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  1. Hallo Holger, I'm very curious about the contents. Ordered a copy a few minutes ago. Regards, Nils.
  2. Ordered only plastic rails, no metal. Have not heard anything yet. I think it's time for an update.
  3. nils

    New Track Planning Library for BlueBrick

    Thanks Michael for your fantastic job. I have not yet received my ME track, but now I can start with the "paperwork".
  4. In one word fantastic!!!!! Maybe I'm going to borrow this concept in the future (if you don't mind)
  5. A great idea! I would buy such a set.
  6. nils

    Horizon Express

    HE sold out!!!!???
  7. nils

    2015 LEGO Trains?

    firstofminifigs, do you mean something like this? (excuse me for the very poor quality of the image) nils.
  8. nils

    How to run 2 engines together?

    As Waler said you can connect 2 PF connectors together and put them on the same color of the IR receiver. But for the front motor you also need part 8869 (PF control switch) to reverse the polarity of the front motor.
  9. nils

    Rechargeable Battery Box Alternative?

    All my trains run perfect on 4 AA rechargeable NiMH batterys (with a capacity of 2450 mAh). That is 4.8 V. In curves the top-speed is too high for staemloco's, so speed enough. I use very cheap battery holders. They fit in a space 8 studs long, 4 studs wide and 3 bricks and a plate high. The IR receiver can manage 2 PF trainmotors.
  10. nils

    Pulling Power Needed for a Complete Santa Fe?

    As all the others told you: 4 motors is enough (for 10 coaches). Regarding the IR receivers: put the IR receiver of the A-unit in the aft and the IR receiver of the B-unit in the front. Then they are as close to each other as possible and you will have no problems with syncronisation of speed control. And when you prefer ABBA with 12 coaches I would use 6 motors.
  11. nils

    MOC: Imperial Troop Train

    dr_spock, Fantastic!!! I had something like this in my mind for several months, but you convinced me. If you do'nt mind I wiil borrow some details of you. Nils.
  12. nils

    MOC: Aquarium Car... With a Twist!

    Kintobor, Very cool. Hereby I ask your permission to borrow this splendid idea
  13. nils

    NEWS 2014 trains!

    Dr spock, i think you´r right. Studying the picture I think I see 3 Bricks Modified Facet 2x2 (part nr 87620) with above those bricks a new type of windshield.