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  2. Amazing model. Seems like a lot of fun to play. Have you tested the latest brick controller app? I'm curious if you find is any difference in the lag.
  3. iuliand

    SBrick General Discussion

    I like that the communication is open standard and I can use imurvai's BrickController app to control it with a physical controller.
  4. Tank you for your dedication in improving this app. I really appreciate your effort and contribution to the Lego community. Keep up the amazing work!
  5. Even if you don't have a PS4 controller you could implement a small workaround during button assigning procedure by ignoring analog signals with end of scale values (-1, 0 or 1) and take into consideration only values between -0.99 ... -0.01 and 0.01 ... 0.99 because anyway by touching the joystick or the triggers you will get values in these intervals. Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad this is a known problem because I was starting to wonder why I'm the only one mentioning this issue.
  6. After a lot of testing I found a workaround for using the PS4 controller v2 (CUH-ZCT2E) with BrickController: After pairing the controller, or after powering it up, don't touch any of the trigger buttons. If by mistake you touch any of them, power off the controller and power it up again (or un-pair and pair again). This way the button assigning procedure in BrickController can be finished without being disrupted by the permanent "-1" signals from the triggers (the trigger signals are only activated after first use of the triggers). The downside is that you can't use the triggers for motor control (which I would find useful for acceleration and braking). I attached a screenshot of the controller tester with both disruptive trigger signals displayed. Exiting and terminating the app does not get rid of them. This problem is tied to this controller type and is present on every android device I've tested it (Samsung Note 8 SM-N950F with Android 8.0, Samsung S6 edge with Android 7.0, Lenovo A3500-FL with Android 4.4.2).
  7. iuliand


    My name is Iulian and I'm from Romania. I'm 38. I rediscovered Lego around 5 years ago together with my sons. My favorite theme is Technic but I also collect modulars and creator expert, especially the advanced model cars. My favorite builds are trial trucks and tracked vehicles. I have a few participations in truck trial competitions organized by RoLUG in my country. I also toyed around with some GBC-s, some of them published on my humble youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClE1524LwfiIP2qoCkjFREA
  8. Last time when I've tested your app I used a PS3 controller and it worked great but it seems that the PS4 controller can not be used with the app as the current button assigning procedure is designed. The triggers on the PS4 controller have an output between -1 and 1 (unlike the usual 0 to 1 output). Depressed is always -1, fully pressed is 1 and zero is in the middle. That means the controller will always return two "-1" values, one for each trigger together with whatever other button is pressed. This can be seen in the "game pad tester" function. One resulting problem is that when I try to assign a new button in your app it will always pick up one of the trigger buttons instead, because their "-1" value somehow takes priority. Possible workarounds I see: Ask what button to assign when more than one is picked up. Or to pick up only positive values. Also, one problem I foresee is having to convert the -1...1 to 0...1 output for the motor control. This would require a checkbox in the joystick configuration for -1...1 type of analog controls. EDIT : I see that Sariel tested your app with a PS4 controller and doesn't have such problems as I do. Could be the driver for PS4 controller in my phone (Note 8)? I'll test with anther phone type and report back. I used a v2 controller but in Sariel's video it seems to have a v1 controller. Also the app was an older version but I doubt this has any influence.
  9. Hi Imurvai, I've tested your app and find it to be very useful. I must confess I didn't expected this level of quality from the app. Upon testing with BuWizz 2 I would like to give you some ideas for future improvements of the app: - For buttons consider adding a new checkbox for reverse toggle. That would be useful for controlling PF servo motors to reverse without needing to stop in zero position. Just change the polarity by the press of the button. As it is now, this can't be done with just one button because two buttons would need to be assigned, one for toggling each direction of the servo motor. - On the slider for setting the maximum power of a joystick control, you may add another slider to create a "dead zone" from zero up to the set limit. - Allow for background running of the app or with the screen locked/turned off. When running in the background just display it's running status in the notification bar and tapping the notification will bring the app back on the screen. Or at least allow for screen locking as this would really help in the situation where you want to have the phone in your pocket while controlling the joystick. And it would also help with battery conservation. - Currently in BuWizz controls it is not possible to change the voltage and it is running by default at 7.2V. Please add the option to select the buwizz voltage (5v=low, 7.2v=normal, 9v=high, 12v=ludicrous), as in the BuWizz app. - Consider adding Mindstorms EV3 as a device to be controlled. You just have to send the gamepad data to the dedicated EV3 bluetooth mailboxes. It should be very simple to do and would open o whole range of possibilities. You should upload your app to play store. It deserves to be there as it is very well designed. Thank you for sharing with us this great app.
  10. iuliand

    [TC7] Bandits - Jurassic Revenge

    Genius! I like it very much. It is a surprising transformation. And with a story too! Well done!