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Found 4 results

  1. In order to secure the society’s activities in the Kessel sector, the alliance with the pykes was invaluable. The pykes had worked with the empire before, and they seemed open to this partnership as long as it was profitable. Deep in the workers district of Oba Diah, the slick manager of the Maw Installation is meeting with the head of Benru Logistics… Tol Sivron: I’m certain my master will be pleased. This new deal, doubling the amount of freighters. It should bring us back on schedule. And, as promised I bring you a sample of compound S-zero. I assure you, the compound is more effective than we hoped. Sy Benru: Tell your master, we are pleased with this deal. With this compound our spice will be untraceable. The New Republic will not be able to stop our shipments to the inner rim. DATA ENTRY /// I wish I had more time to expand on this. I really wanted it to be a 32x32 moc, but time-vs-reward made me stick with a limited cut-section build. Let me know what you think - there's a lot of smaller details in here that I hope you notice - will add more photos I think. See below.
  2. *Your entry has scored 21XP* Some time later on Ossus… Agent Amus: Colonel. You should set up camp here, while the reapers recon the library. The remaining reapers and I will secure the library perimeter, and let you know when you can join us. Col. Augis: Very well sir. I may as well examine the surrounding shrines, and the subterranean anomaly we detected three clicks west of here. Captain! Let’s set up camp here, and secure the area. I’ll be in the lab. A closer look at the heavy combat assault tank TX-250 GAVw "Conqueror" (or "Guardian") Excerpt from Agent Amus log: During a Triumvirate mission to Rothana, Reaper Squad uncovered a forgotten imperial storage complex, with several Conqueror tanks. Such a beautiful machine should not be forgotten nor wasted. I will see to it, that these will be put to better use under my watch. A closer look at the TX-250 GAVw "Conqueror" carrying a trooper carrier module, retrofitted as a field laboratory unit. The lab is equipped with advanced scanners and sensors able to detect otherwise hidden parts of ancient ruins. The lab also contains state-of-the-art analysis equipment for relics and artifacts. /// This was a really fun vehicle to build - and imagine how this bigger model wasn't as popular as the smaller TX-225 seen in Rogue One. The snot frame turned out to be a little tricky, but I managed to make it robust enough to click in the interchangeable modules. Below are a lot more shots - I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  3. *Your entry has scored 17XP* Onboard the Talistar, an old restored Vakbeor-class cargo frigate, on the edge of the Maw system, en route to the top secret Maw Installation… Dr. F'hobo Gil: Doctor! We are down to twenty-three zztable, thirty viable, and we have lozzt more than 70 perzzent of this generazzion. By my calculazzionzz we'll have lezzzz than ten perzzent of the zzubjectzz left! Dr. Cydric: Colonel! We need to dock immediately! We’ve already lost too many embryos! This ship is not made for transporting our sensitive equipment! Col. Varas: Stand down! This is Maw space! We need to follow maximum security protocols, before we can dock… Our transport has gotten us this far without unwanted attention - sit tight and await my orders! Dr. Cysdric: DO YOU EVEN FATHOM WHAT’S AT STAKE HERE!! Col. Varas: EASY DOCTOR! I have my orders from the top. You better see to your science experiment, and I’ll let you know when we can unload your… tube-things… Dr. Cysdric sighed, and turned away… Dr. Cysdric: …you will regret this… Col. Varas: I already am! /// My first scene to show the more sciency side of the Stygian Society activities. I love how the embryo chambers turned out. Labs definitely offer a great opportunity for lots of fun little SW props. Below are a few more shots. Let me know what you think.
  4. *Your entry has earned 18 XP* Months had passed since Lord Hassat had returned, and claimed his family estate on Galidraan. Ever since the collapse of the Empire, the remaining noble houses of Galidraan had been fighting each other for the right to rule. A fight Lord Hassat had no intention of taking part in. His attention was elsewhere, offworld. He would deal with Galidraan later. Agent Ira: Lord Hassat. We've accessed the third imperial vaults, and found lots of mandalorian armor. Enough for an entire army. I'm guessing it's been stored there since the Battle of Galidraan? Lord Hassat: Make sure this doesn't get out. And get the armor offworld. Somewhere secure! Agent Ira: Understood. TC-4: My L-l-lord. The g-g-guests*ttzzz* have arrived and are wait*...*ing in the Foyer Hall. Lord Hassat: Let them wait. Sometime later... Lord Hassat: We're ready to begin the next phase. Each of you have received a code cylinder with information instrumental to the society's plans. Do not let us down. /// A little peek into one of Lord Eniro Hassat's many office chaimbers. I was going for a medieval old german castle feeling, like wolfenstein etc. Below are a few more shots. Let me know what you think.