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  1. Give it some time. It took a while for me to get the order confirmation email. If your bank / card says pending you should be fine.
  2. While it may be possible to have multiple VIP accounts, they'd still be making the appropriate purchases to accumulate points so I'm not sure I see the point in going to the trouble. Who knows though...people will go to incredible lengths to save / make a buck. I get the impression the issues are due to 1. incredibly high demand and 2. embarrassing IT issues for a company of LEGO's size and stature.
  3. CDM

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    FYI: after a long OOS period, Elf House is available at
  4. Apologies for the hostility. The box art, much like the sticker-vs-print debate, is a tired subject. You didn't read what I typed and instead replied as if it somehow confirmed your bias. It did not. Saturn V sells because it's an excellent model at a fantastic price point. It got great reviews and the word-of-mouth has been very positive. Box art had nothing to do with it. Honestly, I'm kind of surprised they didn't reissue it in the black box art although surely a cost analysis played a large role in that. It's fair to have differing opinions, in fact my opinion of the black box art is probably very similar to yours. However, they're trying to attract new customers this approach is what the data told them to do.
  5. Yeah, I see your point with certain sets like Sesame and Winnie the Pooh and I don't necessarily disagree. Something we gotta remember, shortly before this art change, Lego surveyed adult existing and potential customers regarding their products. They asked about interest and buying habits as adults and the confidence when buying what most consider a toy for themselves. The current box art concept is the direct result of that feedback, as is the 18+ / Adults Welcome branding. So while we, as existing AFOLs, don't particularly care for the black box art, Lego isn't as concerned with us. They're trying to attract new adult customers and make new AFOLs. For anyone to dismiss that as dense marketing is naive. I don't prefer the black box art but ultimately it doesn't matter that much to me...I don't display or save the boxes.
  6. For all the reasons why Saturn V sold, and continues to sell, I can't imagine box art would be very high on the list.
  7. Can confirm there is no Ulysses set in US VIP rewards. The coin is live for 1150 points and has been since 6 or 7 pm eastern time. Server was super wonky and took several refreshes in order to load. I even saw a queue screen for a bit followed by several Emmett 404s.
  8. The 2 x 2 curved slopes aren't currently produced in pearl gold, nor the drum lacquered metallic gold, so unless they have plans to use that color into other sets it probably would be cost prohibitive for a promotional set.
  9. I agree. However I like how the signage matches the Hubble and the extra detail bits should be easy to add (while fully understanding it's disappointing modding is necessary).
  10. I hope it'll be more impressive than that but you're'll probably be a polybag or some such. We'll know soon, i guess.