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  1. Crabster

    [MOC] Cyberpunk Patrol Fighter Drone

    Looks interesting. Would be great to see this as a part of a larger build!
  2. Crabster

    [MOC] The little Prince

    Wow! What a magnificent-looking little planet! And where's the rose?
  3. Crabster

    The Beast

    Incredible. I love this character and it is nice to see him done in LEGO. Really appreciate the detailing.
  4. Crabster

    contest Braaiiinnss!!! Sci-Fi Contest

    Hey, @Bob De Quatre. Can I build some brick-built giant zombies because I don't have a lot of normal zombie minifigs (I have only one). And, If I enter the veichle category, can I build one main vehicles and one or two small support ones (e.g. motorbike or small buggy near a huge truck). Also what about time and space bending. Like guys from the future and steampunk people trying to save the world?
  5. Crabster

    AG - Rules and FAQ

    I'd like to ask a few questions before I will start participating the game: 1. Can I be banned for asking too many questions? 2.Can I temporary change an apperance of my character a bit? Like changing faces with different emotions or hairpiece depending on situation? 3. How many mistakes can I make before I will be banned? I'm afraid that I misunderstood something.
  6. Crabster

    [MOC] Goat herding Turaga

    THIS IS AWSOME!!! I really like it. Very very cool!
  7. Crabster

    [Renders] Toa Metru

    Geat work Crash Sanders. The greatest part of these mocs are custom heads. That`s it. I think they look quite better than actual toa metru. Waiting for real life models. ;-)
  8. Crabster

    MOC: Hero Factory Breez

    Very cool revamp. Now she looks more femenine. Hope you'll make other heroes. :-) It's realy good.
  9. Crabster

    Favorite G1 Bionicle Set?

    My favourite Bionicle G1 sets are Rakshi and Takanuva.
  10. Crabster

    Mixels Series 4 Infernites Review

    Good review. :) I like mixels. Their small ball moving parts are awsome.
  11. Crabster

    [MOC] Mata Nui Derp Bird

    Good connection technic,hero factory and old Bionicle.
  12. Crabster

    Kanohi Suva 2015

    Very good idea. I keep my gold masks on the shelf and I put them on toa very seldom and for a very short period of time because I'm afraid to lose the masks. Your sollution solves all the problems. I must try to build it.
  13. Crabster

    [MOC] Constraction-class Recon Combat Mech

    I see there is a small you in the mech.
  14. Crabster

    [MOC] Constraction-class Recon Combat Mech

    Wow. Please say what sets did you use to build it. It's really amazing MOC! I want to build something looks like this.
  15. Crabster

    Bionicle Protector Alternate Builds

    Great. All your custom pieces are very cool. What the type of material did you use to make those parts? Amazing one eye Bugatti veyron head!