am a scale model collecter and my scale models vary in size from 1:87 to 1:12. To me the criteria should be that if the model being built is 'to scale' (dimensions and appearance are on point) it should be considered a scale model, regardless in which scale it is built. To get back on topic, i would have to agree that the model looks a little too 'flat'.
  9. Looking good. I especially like that the ball on the low end of the machine really 'hops' into the bucket. Must have taken you a few tries to get that just right.
  10. Cool, looking forward to your progress
  11. Nice work, clean and simple solution. Has this solved the unwanted double-skip?
  12. Ursus 912 Tractor

    I think you could do it. Perhaps a nice trailer or plough?
  13. Ursus 912 Tractor

    Really nice tractor, looks exactly like the real life one. The Renault also looks great. Are you planning on building some implements for this tractor?
  14. Hi Doug. Interesting solutions. The last one kind of looks like a clock. I know there are some LEGO clock builders on this forum. Perhaps you could take a look at one of their threads? Because a clock is also basically a stepper-mechanism.. The clocks I have seen only use a weight and gravity to power the step, so I would suggest that you could convert a clock mechanism (gravity) to motor driven with using just one motor.
  15. Helms Deep creation

    I'm normally more of a Technic fan but I also really like this MOC! Great work, I especially enjoy the Ent you've created!