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  1. ArsMan064

    [WIP] Duplo Technic Train

    Wow! This is really original! Great idea
  2. ArsMan064


    Stunning! Stickers are amazing as always
  3. ArsMan064

    [MOC] AURELION 2040

    Thank you! Thanks! My friend was calling this model as "lamborghini" :) Thank you for comment! I agree, model has some similar features with aircraft pushback tug
  4. Hello! I am ready to show you my model - AURELION 2040 This is futuristic truck. Inspiration was Steinwinter supercargo 2040, name of the model has reference to it. I built model for Rig&Roll competition 31/08/2019, where took 3rd place. You can see video of competition from GooberReboot. Electrics: 2 L motors for drive Servo motor for steering and steering wheel 1 m motor for fifth wheel coupling Extension wire Lipo SBrick There is also semitrailer, that really simple, but has pretty similar system of supports to one I used in MAN TGA. Tiny lever in fifth wheel coupling locks semitrailer and pushes another lever in semitrailer, that through the system of levers and gears rotates supports. There is also possible to detach semitrailer from truck without hands' help, but it needs some skill. Model can carry up to 4 kg on the smooth surface. I tried to make pretty good design, I hope you enjoyed it. You can see also some interior with details and glovebox. Model haven't any instruction, but I have some WIP photos. All photos you can find here: Now you know how to use your only one dark azure rim from 42077 Be sure to watch the video! Thank you for reading! Hope you like it
  5. ArsMan064

    KAMAZ 43118 flatbed truck

    Thank you very much! Thank you! Well, you are right about broken parts) Sometimes front lighter were detached) Thank you a lot! Yes, I don't like these axles too, but lego still haven't good replacement for 5,5 axles with stop
  6. ArsMan064

    [MOC] The Wannabe Tatra

    Really good model) As I see, new planetary hubs really useful here. 60 degrees is very strong :)
  7. Hello! Here is my new model - KAMAZ 43118 flatbed truck. Was built for Truck Trial Mini 29.06.2019, but wasn't participating (date of event was changed because of bad weather). This is my inspiration - real KAMAZ 43118. I think, I managed to build it look like a real prototype. It have: 1 XL motor for drive 1 M motor for steering 1 M motor for winch Lipo battery Extension wire SBrick It also have openable doors, and pretty detailed body I am pretty pleased with suspension. Front dependent axle, rear balance suspension(or how it calls) that works really well Flatbed has openable sides, and it also removable. In theory, you can replace flatbed with anytрing you want Instruction is available! Find it at Rebrickable: All photos you can find here: Video: Thant's all. Thank you for reading! Hope you like my model
  8. Congratulations to all! And thanks to everybody who voted to me! First EB contest and 4th place, not bad for the beginning!
  9. ArsMan064

    [MOC] 6x6 off-road tow truck

    That is great! Interesting to see video
  10. ArsMan064

    [TC16] Mobile Power Station

    Wow, that's awesome!
  11. ArsMan064

    [MOC] Tatra T813 8x8 PROFA

    I really like how you made suspension!
  12. ArsMan064

    [TC16] Hex rover

    Nice! Drone is needed to scare poor martians? :)
  13. ArsMan064

    [TC16] Marsupial

    It really needs motorization
  14. I have combined picture 6 in 1. Is it allowed?