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  1. CDM

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Recently the train station came with a vintage bus and the fire station came with an antique-styled firetruck. Other sets included a horse drawn wagon, mail truck, and a snowplow truck but they're from before I started collecting WV.
  2. CDM

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Looks great and it's strange to see official images before a leak. Looking forward to seeing the GWP vignettes.
  3. CDM

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I considered this when it was released. My thought was to remove the foundation / basement level and recolor much of the roof and trim to appear snow covered. Ultimately I decided against it, not because of scale but because of the amount of pieces I'd be paying for and not using...not to mention the bricklink order for recolors.
  4. CDM

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It seems like they've really clamped the leaks as best they can. Based on recent history we should get an announcement within the next twoish weeks.
  5. CDM

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I like the idea of a new cottage design every couple years. My collection is beginning to outgrow the space I have to display it so having several house-type structures to switch out would work for me. With that said, we've had two straight "houses" so we may be due for a municipal-type building.
  6. CDM

    10279 - Help!

    I don't have this set yet but fabrics are usually shipped in a white cardboard box to help prevent creasing. No reason to believe this would be any different.
  7. CDM

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    That doesn't make any sense. Saturn V is of somewhat similar historical subject matter and sold so well they reissued it. It got an insane amount of press and it's sale price is barely over $100. Edit: And I'm not even suggesting it be scaled to sell for $100. I'd bite the bullet and spend as much as $399 if it were an impressive model. But I'm not willing to spend $600+ on a Lego set and even if I would it would surely be so damn big I'd have nowhere to put it. I know a lot of people are in the same boat, pun possibly intended.
  8. CDM

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    A lifeboat? Wait a minute...i'm trying...i'm trying to delete it. In all seriousness, I'm really disappointed at a $600+ pricepoint. This prices so many people out. I really don't understand why they're moving to so many of these massive sets.
  9. CDM

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Oct. 1 (ish) has been the typical release date. There's no reason to believe that won't be the case this year.
  10. CDM

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Interested to see how these reissues play out, especially the fire station. It always seemed weird to me how they introduced new fire and police stations every year instead of letting them carry on through a couple product cycles. But it's sales driven so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But let me understand... this 77944 station will exist in the same cycle as 60215 with a new station coming in 2022? If so, that seems a bit much, no? And still no new baseplate integration (for better or worse)...
  11. CDM

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I just bought the Hogsmeade buildings on BrinkLink and plan to mod them for WV use. Looking forward to this year's model and I doubt I'm going to roll the dice waiting for a GWP like I did last year.
  12. CDM

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    I was really hoping for a Creator scale Delorean...seems like something strange is going on with leaked info. First it there was a Delorean, then it may be Boost supported, and then there is another VW van, and supposedly a Tumbler, and of course the Titanic. I'm starting to wonder what's true and what's fake.
  13. CDM

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    Nah, def not too soon and I'm not saying it wasn't a good one. Just that it was intended.
  14. I still have the shipping box in the recycling for next week...confirmed the dims: 26 x 19 x 7" so it's a little bit smaller than what your tracking has noted. So either they used a larger box or the shipping service put a larger size in the computer to pump the shipping rate.