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  1. sed6

    [MOC] NYC J3A 4-6-4 Hudson - Empire State Express

    I do understand. I had a similar quandary and ultimately decided to share all my designs with anyone interested. I put them all up on Bricksafe. Those designs represent hundreds of hours of work and honesty if someone is interested in building them I'm happy for them to be able to do so. Alternatively if you don't want to share yours with the public you could just share them on an individual basis. I would promise to never share them with anyone nor publish them anywhere :)
  2. sed6

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    Maybe, I haven't looked. But that still leaves me with just one powered wheel...
  3. sed6

    [MOC] NYC J3A 4-6-4 Hudson - Empire State Express

    Agreed! And we'll never know of we don't try. @ProvenceTristram if you're inclined to share your LDD file I'd be happy to have it.
  4. sed6

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    Not silly at all! I did try that. And it did solve the slowing in the corners. The problems with that solution are two; one single tire doesn't provide enough traction to move the whole monorail and, the missing tire means that wheel is now one plate too high causing the car to lean drastically to one side. Any other ideas or solutions are welcome.
  5. sed6

    (MOC) (LDD) Boxcar

    Mine too, thanks! Thanks! Haha. I just placed my 100th BL order! Me too, thanks! Thanks! The roof was my favorite part to design. Glad you like, hope you build a few. If so post some pics.
  6. sed6

    [MOC] NYC J3A 4-6-4 Hudson - Empire State Express

    Ooh, I really like this! I like the streamlined look. You've captured this engine well. The silver and black scheme, that might prove irresistible to me. Any chance you'd share the .xlf file?
  7. sed6

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    Another update. I'm getting ready for a train show the 1st of December. My LUG asked me to display and run it my monorail. I've been running it every evening since, working out the kinks. First the best news, it has traveled over 2.25 miles, 3.6 km since completion. This was over ten test runs totaling just over 6 hours of run time. Knowing this, and believing I have <almost> all the kinks worked out I'm confident about being able to display and run it at the show without trouble. It will be part of our large LUG train display. My monorail will run around a small section of a city. I'll post pics and give another update after the show. With all this running I can say definatively that the slow down in the corners is caused by the dissimilar speeds of the inner and outer wheels. Specifically the rubber tire grips too well and doesn't slip much on the track. With the inner wheel traveling a shorter distance than the outside wheel, the inner wheel is essentially trying to drag the outer wheel thru the curve. If I remove the tires and just run it on the rims, it zips right thru the corners without slowing. It has no real traction though so it can't pull any cars. I may investigate this more in the form of a different traction design. The only major change had been the couplers. The old knob in ball plates I had planned were way too tight and would bind in corners. I use a 2x2 turntable exclusively under all my other trains to attach them to the trucks and they prove to work well on the monorail too. The play in the turntables allows some vertical movement of the cars if going over some bumps. The 1 brick gap between the cars looks good to my eye and fortunately it doesn't bind in the corners. Attaching the couplers takes a little practice but I'm good at it now after lots of practice. I also have a lot of battery data that I could share. I've experimented with 1.2v rechargables, 1.5v disposable alkaline and 3.7v lipo cells. They yield quite a variety of results. Thanks for looking. Comments or questions always welcome .
  8. Hmm...for some reason my IRL entry wasn't counted among the 26 entries. I wonder why not?
  9. Wow! This is pretty fantastic. Love the characters and how you're implemented the whole theme. Your video was top notch! Very well done.
  10. sed6

    (MOC) (LDD) Autorack car carrier

    Thanks! It doesn't open up, so no cars inside.
  11. sed6

    [MOC] Dome Car for 60197

    Very nicely done!
  12. That's a neat design and a creative solution for joining the cars. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Can you share some or pics of your coupling method? I'm looking for alternatives for my monorail. Very nice work btw. I like the double decker.
  14. sed6

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    Here's another update. In the video I show how I've set it up to run on lipo batteries. I also give a look at my coupling system and the rail guides underneath. Plus I got the cabs striped!