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  1. *This entry has earned 14 XP* Word has spread of the Imperial Triumvirate's siege of Bastion. On the surface, Factions allied alongside the New Republic attempt to curb the Triumvirate's occupation. The Pentastar Alignment, looking to increase its strength in the area, views this as an opportunity. By order of Grand Moff Ardus Kaine, battlegroups are deployed to the system and ordered to take key fortresses and outposts on the planets surface in an attempt to take advantage of the multiple warring Factions. This endeavor is not met without opposition however. The Red Moons, a mercenary group based out of Entralla, sets out to disrupt the Alignment's plan thus forcing some troops to engage in unexpected combat. However, the conflict with the Red Moons was deemed to be only a minor inconvenience, as the threat would be handled without any major casualties.
  2. *Denal31's entry has earned 28 XP (11xp, doubled for LTC, plus 1/4 of the average of all of the builds)* *h2brick's entry has earned 44 XP (19xp, doubled for LTC, plus 1/4 of the average of all of the builds)* *goatman461's entry has earned 18 XP (6xp, doubled for LTC, plus 1/4 of the average of all of the builds)* *WickNole's entry has earned 22 XP (8xp, doubled for LTC, plus 1/4 of the average of all of the builds)* Following the Battle of Utapau and the execution of Order 66, special tasks forces were brought in to find the body of General Kenobi. Their mission brought them under threat from many perils... ...from both known and unknown enemies that would have to be rooted out from the planet... ...above, and below... ...the city itself would have to be locked down... ...a the investigative teams of the 212 would be sent in to do their work... Following the search, two wannabe Clone 'detectives' doubled back to the docks certain they missed something. They sure did. "Hello there"
  3. *Your entry has earned 16 XP* The Bad Boys roam the street of Muunilinst ready for whatever hostilities come their way.
  4. Denal31

    Faction: The Pentastar Alignment (PA)

  5. The Pentastar Alignment Faction: The Pentastar Alignment Faction Leader: Denal31 Capital: TBA Planets: Belkadan (L1), Iridonia (J7), Muunilinst (K4), Ord Trasi (L4), Vinsoth (N5) Description Following the death of Emperor Palpatine, the Empire fragmented into several splinter groups. One of these groups being the Pentastar Alignment. In 4 ABY, Grand Moff Ardus Kaine hosted the Pentastar Talks with various leaders in the Velcar-Free Commerce Zone. These talks resulted in the formation of the Pentastar Alignment. Once established, the Pentastar Alignment sought to maintain a strong grip on its borders. As a result, policy leaned more towards isolationism instead of expansion. Leadership Grand Moff Ardus Kaine Formerly the Grand Moff of the Oversector Outer, Kaine established the Pentastar Alignment in 4 ABY following the Pentastar Talks. Figure Templates Currently, the Pentastar Alignment does not differ much from the Galactic Empire in regards to troop appearance. Below are some templates for some of the units you may come across in the PA military. (Disclaimer: These are just basic templates. Liberties can be taken when creating figures for the Pentastar Alignment) Standard Infantry: The bulk of the Pentastar Alignment military consists of Stormtroopers. The majority of these troops are human, but some aliens may be found among their ranks. Officers: Officers in the Pentastar Alignment are responsible for managing enlisted personnel and leading military operations. Marines: These elite soldiers are generally stationed on Star Destroyers and specialize in boarding enemy starships as well as protecting high-priority assets. Other Examples How to Join To join the Pentastar Alignment you will need to send a PM to faction leader Denal31 or simply reply to this thread. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Territory (Work-in-Progress) (More edits will be made to this page in the coming days)
  6. I'm about to heap a bunch of praise on ya. This build slaps. I'll get my critiques out of the way real quick. I only have a few. The first one is the smaller waterfall. The white works very well for the larger fall, but looks kinda funky on the smaller one. Trans clear plates backed by white may have created a better look (emphasis on the maybe). The second is just repeating MB's comment on the exposed studs on the tall section. I think it primarily has to do with the rest of the rockwork outside of that section being primarily slopes. Although it does kinda work with the building being right there next to it. But those are just small things because the rest of this build is awesome. The first thing I'd like to mention are the colors. You've included a wild amount of color and managed to make it work. Nothing here seems out of place. The next thing is the layout. This may be one of the most unique layouts I have come across since I've gotten back into building. The houses are integrated into the landscape very well. Additionally, this is a build you don't normally see when someone makes a "Star Wars MOC" that makes it stand out that much more because its just refreshing to see. Finally, I hope you get that Gran haha. Great job!
  7. Great build! I do agree with the others about adding some rockwork in addition to the metal framing, but this is still a stellar build. Excellent bug design as well!
  8. There's so much to like about this build Goatman. The signs. The shops. The lights. That speeder. This is a super immersive build. Great job! PS: I'm stealing those I-beams
  9. Denal31

    [O10 - Ambria - TT] Digging Up the Past

    Great build Bjorn! I really enjoy the usage of the yellow (or is it yellow-orange) technic pieces for the platform. Additionally, that sled is pretty sweet. Big fan of those bars wrapped with the rubber bands.
  10. Ah storming the gate. Pretty epic scene here Ross.
  11. Nice! The tall windows help give this build an epic feel.
  12. Yeah. I agree on the lack of color. I just couldn't really think of a great way to add it in regards to the building. Perhaps a sign or different color crates could've helped mitigate that in hindsight. Ya know. I kinda like the idea of a sky blue background. I'll invest in one. Thanks Sim! The stiffest club in the galaxy haha. Thanks MB. Agreed on the neatness as well. As far as adding some weathering to the building, I felt like the best option would've been old gray. Unfortunately, I don't have much with me at the moment and I felt that dark tan wouldn't have looked right. PS: Glad you like the buildings. I'm going to try and mix some stuff up with my next few builds and try some new things since my last three builds were... well... buildings haha. Thanks! Tan technic pins come in handy when it comes to grass and crops.
  13. Denal31

    [R16 - Geonosis - TT] The Petranaki Arena

    Goodness this build was awesome when I first saw it and it's still awesome. Simply epic. (Especially the detail on the doorway)
  14. Nice job MB! Great job on integrating the base and the terrain. The door being able to slide and the interior spaces are also nice touches!
  15. The colors all go together very well in this build. Additionally, I'm a fan of the settlement and ITT designs . I am kinda iffy on those clouds though.