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  1. Wow, wow, wow this is so full of awesomeness! Your recolor and changes to the depot look great. Everything looks great.
  2. sed6

    [MOC] Romanian Wagon (CFR)

    Doesn't matter, go with buffers. I try to make my train realistic but I also decided to use only stock trucks and buffers on all my cars. They work great, look great and provide a degree of continuity from one car to the next.
  3. sed6

    [MOC] Romanian Wagon (CFR)

    I pasted your model above to make it easier to look them over. I like your MOC! I like short train cars that are 6 studs wide. Only changes I would make would be make the connecting doors 2-3 plates taller and maybe replace that large under carriage section with some smaller, slightly more detailed touches to better represent the original. But I would totally run that car on as is on my layout!
  4. Thanks! Let me know if you need more pics or help.
  5. sed6

    Christmas Layout 2019

    Super cool! I run LGB under my tree each year and it takes a beating with kids and presents. I don't have the guts to do that with Lego. Good for you!
  6. sed6

    Lego Train Landscape

    Very nice work! I really love the detail some people put into their scenery. My budget and layout size limit what I can do. Your friend makes some nice prints! I won't be buying those 1x1's at $1usd each, but several others piqued my interest. For the record, the last two train bridges I walked, both in the last 12 months, the sleepers stuck out the sides like yours do. Honestly every train bridge I've walked has probably looked similar to yours. Keep up the good work.
  7. Very nice! I grew up in the burbs of west St.Louis, Chesterfield specifically. Been over to Alton many times. You're welcome to copy or modify my semi if you like.
  8. sed6

    Broken 4.5 volt battery box.

    I would repair that by using a short popsicle stick to span the area the contact should be. I could affix a spring or something metal to the popsicle stick to make contact with the battery. Then solder a wire from the new spring to the backside of the tab it should go to. You could solder on that curved portion of the tab without melting the plastic. Good luck!
  9. sed6

    4025, 3709, Stress?

    Agreed. Those turntables have enough play to handle a reasonable grade. That said, some of the popular Lego layouts on YouTube have crazy short inclines that would require lots of play in the trucks.
  10. Wow! I'm flattered that you recolored and built my design. It does look good in red! I agree the LDD instructions are bonkers, but after you crash it off the table and rebuild it a few times it's pretty easy :) You should ask OKBrickworks or one of the members here to print you up some decals for it to complete the look. I sure hope you get lots of good use from it.
  11. sed6

    4025, 3709, Stress?

    I use 2x2 turntables for all my bogies. Cheaper and offers unlimited design flexibility, starting with no need for a technic plate at all.
  12. Looks good, I like the new colors and the sliding doors. A build deadline? Christmas Day no less? Sounds like you're serious about getting this one built!