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  1. Yeah well depending of the size of your layout, using ESP boards especially for the sensors and switches and other stuff, might be a cheaper solution in stead of controlling everything with hubs. And also more flexible I think. Anyway, you have a new subscriber in me and can't wait to see what is more ahead. I use Mattzobricks project as a controller you might want to look into it and RocRail to orchestrate the layout. It's not much yet, but it works!
  2. Ah okay, that's brilliant! I am using Ikea AAA 750mAh batteries, but I guess that will be the same idea as your Toshiba's. Could I also use it to power an ESP8266/ESP32 board with it at the same time? That would make it even better for my layout! I mean to use an ESP8266 board with IR to automate PF hubs and motors. And the ESP32 with bluetooth for automation of PU. I know the ESP32 doesn't have to be on board with the train to work. But I'm guessing on real large layouts, Wifi might have a better range then bluetooth, so I want to add a esp32 on every PU train.
  3. I miss a small thing in your video's. What batteries are now inside the hub?
  4. I was thinking about doing something like this in the future, but then with some kind of brush contact on the charging station track. But this might be better!
  5. Venderwel

    Looking to switch engine/locomotive

    What makes you say that??
  6. Venderwel

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Oh man, must have been living under a rock, only jyst saw this set today! I want it!
  7. Hi all, recently got a 9v train system. The Lego World City 4561, a compleet used set, all the bricks are still there! But now I want to use Arduino to be able to control it. And I need a little help setting it up. I found this website And it uses this piece of code: //This sketch makes a classic 9V or 12V train move backwards and forwards on //the track for a fixed amount of time. int IN1=22; // train motor pin 1 int IN2=24; // train motor pin 2 int ENA=10; // train motor PMW void setup() //run once at startup { pinMode(IN1, OUTPUT); pinMode(IN2, OUTPUT); analogWrite(ENA, 110); } void loop() // run repeatedly from top to bottom { digitalWrite(IN1,LOW); // the train will move forward digitalWrite(IN2,HIGH); delay(250); // lock up for 0.25 seconds digitalWrite(IN1,LOW); // the train will stop digitalWrite(IN2,LOW); delay(2000); // lock up for 2 seconds digitalWrite(IN1,HIGH);// the train will move in reverse digitalWrite(IN2,LOW); delay(250); // Lock up for 0.25 seconds digitalWrite(IN1,LOW); // the train will stop digitalWrite(IN2,LOW); delay(2000); // lock up for 2 seconds } Now I am not a complete idiot, but I do feel like one. I know it has to do with the analogWrite but I can't get it to work on a AZ Delivery Wroom esp32 board. Maybe I don't know how to google anymore, but if someone here can help me a little in the right direction, that would be awesome!
  8. Venderwel

    Mattzobricks Train Automation

    Any chance you can help me out for a bit on the wifi connection part? Can't get it to work .
  9. Venderwel

    Mattzobricks Train Automation

    Looks great! Actually woring on my own little railplan with Matzzobricks controllers and RocRail right now. Have the sensors working, but can't seem to get the MTC4PU working. Looks like it doesn't connect to the Wifi or mqtt broker. Did you have any problems there?
  10. Hey Anthony, did you know the link in your signature is not working? 

  11. Venderwel

    New (Noob) Arduino Train automation project.

    You use them completly upward? As in laying in the track?
  12. Venderwel

    New (Noob) Arduino Train automation project.

    Maybe I need to experiment with it a little more, but for now I can't seem to get the range small enough. It keeps detecting my train at the otther end of the loop, or a person sitting there or stuff like that. And also can't seem to get a reliable reading when I actually do want it to detect, when a train is passing. Maybe it's to close? I don't know yet. Thing I still want to try is to have my IR on a bit of an angle up, maybe that helps. very informative!
  13. Venderwel

    New (Noob) Arduino Train automation project.

    I plannend on using lightsensors for detecting trains. I found out these don't work good enough to use. So I decided to use IR sensor modules for that, they work to good, they sense all kind of things, not only the trains. So now I'm looking into using reed sensors, the way Mattzo is using them, seems to be near flawless! So I'll use them to detect trains in sectors and I'll use lego motors connected to L298n modules for track switches. Trains only PUp...... The rest is not decided yet. I'd like to be able to let all trains ride automatically, let the system decided when to stop where. But I'd also like to be able to run by hand and give actions during the automatic fase. First thoughts were to let the ESP32 do everything, but reading more stuff en watching more video's makes me thing the ESP32 should only be the man in the middle handling the sensors and switches and let the laptop and the train software like nControl or RocRail do the controling part. Having it on a screen like that makes also makes it easier to show someone else.
  14. Venderwel

    New (Noob) Arduino Train automation project.

    If any of you @Toastie or @GianCann has an example for me, that would be very nice! ??
  15. Venderwel

    New (Noob) Arduino Train automation project.

    I am going to test the software myself and I wonder if you could give me an example of your sketch. How do you put the sensors and switches in there to work with nControl?