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  1. At this point I fail to see the point of further commentary on this thread. Until we hear something directly from ME (regarding them fulfilling orders, or they are in fact belly up), all we're going to get is a bunch of "me toos". I would recommend that instead we focus on the future, and see how we can move on from this place to some place better (and in a different thread). --Tony
  2. BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Having used BrickTrack tracks at three different weekend long public displays, running big, heavy 8-wide Power Functions trains at full speed, I can wholeheartedly endorse the BrickTracks products. Due to the single piece nature and superb clutch power, setup/teardown is a breeze, so much that for the first time in using custom curve modules we were able to let a layperson set up and tear down the modules without guidance or supervision. Plus watching my Dreyfuss go through the R120 curves at top speed carrying a full rake of coaches behind it is really really neat. I'm sorry I forgot to get video of it. --Tony
  3. Help finding someone to help me build a stram train

    You're not asking for help, you're asking for hand-holding. I would recommend researching 0-4-0 LEGO models other people have built, research real world examples that interest you, and then make an attempt to build one from what you learn. Then come back here, post a picture, and ask for critique. There's no better teacher than experience. My 2 cents. --Tony
  4. Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    I, personally, would rather see a non-fictional train make it. Something like the New York Central J3A with Henry Dreyfuss streamlining. The box art would be fantastic. It has the sort of shape that everyone has seen, even if they can't pick out the specific train it came from. If I thought I could get 10,000 votes I'd submit mine. --Tony
  5. Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    I am of the firm belief that no train set will ever pass LEGO Ideas unless it's: Attached to a popular IP (i.e. Back to the Future, Thomas, etc - which presents their own issues) OR Universally Recognized regardless of nationality (something a layman would recognized - the art deco streamliners, Santa Fe Super Chief, Flying Scotsman, etc) All the trams, trolleys, bullet trains, and highly detailed model quality MOCs aren't worth a hill of beans to LEGO ideas. --Tony
  6. LEGO Commissions Build

    What is "a fair price"? If I were to make a steam locomotive like those I have built, I would have to charge upwards of $400-$1000, depending on the model. --Tony
  7. [MOC] DM&IR M4 Yellowstone #237

    I believe the videos you watched were from Bricks Cascade - since then I've slowed the locomotive down, changing the gear ratio to increase torque. She's now less than half the speed she was. But on those videos - I can probably get about 4 hours, maybe 5. She's running L motors, which eat batteries worse that most motors, but I'm running the AA battery pack instead of the AAA just for that reason. --Tony
  8. MonoRail Return?

    I would not welcome a new monorail set. I'm glad their gone forever. --Tony
  9. [MOC] DM&IR M4 Yellowstone #237

    Thanks all! No, I'm afraid I've never been up that way. I tend to gravitate towards models that are unique in some way ("Best of" their class, unique streamlining, etc) and models that have not been built in LEGO before, or are under-represented in some way. I will be working on getting instructions made for the Yellowstone in the next few weeks to help pay for my trip to Brickworld. It's the second slowest (at top speed) of all my locomotives (faster than XL motor driven tender wheels of the Allegheny), and second strongest (the XL motors in the Allegheny can still pull more). So it's "Better" in that it can pull more than standard LEGO PF train motors, but its the design that suffers the most from uneven track. If I ever build another giant articulated, it'll be tender driven. --Tony
  10. In my opinion, and my opinion only - The Horizon Express is a brilliantly designed model of a terribly ugly train. I won a copy of the HE, but never purchased one myself. The techniques to build it are awesome, but it lives in a box in my room. --Tony
  11. [MOC] DM&IR M4 Yellowstone #237

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "fire the drivers". By "Driver Driven" I mean the locomotive is powered directly through the drivers, rather than the motors in the tender pushing a dead-head locomotive. --Tony
  12. [MOC] DM&IR M4 Yellowstone #237

    Duluth, Missabe, & Iron Range M4 Yellowstone #237 by Tony Sava, on Flickr Duluth, Missabe, & Iron Range M4 "Yellowstone" class steam locomotive #237 Full Album Of "Yellowstone" class locomotives, the DM&IR Yellowstones were the strongest built. #237 was the only locomotive retired prior to dieselization, sold for scrap after a wreck. DM&IR-237_008 by Tony Sava, on Flickr This locomotive has been built in 9-wide, and is my first successful driver-driven steam locomotive. The locomotive is powered by two Power Functions L-Motors in the boiler, and a AA battery box in the tender. DM&IR-237_015 by Tony Sava, on Flickr The cab overhangs more than I'd like, but hopefully I can keep it on ME Model curves and Grand Curves. DM&IR-237_023 by Tony Sava, on Flickr A huge, enormous thank-you to Terry Akuna for the excellent work on designing and printing the decals on the tender, cab, and road numbers on the headlights. DM&IR-237_012 by Tony Sava, on Flickr --Tony
  13. WIP - DM&IR Yellowstone

    We're getting off topic, but to answer the questions - the Yellowstone may or may not find it's way into my instructions list. The Dreyfuss contains far too many ultra rare parts to ever be considered. --Tony
  14. WIP - DM&IR Yellowstone

    I have finally begun building this project. So far the top of the boiler is complete and the two L motors are installed. Next I plan to finalize the wheel sets so I can better understand how the bottom of the boiler will interact with the wheels. I won't post any more updates hereuntil it's finished, but you can follow my progress on Flickr. --Tony
  15. Buying and Selling MOC Instructions

    It's in my signature, but assuming this isn't against the forum rules, here is the link: --Tony