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  1. CDM

    MOD - Emerald Night based 4-8-4

    The last of my current Bricklink orders arrived yesterday so I'll probably finish this build this weekend. In the meantime here are some better renders: The second image better illustrates what I mentioned about the trailing bogie and how the coupler still aligns with the cab like the original model. This helps keep the tender tight to the locomotive. I also made the steam cylinders larger even though they might interfere with the steering on the leading bogie. If I add power to this I may have to modify or go back to the original arrangement. Another mod was the smoke stack...the Emerald Night stack is far too tall for my taste. I used an up-side-down hose cone held in place by a bar and 2x2 round brick. I'm planning to add some gauges and whatnot to the cab but I haven't bothered to model that. Thanks @zephyr1934 and @Dorino for the comments. I think I'm going to stick with the dish for now. I'm not opposed to adding studs but the 6 x 6 round plate is a little much for my taste. I like both the green and red color schemes (in fact my first draft was red and black) but I was going for an American look, which is also why I ditched the wheel humps. I think I may tweak a few things on the physical model, mainly adding some minor greebling and playing with the deflectors. Also the more I think about it i'm more and more intrigued by adding Powered UP, even if I never run it. Being able to add power without the complication of an IR receiver is really nice, even if the system has other flaws.
  2. Following the release of the 10277 Crocodile Locomotive I've become really intrigued by the static-display style that allows for added detail without having to pack in Power Functions, or now Powered Up. Wanting to add to my collection without having to wait for the next Lego release, if that happens, I decided to Bricklink parts to build one and settled on a steam locomotive. I'd missed out on Emerald Night but like a lot of you I always thought it was a bit flawed and I didn't want to make an exact copy so I modeled my own in Digital Designer. Inspired by Cooper's 4-8-4 version I lengthened by 4 studs and added 2 drive wheels and 2 trailing. It was a pretty straight forward process but I did spend a little time figuring out how to add to the trailing bogie without moving the coupler back beyond the cab of the locomotive. I can detail that solution if anyone is interested. I spent the past few months ordering parts from Bricklink and the last bits are trickling in later this week but I wanted to throw up some renders. Here's the first one. I just downloaded Studio 2.0 and I'm still figuring it out on an old, under-powered compy so I'll update this with some more renders and, eventually, the finished product. I'm not 100% sold on the style of smoke deflectors modeled directly from the Emerald Night so I may alter to make them more US-accurate, or remove them altogether. I haven't decided and I'm open to feedback.
  3. Shouldn't Din's jetpack be sitting against a rock off to the side? :P Awesome build. I'm so sad we're a year out from more Mando.
  4. CDM

    10275 Elf Clubhouse

    According to Lego Europe this Xtra streetlamps polybag I mentioned is retiring. It looks like it's still available from the US store but not in Europe. If anyone was looking for some streetlamp consistency it might be a good time to grab some in case they're not replaced with a new version. I may get a few more.
  5. This thread is amazing...excellent work. I really love ships in this scale. More detail than micro but not something that takes up a ton of shelf space. I wish Lego would release sets like this for no other reason than to get official name plates (truth be told: I don't want to go to the trouble to do it myself). And thank you for sharing the piece lists and methods. Great stuff!
  6. CDM

    77904 Nebulon B Frigate

    You'll probably have to call Lego customer service. If you do, let us know what they tell you if you don't mind.
  7. CDM

    77904 Nebulon B Frigate

    Really bad form, especially when the buy limit was 3 instead of 1...$40 in VIP points is a nice comp though. Little consolation to those who really wanted the sets.
  8. CDM

    77904 Nebulon B Frigate

    I managed to grab one from Amazon after waking up randomly at 4am and somehow remembering it was going on sale today. I'd recommend checking periodically. A couple days ago, while checking to see if the Nebulon had a page, the 77906 Wonder Woman set was randomly in stock. It had been out of stock for weeks prior. Keep checking.
  9. CDM

    10275 Elf Clubhouse

    And that second Holiday GWP appears...
  10. CDM

    77904 Nebulon B Frigate

    Between the Coming Soon graphic on Amazon and the fact the BW Taskmaster set is popping up again on I'm liking the chances of grabbing the Nebulon.
  11. CDM

    10275 Elf Clubhouse

    I went back and looked at the store calendars from the past couple years and the GWP timing varies widely, much more than I initially remembered. Timing is all over the map. Christmas Carol for Black Friday weekend is possible even though not announced...maybe it'll be listed in that mailer they usually send out right before Thanksgiving. Whatever the case, now that I've missed the VIP double points last week I'll hold off as well. 2019 - 11/29-12/2 Christmas Tree; 12/6-24 Mini Gingerbread House 2018 - Giftbox?; 12/1-10 Carousel 2017 - 11/1-15 24-in-1 Holiday countdown; 11/24-27 Nutcracker 2016 - 11/1-15 Nutcracker ornament; 11/25-28 Snowglobe 2015 - 10/13-11/13 Holiday Train; 11/27-? Mini Gingerbread House
  12. CDM

    10275 Elf Clubhouse

    Nov calendar is out and the Christmas Carol GWP isn't listed, instead they are offering a Han Solo Carbonite keychain. Kinda disappointing. And is this the first year in recent memory to have only one holiday GWP, assuming it's not a Black Friday freebee or they don't double up on December?
  13. CDM

    77904 Nebulon B Frigate

    Hmmm...maybe the problem is I'm trying to part it out by buying new pieces? Whatever the case, I'm gonna wait this out to see if more pop up for purchase.