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Found 4 results

  1. Franz Koran saw an opportunity and took it. With the war in Terraversa over, the city of Tanari on the western coast was located away from Oldis' tax collectors in King's Port, the Eslandolan trade barons in Pamu, the strict rule of law in the Oleon territories and Corrington's orderly influence in Westface. He and his crew claimed a small rocky island in Tanari cove and built a tower. From the tower, they could quickly unload goods from ships and then row them ashore - tax free of course. He specialized in the finer goods: books, sherries, scented candles, rum. The luxuries went for a pretty penny once they reached the island. When he saw a ship approaching, he would fire his flintlock pistol into the air and wait to hear the correct countersignal. Koran kept a stash of Terraversa, Oleonese, and Corlander flags at the ready in case some sort of authority showed up and they needed to appear legitimate. ---- OOC: My submission for CH IV - CAT F: Smugglers Den. Wanted to try making an island that didn't have any tan or dark tan! Didn't have any wedge plates in nougat, so used quarter round tiles. Also experimented with a stepped SNOT base for the tower.
  2.  The Sphyrna. My entry for the Rebrick Freighter Wars competition. Piloted by Sif Cahone, 'The Sphyrna' (pron. Suh-fir-nah) Is a Corellian YT1350KL light freighter. Like most of the ships in the YT series, The Sphyrna is prone to being slightly temperamental. Sif is a reluctant smuggler, but with galactic taxation on imports and exports the way they are it's hard to make an honest cred, so she's always on the lookout for low-risk goods to transport. Her co-pilot is 404 (an android) who broke his own programming, Sif found him cheating on the sluggy tables (a gambling game similar to Backgammon). The gunner is known only as Redeye, who Sif rescued from a life of slavery on the planet Cyclopsia Beta. The final member of the crew is the ship's engineer, Ryk Lugfan, who has just helped Sif take receipt of a cargo of highly desirable and much sought after building toys, and being a fan himself, he just had to build one! NB. Syphyrna is the Latin name for Hammerhead sharks Hope you like my entry, but with so many strong entries out there already, I'd be very surprised if I found myself as one of the lucky few. Any comments are gratefully received.
  3. The sky was clear, and moonlight shined down more brightly than usual this night. The Eslandolans were on the lookout for smugglers in this area, and no Garvian smuggler would dare try to sail past Fort Estrada tonight. Or would they? Their agent had assured Captain Rene that the lookout would be down tonight. Had he come through? In the fort, since it was such a lovely night, Commandant Santiago decided to walk the ramparts. He was shocked when he discovered the lookout was not at his post. Finding the sergeant of the guard, Santiago demanded an answer. “Where is your lookout?!” The answer, they would discover later, was that he was drunk in the armory. The Garvian agent had provided the young man a bottle of an extremely potent distilled beverage earlier that day when he was in town, and when the lookout decided to sneak down to the armory for a drink, he was overcome. Meanwhile, Captain Rene sailed into the channel. “There is Fort Estrada. They should have seen us by now. It looks like our man in town has done his job!” But Commandant Santiago’s midnight stroll had changed the fortunes of the Garvian smuggler. Rousing the night guards to alert status to find the missing lookout, they also spotted Captain Rene’s ship in the moonlight. Scrambling the gun crews into action, Fort Estrada opened fire on the Garvian smuggling ship. “Take cover, and change course to return to Prinport! Our agent did not succeed! We have lost! * * * I decided to have another go at some forced perspective, and I think it turned out better than my efforts in challenge 1. I also decided to try and do some night scenes, and I was shocked at how well it went. I think some of my photos came out better than they have in normal lighting. I barely had to do any editing of the photos at all.
  4. Location: G10 Onix Tags: Spaceship, Building, Exploration ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Onix. A harsh, inhospitable world - alas, such worlds are common in this foreign galaxy. What little of its surface is not tortured by volcanism is stalked by the strange and hideous wildlife of this hellish globe. "Where are you taking me?" Doctor Gregorovich was proving to be a rather annoying passenger. I suppose it made sense that, with such an inquisitive nature, that he would be such a great scientist, but that, combined with his arrogance, was not endearing him to any of us. Even the robots disliked him. "Nowhere yet. With Kawashita still so close by, your people will have all the Gates closely watched." "Why are we flying over a lava plain?" "We're not. Sending the signal now." "What is this place? Octan didn't build it. Who did? "Rum smugglers." "They build it a few years ago - killed this volcano by drilling it a new vent ten miles from here, cleared away the ash and basalt, and put in a little base with stealth and heat shields." "Where are the smugglers now? This ship doesn't seem like a smuggler." "With the little flash-in-the-pan of a war a few weeks ago, the smugglers decided they needed to clear out. They left the base, though, in case they got a chance to come back after things cool down a bit. I made a deal with the smugglers - got the access codes to turn the stealth on and off. Everything still works." "So you're just parking the ship here? Next to a volcano?" "You don't park a ship, you berth her. And yes. We should be quite safe here, until it's time to leave. I'm being well payed to see you delivered unharmed, and I don't intend to risk you or my ship, let alone my wife, in a structure I don't trust completely. You're safer here than aboard one of your own starships." "So it seems." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yes, I really did build two nearly-identical micro volcanoes. The title's a Pirates of the Caribbean reference, if you were wondering. If any of what I built is too small for a tag, that's okay. I'm in this for the storytelling and the building, not the points.