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  1. ArsMan064

    MOC Lancia Stratos - an alternate build of 42056

    Wow, that's really good for alternative build!
  2. ArsMan064

    [MOC] Kenworth T800 tridem

    Thanks! But competition happend 09/12/2018, model took there prize for design Thank you! Thank you! I agree, truck is better than semitrailer. Smaller wheels on it makes building a bit harder
  3. ArsMan064

    [MOC] Kenworth T800 tridem

    Thank you! I think actuators are better here) Thanks a lot! No, it hasn't suspension Thanks! Yeah, this model has the same scale with Mack Anthem. Btw, Rig&Roll competition starts from this set... Thank you very much for your kind words! Thank you! I would put on the semitrailer 49 mm wheels, but I have only 8 these wheels... Thank you! Belly's photo is not a problem
  4. Hello! This is Kenworth T800 tridem with manipulator. I built this model for Rig&Roll competition, where it took prize for design. Photos of real models: Power functions: Buggy motor for drive 6x8 Servo motor for steering M motor for fifth-wheel coupling lock M motor for semitrailer's landing legs Extension wire Lipo battery +Sbrick Model has detailed design, openable doors, interior with working glowbox Also here is manual outriggers and fully manual manipulator Semitrailer's landing legs are powered by m motor in the truck Photos from the Rig&Roll competition Video: All photos you can find here: --------------------------- That's all. Thanks for the reading! Hope you like it
  5. ArsMan064

    [MOC] “Challenger” The Supercar

    Amazing shapes and design. I really like suspension - never seen tis kind before.
  6. ArsMan064

    [MOC] Tatra T813 KOLOS by MajklSpajkl

    Fantastic! Stickers made this truck alive.... Great offroad qualities!
  7. So, now it look really interesting. It going to be great model!
  8. ArsMan064

    [MOC] MAN TGS 8x8

    Thank you very much! I put lipo in cabin, and sbrick under lipo. Pretty compact, I think. Battery box im semitrailer is only for landing legs :) Thank you a lot! Thank you! My model was the slowest on competition :( and I did not get any prize place, but not last place too
  9. ArsMan064

    [MOC] MAN TGS 8x8

    Hello! I built this model for Rig&Roll competition 26 august. 5 month passed, I am really sad that only now I can share this model to you. Lets take a look to the model! Real prototype: It has semitrailer Of course, driver can hitch and detach semitrailer using smartphone and lego remote Truck: 2 m motors for drive 1 servo motor for steering (and steering wheel) 1 m motor for fifth-wheel coupling 1 Extension wire 1 polarity switch as extension wire Lipo Sbrick Semitrailer: 1 m motor for landing legs IR receiver Battery box On the competitions truck was the slowest It was my building error. Truck has 8x8 drive and 2 steering axles. First and second axles turn for different angles. (I lost red 90 degree beam on photo) Truck has some features. It has front lights, openable doors, interior with working steering wheel (servo) and working glove box :) Here is place for spare tire and manual crane behind the cabin For me, design of cabin is pretty good Semitrailer has simple suspension Rams are easy in using Landing legs Manual winch with lock Video: All photos here: I will not do instruction. -------------------------------------- Thats all! Thank you for reading! Hope you like it
  10. ArsMan064

    BuWizz Small car competition - Voting

    14 : 10 4 : 6 7 : 4 3 : 3 12 : 2 15 : 1
  11. ArsMan064

    [MOC] Baja trophy truck

    Thank you!
  12. Amazing moc! I really like crane and truck. Both model looks very well
  13. ArsMan064

    [MOC] Baja trophy truck

    Thank you all! Thank you! All gearing is reliable enough. Two light bluish gray 90 degree beams hold buggy motor very well Thank you! Gear ratio is 20:28, 20-teeth gear and differential. I think, here is possible raise gear ratio replacing differential with smaller gear Thank you! Model now dismantled, sorry. Maybe I will make slowmo at the free time
  14. Hello! It is a small trophy truck. I built it for downhill event in Moscow 17/06/2018. Features: Servo motor for steering Buggy motor for drive Lipo battery 2x extension wires Sbrick It has simple interior, openable hood. There are not doors, like in real cars. Stickers on wheels from 42046 Very soft suspension, is is a bit sank for better work on speed. Model has pretty nice speed and maneuverability, but it is not very good for jumps. Spare wheel and interior INSTRUCTION available! You can see it and all photos here: Thank you for reading! Hope you like it
  15. ArsMan064

    [MOC] Desert Skidoo

    Nice colors! Very good idea with big figure