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  1. I like your video and photos. It really looks like a real Volvo L180HL without your hand.
  2. I think the current cabin looks best! Well done.
  3. That's a great model, and so small! I would say the cabin in the left looks best.
  4. I plan to use a similar color scheme. The outtriggers won't be orange, because I don't have enough orange parts. They will be red, like in the pictures above. The orange hose will probably also be red. I will change the cabin color into white or black. I don't know exactly yet. Thanks for all the feedback. Then I will leave it with the LA's for now. One of the rear outtriggers is also almost finished. And here are a few pictures with a bounding box. The size of it is: 11 x 18 x 50 studs (WxHxL). The mirrors are retractable, otherwise the model would no longer fit in the box. Any comments/thoughts/etc are much appreciated and thanks for reading.
  5. I'm thinking about whether retracting mirrors is okay. Jim said: I built my model in a way that it would be too big with regular mirrors, so I built so that you can retract them. I think it should be okay, because the mirrors are attached to the vehicle in extended and retracted position. But I'm not completly sure and prefer to ask for it to prevent last-minute-stress.
  6. Here is my progress so far: I changed the steering mechanism because the old one was a little hard to turn and the axle was too far from the cab. With the new mechanism I moved it further forward and added a steering knob to the top of the cab. Furthermore, I built the boom. This one is fully operated with pneumatic functions (except turning) and can fold in four times, but I haven't laid the pneumatic hoses and placed the pneumatic switches yet, so I don't know if I can put all that somewhere. (Sorry for the blurry picture.) For the last folding out, this small cylinder is actually a bit too weak, so it only just folds out under high pressure, but unfortunately no other cylinder fits in this place. I also built outriggers, but not all complete yet. The front ones will be able to extend, the rear ones won't, as it is the case with the Liebherr 42 XXT model. I'm still thinking about whether I should replace the linear actuators with a pneumatic cylinder, where I have pneumatics in the model anyway I thought that might fit and be more stable. I had thought of these: or Since I do not have the cylinders that are suitable for this at all, I'm thinking if it would be worthwhile to buy them. Any comments/thoughts/etc are much appreciated and thanks for reading.
  7. Cool, that looks great. It seems to work very good and smooth, especially the tailgate.
  8. Good idea! A normal tower crane would be too large for this contest I think. Great solution for this problem.
  9. Interesting idea. I've never seen such a vehicle before, but it looks good.
  10. That's a good idea. Your concept looks quite good.
  11. The driver's cab is now finished: I will add some details later. The next step will be to build a prototype of the outriggers to estimate how much space they will need and then build the boom in the middle of the outriggers.
  12. Cool idea. I thought briefly about building something similar, but decided against it in favor of the concrete pump ( I'm curious to see how it looks and works when it's finished.
  13. Fewer people enter the contest with a truck like that than I would have thought. Yes, the whole long beam is turning. This makes the steering quite hard to turn with a simple axle, but with a gear on the axle it works fine.
  14. Wow, that's massive. Do you know how many parts it have?