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  1. SavaTheAggie

    [MOC] Santa Fe EMD F7A Warbonnet #315

    #6191 is pretty easy to find in light bluish grey, so you can build the fuel tank in that color. I was unaware of the scarcity of the part when I built my original model, mainly because I had 40+ of them on hand, and assumed they weren't rare (LUG support, who knew?) I had a similar issue with my North Pole Limited instructions, but not at first. The 2x4x1+1/3 curved slopes in black were available when I first offered the instructions, but LEGO discontinued the part a year later, and Cale always blamed me for creating an artificial shortage because of my design requiring something like 60 of them (I don't remember the exact count, it was a lot). Fortunately there are alternatives, and lately LEGO has brought the part back. This is also a reason why I've been hesitant to finish the instructions for the Eagle coaches - I don't want to create more scarcity for parts used en mass in my designs. As it has been said, the minifig lance is easy to find in pearl silver, and that works pretty well. --Tony
  2. SavaTheAggie

    (MOC) Bluebonnet Station

    The platform is 3 studs away from the rail. We run 8-wide trains, and some of our steam engines can exceed 10 studs in some places. --Tony
  3. SavaTheAggie

    (MOC) Bluebonnet Station

    I apologise for the necropost, but I didn't feel like this deserved its own post. I've taken this 4 year old veteran of TBRR layouts and have given her new life with LEDs. Bluebonnet Station at night by Tony Sava, on Flickr More Bluebonnet Station at night by Tony Sava, on Flickr More Bluebonnet Station at night by Tony Sava, on Flickr More Bluebonnet Station at night by Tony Sava, on Flickr It was a lot of fun. I used Brick Loot's new Light Linx products purchased at Brickworld 2019. --Tony
  4. I was at the talk. It's ambitious. I own a small fortune in 9v equipment. 25+ motors, switches, meters of track. So getting that out of the way, I do not anticipate me buying these products. My reasons are legion. I wish no ill will on Michael. He seems very sincere in his desire to help. But I don't see this as helping. --Tony
  5. Brickworld Charity Auction Donation by Tony Sava, on Flickr I have completed my train MOC which I will be donating to this year's Esther Walner Charity Auction at Brickworld 2019. The auction item will include as seen here: 1. Santa Fe EMD F7A Warbonnet Locomotive with full power Function equipment and stickers by OKbrickworks. This model is 8-wide and is ready-to-run. 2. Santa Fe EMD F7B locomotive, unpowered, with stickers by OKbrickworks. 3. Power Functions remote. 4. USB drive (16 GB) with the PDF of the instructions for both locomotives (Track not included) Credit where credit is due, I would like to thank and recognize the following: OKbrickworks - for not only donating the stickers for both locomotives, but for offering to sponsor the B unit, which prompted me to include it in the auction. Nick O'Donnell - for donating a large chunk of the parts from his Bricklink shop - Cincinnati Brick Co. Karl Joffre - for donating all of the Power Functions elements, allowing this model to be ready-to-run - motors, battery box, remote, everything. And last but not least Nate Brill, who's peerless work on his NYC E unit windshield made my original MOC possible. If you are attending Brickworld this year, I encourage you to attend, even if you have no interest in bidding. There has been discussion that if you are not attending, but know someone who is, you could bid by proxy. Bryan Bonahoom is happy to take your money (for charity, of course). --Tony
  6. SavaTheAggie

    [MOC] The Texas Eagle

    Thanks all, I appreciate it! --Tony The cars should be just about the right size all around. They're the exact right height for the width. They might be a single stud too short. Right now there are 2 PF train motors in the A unit only. At the Galveston Railroad Museum train show I was only running 7 coaches, but we also had an issue with the room we were in having a very noticeable tilt. So on level track, and lubricated bearings, I *might* be able to get away with only the two PF motors. I will test this at Brickworld. However the B unit was built specifically to allow installation of motors, so if I need to, I will add two more motors. Most Texas Eagles we're actually pulled by EMD E7 units - an A and a B - and the Texas & Pacific F7 units were relegated to freight (with an all dark blue with single white stripe livery). However F7A locomotive 1500 was painted in the Eagle livery, and I didn't want to model an E7. I don't think anyone will think you are copying me. I hope you finish your project, it looks like you have made good progress thus far. My next MOC will either be a modern diesel locomotive I found out my company owns, or a Texas & Pacific Mikado called "the Moccasin", so no worries. :D --Tony
  7. SavaTheAggie

    [MOC] The Texas Eagle

    Texas & Pacific - Texas Eagle by Tony Sava, on Flickr Full Gallery: Truth be told, when I designed my Santa Fe Warbonnet EMD F7A, it was actually with the end goal of building the engines to this train. Sisters from another mister by Tony Sava, on Flickr In the first picture, the train was not yet complete. In all, there are 12 pieces - an F7A&B, a baggage combine, 4 sleepers, 1 coach, 1 lounge, 1 diner, 1 planetarium dome, and 1 observation car. All in all some 46 track lengths long. Texas Eagle - a little bit longer than I expected by Tony Sava, on Flickr The coaches are running with BMR wheel bearings, and are boringly hollow. However they could be easily modified to include interiors. Texas Eagle - Planetarium Dome - Ed "Babyface" Chang by Tony Sava, on Flickr Additionally each car has been named after a person or group that has had an impact on my time as an AFOL in the train universe. --Tony
  8. SavaTheAggie

    Santa Claus is on his Fe

    Santa Claus is on his Fe by Tony Sava, on Flickr --Tony
  9. SavaTheAggie

    [MOC] Santa Fe EMD F7A Warbonnet #315

    Instructions now available for purchase: --Tony
  10. SavaTheAggie

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    Exciting news, Ben. I eagerly anticipate what will come. --Tony
  11. SavaTheAggie

    train wheel question

    Understand that putting the large wheels on the LEGO train motor is going to rob you of pulling power. It's a viable option but only for small trains. --Tony
  12. SavaTheAggie

    Trix Brix review

    Chides others for not backing the BrickTracks Kickstarter, didn't actually back the Kickstarter himself. As Backer #1 of the BrickTracks Kickstarter (yes, the very first, and have the email to prove it), I am very willing to give Scott my money. In the meantime, I'm dealing with what I have available to me. I can't use a product I can't buy because it doesn't exist, and we don't know how long that will be. Since the injection molds do not yet exist, it could be years. --Tony
  13. SavaTheAggie

    Trix Brix review

    There's a video on my Flickr that illustrates the clutch. TL;DR: the top studs aren't bad, the bottom anti-studs only work in specific orientations. --Tony
  14. SavaTheAggie

    Trix Brix review

    Take a look at the inside of the rail on the right side of the image, near the joint. That might help illustrate what I'm trying to say regarding the tape. --Tony
  15. SavaTheAggie

    Trix Brix review

    I think 9v is dead and it isn't worth the effort. There have been 3 different LEGO train systems since 9v died. I think any manufacturer considering 9v is asking to lose money. And without new motors, power regulators, and track power connectors, having new 9v track is an exceedingly short term solution. Beyond that, the texture of the 3D print, I would imagine, would interfere with the tape. The top of the rails are smooth no doubt, but the 9v motor picks up power off the inside of the rail, and there are several places where the inside of the rails are not smooth in the least, covered in grooves and artifacts of the 3D printing process. --Tony