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  1. Not really anything I can help you with i'm afraid.. Taking shape. I like how you combine Technic and system components. Makes it look like a Lego designed Technic model.
  2. That is why I chose the Versatile. Nice and square
  3. You are right, newer Versatile tractors have a dark brownish red and white paint sceme. I would like to build this with Claas tires someday but I will have to gather some parts first and make somekind of blueprint. This I just built off of pictures so the scale and dimensions might be a little off. I also agree with you on the ballon tires, they look like garbadge on a tractor. That is why I used third party tires for the pullers. For these smaller tractors I like the old technic tire, they are 'close enough' to true agricultural tires. By the way, I do like your John Deere technic model. You've captured the lines and overall shape very well
  4. Interesting. Are you planning on building tractor pullers? Been working on getting something out of my head again. This time it is a Versatile 936 tractor. No functions to speak of. I just wanted to build a tractor like this in a small(ish) scale. And lets be honest, that colour combination is just awesome on a tractor.
  5. This is absolutely crazy and absolutely impressive at the same time. Must have been a hell of a job to engineer this beast. Congratulations on this massive build. Also.. Technic Hall of Fame??
  6. Wow, so many motors in such a tight space, impressive! Maybe I should re-design the Snoopy aswell..
  7. So you've already found some time ? Curious to see some pictures. I can understand that the hood and 3 point hitches are a challenge. Space is pretty limited Indeed. Yes! Thanks you! I could not find it with the search function or in 'my activity'. I'm glad the thread is still there including pictures..
  8. 12 pullers, really? Do you have pictures of them? Would be cool to see some pictures of pullers created by others. Which tires do you use on your pulling tractors?
  9. I'll keep that in mind, thank you. For now i'm having to much fun with the pullers. Will post an update tomorrow.
  10. At a stand still for now, just like my IH 'snoopy' or 'anteater' (thread seems to be lost) but i'm sure you'll find some time and motivation in the future to work on your JCB again.
  11. Thought about it.. i'll maybe try that later. As of now I could'nt think of a mechanism to drive the front wheels realistically. The original tractor has two seperate driveshafts, one to each wheel, to power the front axle. With the Claas wheel size you would have some more room but still it would be difficult to make it look and function like the real thing.
  12. I saw that you commented on my topic and it made me remember that you were working on this JCB. Glad i found your thread again because you have made great progress on this tractor
  13. Wow so many positive comments. Thank you all! I'm working on all of the tractors at once so progress on one particular tractor can be slow. I'll work on one until i get stuck or run out of parts and move on to the next. When i have progress i will post some new pictures. @Maaboo35 thank you. Glad you like the County. I had it in my head for a little while and decided to build it simple to get it out of my system
  14. Thank you both. I agree that the Ford fits pretty good in the line of the first technic models like the red (MF) tractor.