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  1. NilsvN

    SystemTrains - Union Pacific 4014 Big Boy

    This is actually not that ideas project, my locomotive was built from the ground up :) I could post it on ideas, but am selling the instructions instead because I want anyone to be able to build one for themself. If I were to post it on ideas, I would not be able to share instructions since it is then owned by lego. Would be cool for it to become a set though, but the odds would be slim with the amount of submissions in each review period.
  2. NilsvN

    SystemTrains - Union Pacific 4014 Big Boy

    Thank you so much! That describes it pretty well, no compromises on looks while having all the functionality you could ever want. The Boxpok wheels I'm super excited about, supposedly they are almost ready for production over at HA Bricks. From what they shared on facebook it's going to be awesome once they do!
  3. Hello all, I'm very excited to finally be able to share with you the project I've been working on the past half year. It's a 1:50 scale model of the big boy, with working lights and sound! (yes, another big boy model) Instructions are available, which also includes the PFx Brick configuration file; plug and play! You can build it unmotorized, with 2 or 4 PF L motors, with LEGO PF or PFx Brick, using batteries or 9v. I really tried to include everything and make it as easy and fun as possible You are also able to use a BMR knuckle coupler without needing extra parts, those steps are also included! For more info on the instructions, see here: And if you just want to see (and hear!) it in action, here you go!
  4. NilsvN

    PFX brick Sound with Trains

    @Vilhelm22 Hi Vilhelm, I understand the reasons behind it for sure, I've been following development of the other Fx Bricks products closely :) I'm very stoked for the 9v pickup wheels they announced recently as well. And can't wait to get those P40's in hand!
  5. NilsvN

    PFX brick Sound with Trains

    Looking for this as well. Is there a download of the v.1.50 and v.1.10 files somewhere? It doesn't need to be perfect/finished, just something to tinker with would be nice cc @michaelgale
  6. @Sven J I don't think this was asked yet, or I missed it, how did you get the crank to stay at ~30 degrees? Is the axle glued to the wheel?
  7. Sadly from what I've read on other threads is that the Lego IR probably doesn't work at 12v. It would be nice to have the track continuously powered at 12v to be able to use the Fx motor's full potential. Edit: Just found out the existing PFx brick already supports 12v input. If you input 12v, does that mean the output also gives 12v? Or does it get capped? A 12v to 9v converter cable might still be interesting to people wanting to use a standard Lego IR receiver instead. Especially if you are planning on powering PF motors, with power coming from the upcoming Fx power pickup unit.
  8. The jumper functionality is genius for it being the "dumb" motor. I am wondering though, say you want to connect an IR receiver between the power pickup connection and the motor input connection (common use case). If you want to run the motor with 12v, can the Lego IR handle 12v? Have they tested if it can handle that? Otherwise in that scenario you would be limited to running the motor at 9v. Then the next question would how does the Fx motor (at 9v or 12v) compare to the Lego 9v motor in terms of speed. If they are similar at 9v, then the above might not be much of an issue (but still, would be nice if it worked)
  9. NilsvN

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Yep, let us buy it already tyvm
  10. NilsvN

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    Just placed an order!! waiting for confirm
  11. NilsvN

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    Shit, same here. I will try another browser. This is quite dumb
  12. NilsvN

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    I just did the same, still only the aston martin. What country are you in?