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  1. Thank you for organizing it and thanks to all of my supporters. I wouldn't have expected this result. Also congrulations to all other participants and especially to Akassin and Berthil. It was a lot of fun to take part.
  2. Oh, I thought would have inserted the video here too. Just to complete, here it is: Great to hear this. Thanks.
  3. GBC Factory The balls are placed in small boxes in groups of two. They reach the required height via a conveyor belt. There the balls are dumped and the boxes come back to the starting point via a slide and a conveyor belt. Since the GBC would otherwise be too slow, there is a detour for every third ball with a long rolling path and a conveyor belt at the end. It is mostly built with parts from the 42055 Bucket Whell Excavator (only the 8 tooth gear not).
  4. Thank you! After a few major changes here is the next and probably last update. The first of the greater changes: I increased the height of the conveyor belt of the return path of the baskets, to avoid the basket tower (see my last post) which wasn't reliable enough. The next thing concerns speed of the factory. It wasn't fast enough. Even changing the gear combination did not help, because due to the large force needed to drive the machine, the whole thing still remained the same speed. Therefore, I have built a bypass to get the right speed. Every third ball is redirected. The small red lever redirects them. It swings in this position for every third ball. To get back to the right height, a simple conveyor belt is used. The inbox is a little less than ten bricks high... ... and 15 studs wide and deep. The output is a little more than ten bricks high. A video will follow in the next days. Any thoughts, questions, critiques or anything like that are greatly appreciated. I hope you like it!
  5. Here is the first update of the building progress: The feeding mechanism is a simple conveyer belt. 50 balls fit easily in the in-basket. I also built the return path for the baskets: Here is the mechanism that pushes the baskets to the side into a kind of tower, where the baskets are pushed up by a rotating Triangle lift arm so that they can be moved on by the next mechanism: Next I will connect all mechanism with a motor or handcrank and sync the whole thing. I am curious whether everything works as I want.
  6. Great you're interested in it!
  7. Glad you are interested. Yes, I'm planning to use a single motor, because of the various mechanism, which all have to have the same speed. There could be problems if one motor would turn a little faster than another, I think.
  8. GBC Module - Ball Factory My idea is to build a ball factory. The balls are placed in baskets in pairs, transported a little further by a conveyor belt, and then emptied again. For the baskets, of course, I will also have to build a return track. It's inspired by the Ball Factory from Akiyuki, but I made and will made some major changes, such as using only technic parts, the bigger conveyer and other mechanisms. Here a close-up from the left part: Due to the rotation of the light grey lliftarms and the yellow axles, the baskets will move one position approximately every 1 to 2 seconds. Therefore, the feeding mechanism will also be placed at this point. The feeding mechanism will also be a conveyer belt. After the conveyer belt for baskets follows the emtying mechanism of the baskets: The mechanism will empty the basket to the right due the rotation of the dark bluish gray axle at the right side, the rotation of the yellow axle connector at the left side makes the whole platform tilt forward so that the basket slides away and makes room for the next one. Next thing to do will be the feeding mechanism (a conveyer belt).
  9. Your Alternate looks great! I like the functions.
  10. While going through the previous trucks, I saw that you had shared a very similar Tow truck before But never mind, I probably wouldn't have paid much attention to it anyway if you hadn't shared it again. I think your tow truck is very good.
  11. Great project! I will follow this topic with a lot of interest.
  12. Wow! Looks like a great project. I'm excited to see how it turns out.
  13. Great! I like these contests! I would also like to take part in such a competition.