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  1. CDM

    [Review] 40358: Bean There, Donut That

    @MKJoshA Did you find this in the typical Lego aisle or somewhere else in the store? I stopped by a store that, according to Brickseek, had it in stock but I couldn't find it. An employee I talked to was no help. Thanks for the review. With a few minor modifications I think this will make a nice addition to the Winter Village outdoor market scene.
  2. CDM

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The truck is a bit lacking and I wish the doors opened outward but I like it overall. Will be adding this to our winter village for sure.
  3. CDM

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm really surprised how well they've been able to keep this under wraps. Looking forward to the images this weekend.
  4. CDM

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    I agree with this 100%. I think they captured the curves / lines as well as can be expected but I would rather see this as an Aston Martin model instead of a 007 model if it meant the proportions were more accurate. Couple that with the price / piece count and I think this'll be the first Creator Expert vehicle I skip.
  5. CDM

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    I'm not sure what you were expecting. It looks 100% consistent with the Creator vehicle style: watered down lines and squared sides / doors. My issue with it are the proportions (it looks too long) but it's hard to tell with one sub-par quality image. I'll wait until the official images and details before I decide to buy or not.
  6. CDM

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    The inconsistency was clearly done on purpose.
  7. CDM

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    LEGO twitter:
  8. CDM

    21311 - LEGO Voltron

    I dunno...probably...go ask whoever started the other one.
  9. CDM

    21311 - LEGO Voltron

    Honestly it had a pretty short shelf life, initially. I believe it's original run was only 2 years or so. I was into the cartoon but never had any of the Voltron toys. I suspect had I had some connection with the toys themselves I'd be a lot more into this than I am. As I said before, the build techniques will ultimately what sells me on it. Time will tell. And, yes, nice avi. One of these days I'll buy a Freeny minifig.
  10. CDM

    21311 - LEGO Voltron

    On one hand I loved Voltron as a kid and this thing looks like it has some fun building methods. On the other it's huge and I don't think I have much space to display it. I'm not too bothered by the price given it's 1. licensed / Ideas set, 2. took a fair amount of engineering to do it right, and 3. quite complex connections and articulation. I'll wait to see some reviews before I make a decision on this one.
  11. CDM

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    DB5 would be a day 1 buy. A more modern or current Aston is less appealing and doesn't really jive with the Creator car trend or classic vehicles.
  12. CDM

    2018 Creator Sets

    The photo I've seen has red tracks with (at least) 2 two-tone blue trains, each with three cars. The superstructure appears to be white with light-bluish gray connections.
  13. CDM

    2018 Lego Trains

    Imagine you're a kid and your mom / dad says 'Pick out a set'. On the shelf is a police set, a fire set, and a train locomotive. You're new to trains and you don't have track or any rolling stock. So you can ether choose the police / fire (or any other Great Vehicle for that matter) and build your City collection or you can pick the locomotive knowing you can't do anything with it until you get more sets. The kid is going to pick the police or fire or whatever other car / truck 9 out of 10 times.
  14. CDM

    2018 Lego Trains

    Lego has tried this approach of stand alone train car sets. The fact that it was discontinued and not revisited is evidence enough that it's not a money maker. Let the dream die and be happy we get sets every 3 years. Same with the pink unicorn dream of a shunting locomotive. It's not going to happen.
  15. I have two HE sets and powered both engines running off the same controller with some technic beams syncing both controller wheels. To be honest I don't recall how it performed as I got all the parts right before our move and I haven't had it out since. I tried it this way because I had two each of all the parts but no polarity switch.