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  1. Sjoemie himself

    [MOC] Calypso Hughes 269b/300 Helicopter

    I'm totally not into helicopters but this looks awesome. Had to do a double take at the images, as I first thought it was the real thing.
  2. Interesting video you've posted above, never seen something like that before. About the tracked undercarriage, imo with more slack and sidecovers looks better. Mostly because of flat underside of the track and tensioning wheels on top. Perhaps raise the upper tension wheels or replace them with bigger wheels to get the track a little tighter?
  3. Doug, really amazing model. It has come a long way since the first version if you ask me. Functions have improved but I especially like the appearance of the entire crane.
  4. Sjoemie himself

    [MOC] Caterpillar 797F Mining Truck

    Really awesome truck. If only TLG would produce sets like these in a new 'model team' series. I would probably buy and build every set they would produce.. Are you (planning on) making instructions for this truck?
  5. Looking good Dough and the solutions you come up with are very clever
  6. Sjoemie himself

    [WIP] Tractor International 6388 and implements

    Today I received a package with rather special components inside Been working on the implement which is going to be a forage chopper based on the Case IH FHX 300. Progress is slow. Was working with studded bricks but that turned out quite bulky. So I scrapped that idea and 'converted' to studless, which is turning out much better (pictures will follow later).
  7. Sjoemie himself

    Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    Just looked through all the pictures in this thread and I must say these are all extremely nice in shape and looks. Normally I really don't care for LEGO space sets but these MOCs are fantastic. Especially love the creations with the huge wheels and rocket launcher. Aswell as the ice-planet monster truck
  8. Sjoemie himself

    6 DOF Robot Arm (PF + sBrick)

    Agreed, very nice range of motions.
  9. Looking really nice, sturdy and compact Doug. The problem with the centering of the servo can be very tricky to solve especially in tight spaces. Caused me quite a few headaches in my first experience with the servo steering in my tractor.
  10. I like your additions on the Claas, especially the chrome exhaust stack Like the slurry tanker aswell but I think it could be (much) bigger for this tractor since it has not 500hp. However not bad for your first try!
  11. Looks promising Doug, curious to see how this will end up looking and working
  12. Sjoemie himself

    [MOC] Snow groomer: 42055 C model [WINNER + Redesign]

    Turned out great, nice functions as well. I know it's not in the original set but this model would be even better if it was rc. But I respect the fact that you stay true to the c-model spirit in keeping it motorized with just one motor.
  13. Aah yes, there are rewards like this in every hobby and/or community (trust me, I know ).
  14. Nice to see you took the high road @Jim , probably best way to go regarding integrity and stuff like that