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  1. LeocornoProductions

    BMW i8 Spyder

    I think you've outdone yourself yet again...
  2. LeocornoProductions


    That is fantastic!!!!!!
  3. Jovssen It's also quite ironic: How you stuck your misguided nose into something which doesn't concern you, and no one values a single crumb of crap you utter out of your mouth.
  4. I've already built the chassis yellow: Thus the interior. But I planned to make an enforcer. Could an exception be made, if I change the colour of the seats at least?
  5. Thank you. Hopefully I can produce a moc for TC7...
  6. Fantastic front bumper. Spot on. If I could build mocs of this quality: I would be so chuffed :)
  7. Also I had an idea of the best bandit and the best enforcer: Should have instructions made. Thus an action video could be made of the enforcer chasing the bandit. Or something like that...
  8. LeocornoProductions

    [MOC] Flatbed Tow Truck

    Just phenomenal
  9. LeocornoProductions


    Nice idea. Good luck with the progression of it :)
  10. LeocornoProductions

    Technic Photography

    Sorry Jim. I'm unable to embed the pictures at the moment because I can only do that through a computer/laptop which are both damaged :/ so my previous post was sent through my phone which doesn't allow me to embed or use advanced post features on eurobricks. But here's a link to my brickshelf page, where the picture is more visible: http://www.brickshel...3_31_51_pro.jpg
  11. I haven't been upto date with eurobricks for many weeks. But it's looking like I might modify my current moc for this contest. Again, XD
  12. LeocornoProductions

    Technic Photography

    Nothing amazing: Unlike the photography seen all over this topic, but I thought it was worth sharing...
  13. Very pleased to see this great progress you have made, keep it up!
  14. Thank you: And I'm surprised that with your build quality, you would even admire any of my mocs. Because I should be looking up to you! Anyways, trial and error is the way to go: It takes me ages to come up with a suitable drivetrain. Also will you be building the same style rear suspension as the real speciale? Or a custom one with your own twist :) I still deeply admire how you got the chassis specs spot on: I couldn't tell much of a difference other than one is technic. Good luck with the rest of the car: I'm sure it will run smoothly ;)