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    BMW i8 Spyder

    I think you've outdone yourself yet again...
  2. LeocornoProductions


    That is fantastic!!!!!!
  3. Jovssen It's also quite ironic: How you stuck your misguided nose into something which doesn't concern you, and no one values a single crumb of crap you utter out of your mouth.
  4. I've already built the chassis yellow: Thus the interior. But I planned to make an enforcer. Could an exception be made, if I change the colour of the seats at least?
  5. LeocornoProductions

    [WIP] Ferrari 458 Speciale

    Thank you. Hopefully I can produce a moc for TC7...
  6. LeocornoProductions

    [WIP] Ferrari 458 Speciale

    Fantastic front bumper. Spot on. If I could build mocs of this quality: I would be so chuffed :)
  7. Also I had an idea of the best bandit and the best enforcer: Should have instructions made. Thus an action video could be made of the enforcer chasing the bandit. Or something like that...
  8. LeocornoProductions

    [MOC] Flatbed Tow Truck

    Just phenomenal
  9. LeocornoProductions


    Nice idea. Good luck with the progression of it :)
  10. LeocornoProductions

    Technic Photography

    Sorry Jim. I'm unable to embed the pictures at the moment because I can only do that through a computer/laptop which are both damaged :/ so my previous post was sent through my phone which doesn't allow me to embed or use advanced post features on eurobricks. But here's a link to my brickshelf page, where the picture is more visible: http://www.brickshel...3_31_51_pro.jpg
  11. I haven't been upto date with eurobricks for many weeks. But it's looking like I might modify my current moc for this contest. Again, XD
  12. LeocornoProductions

    Technic Photography

    Nothing amazing: Unlike the photography seen all over this topic, but I thought it was worth sharing...
  13. LeocornoProductions

    [WIP] Ferrari 458 Speciale

    Very pleased to see this great progress you have made, keep it up!
  14. LeocornoProductions

    [WIP] Ferrari 458 Speciale

    Thank you: And I'm surprised that with your build quality, you would even admire any of my mocs. Because I should be looking up to you! Anyways, trial and error is the way to go: It takes me ages to come up with a suitable drivetrain. Also will you be building the same style rear suspension as the real speciale? Or a custom one with your own twist :) I still deeply admire how you got the chassis specs spot on: I couldn't tell much of a difference other than one is technic. Good luck with the rest of the car: I'm sure it will run smoothly ;)
  15. LeocornoProductions

    [WIP] Ferrari 458 Speciale

    Looks good so far: Keep it up :)
  16. LeocornoProductions

    Fake fake V12 engine

    Very clever: It's sort of the same concept/principle Lexus had with the lfa. Making a v10 the size of a v8. This v12 has the same longitudinal area as standard Lego v8: By counting the studs. A Lego technic v8 is 10 studs long and this v12 is 10 studs long as well. Great work on that. And I'm guessing that this v12 is the weight of a technic v4 or v8 XD
  17. LeocornoProductions

    LMPI prototype

    That's an amazing build,& Very realistic chassis. I am very impressed: Not a thing I dislike in this model.
  18. Nice work, but I think the side skirts should be a bit lower, about 3-4 studs?
  19. LeocornoProductions

    WIP AMG G500 4x4²

    Great work! I'm impressed.
  20. LeocornoProductions

    Future MOCs

    I want to make it as big as I can manage. I reckon that it's first gear will have torque galore XD
  21. LeocornoProductions

    Future MOCs

    I'm attempting to build the Hennessey velociraptor supercharged, which featured in that Top Gear challenge. Progress is slow for me, it should have been finished but I haven't had time to finish it. It will have 4x4 through a 4 speed gearbox (if it even works) via 2 Xl motors. Body will be yellow, with a mix of studless bodying and panels. It will use the 42030 tires with the 42000 wheels. I want to try and make a custom engine, like in brunojj's laferrari. I also want it to be the best off-road technic pickup in terms of off-road capabilities and performance. Also an incredibly strong chassis. Last year I made an off-road suv prototype which could drive down a whole flight of stairs, and I want to make this pickup twice as good as that. If the gearbox works, it should hit a top speed of 5-7kmh (faster than my huracan). But the difference is, I want it to reach 5kmh on just about any terrain offroad.
  22. Oh yes, that looks great already. Oh yes, that looks great already.
  23. LeocornoProductions

    [WIP] OSCar Dakar

    That looks phenomenal. Great work.