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    Set 40518

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  1. Zombiehunter2_0 Trains

    Set 40518 Duplex Bogie Modifiction

    Thanls for the fact!
  2. Zombiehunter2_0 Trains

    Set 40518 Duplex Bogie Modifiction

  3. Zombiehunter2_0 Trains

    Set 40518 Duplex Bogie Modifiction

    I wanted more small-sized wheels for my narrow gauge engines, and set 40518 had plenty. I got 2 sets like everyone else did, but I wanted to take some wheels without ruining the set. So, I decided to make it had duplex bogies (where one bogie goes on 2 cars at once), like the Fench TGV, or the Dutch Eurostar for example. I used ball joints usually used for trailers, and I think it turned out pretty nice. It's not perfect, especially on the undercarriage, but it's okay for now. (Sorry for bad picture quality I used my computer camera and it sucks) Also forgive me for using road, my narrow gauge track is only 64 studs long This is the whole trainset. This is just the bogie. This is a real life duplex bogie. Tell me your thoughts below.
  4. Zombiehunter2_0 Trains

    [MOC] Pennsylvania T1 #5544 version 4

    This T1 looks better than the T1 built by the T1 Trust themselves!