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  1. sed6

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    Thanks @LegoMonorailFan for the quick reply and good info! I'm going to start experimenting with rail and train construction soon. Closer inspection of the girders I asked about (using my laptop instead of phone) reveal them to be some standard girders I can get thru BL. I'll pop back in later with more questions and perhaps some progress updates!
  2. sed6

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    I'm new to monorails and have a couple of questions. What radius will the 19 tile curves make? Do they bend to the same radius as standard lego track? Does each curve make 1/8 of a circle? I see pics of some nice girders holding up the tracks, any plans available for those? They look brick built but the pics aren't good enough for me to tell. Lastly what's CRS stand for? Someone recently suggested I add a second level to my Small layout on a door and I'm thinking a monorail might be just the thing. Thanks all!
  3. sed6

    curves to make a half circle/circle

    Both the above answers are correct. However flex track offers poor traction and its doubtful a train would run around a circle made entirely of flex track. I try to avoid more than 2 pieces of flex track connected together.
  4. sed6

    [LDD] Battlestar Pegasus (MOC recreation)

    Just found this. Fantastic work! Thinking about making it myself. Do you have plans for the stand? Didn't see them in the .lxf file. Thanks!
  5. sed6

    GFLUG at Plant City Train Show 2018

    Agreed! Is the second one dummy or powered?
  6. Check out my train MOC's with LDD files at

  7. That's a good tip and I can imagine some practical applications for it. The ball and pivot are perfect for this sort of thing! That said your example isn't the best because the same effect can be achieved by simply rotating the camera. If the ships were banked in different would better illustrate the benefits of your design.
  8. sed6

    (Work in Progress) EMD F7A in 8-Wide

    Fantastic! It's very rewarding to see ones digital creation come to life. You really nailed this one!
  9. It's really just the switches that need modification (plus the cut in half curve track). My mods pictured about allow for a crossover that maintains the standard 8 stud spacing between the tracks or a constant radius curve on the switch. Just those two additions expand your layout possibilities ten fold, maybe one hundred fold!
  10. Because cutting track is free! Plus I can get exactly the size track I want. Plus I hear the 3D printed stuff doesn't hold up as well as injection molded. And like @dr_spock said, kitbashing is satisfying.
  11. Buy a Zona saw from the hobby store. It's just a thin hobby saw that you can use with the large x-acto handles. Here's a pic of how I did mine.
  12. sed6

    How to Promote Lego Ideas Projects

    Just looked now and there are some easy to apply filters on the home page. You can sort by any number of criteria including staff picks, trending, etc. Its very easy to see what's new, what's old, what's doing well, what isn't, etc.
  13. sed6

    MOC - Brightline Higher-Speed Passenger Train

    Well that's a pretty great reproduction! You stayed quite faithful to the original. If you shorten the bars so they don't poke up so high that will look much better. How about curves, will it negotiate regular curves?
  14. sed6

    LEGO 10027 Train Shed help.

    There are several people selling instructions on BL. Perhaps you could contact one of them and ask them to weigh it for you? As an alternative you could just build it and see what's missing (but I gotta feeling you want to sell this).
  15. sed6

    MOC - Brightline Higher-Speed Passenger Train

    Fantastic work! Since you didn't post a pic of the real thing I have nothing to compare it to, but on it's own I really like it! I think the angle of the side bricks looks good and I agree that the pixelation disappears at a distance (or when running down the track) so no worries there. However I don't love the two big handles on the cab, they look out of proportion and mess up the smooth lines. I would at the very least eliminate the front most handle if not both. You mention needing more large radius curves, will it run on standard curves? I almost forgot, I really like the four headlights too! Are both engines powered or just one?