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  1. I love Tyrannosaurus Rex! That's what drew me to this 3in1 Creator set, my first ever. I picked up two more sets to make it fun. A little background about me, this is my first attempt at custom building of almost any sorts. I'm more of a set builder and then buy another set to compliment it. As such I completed this landscape with a very limited selection of loose bricks to choose from and even had to buy the base plate. I may eventually buy some bricks specifically to improve the landscape and grow and practice my technique. I still have a lot to learn but hope you like!
  2. Classic Town Lego pile comes back to life

    Got a few more done this weekend. The Motorcycle Shop, set 6373 from 1984. Somehow the motorcycle STAMP (sticker) survived in great shape, not even a crease down the center. Unfortunately all the bikes are missing. But all the stickered windows are in great shape too! Also easy to spot are the hulls for the Fire Fighter Ship, set 775 from 1978. I'm missing one center hull, another is cracked, but the bow stern and one center section are in great shape! I didn't have the instructions for most of these so I printed them online. The site I prefer for instructions, including online instructions and downloadable pdf's is toysperiod.
  3. I'm gonna put the display cases on hold, too many other projects. Plus I'm happy with how they look on the bookshelf. The said I pulled them each off and took a well lit pic of the seven scenes holding all thirty three sets. I've got the name plates in place for each and my family and friends think they add a nice touch. Plus they are great reminders for me! That's gonna wrap up my classic space pile. Head on over and check out my next project, my classic town pile!
  4. Classic Town Lego pile comes back to life

    Thanks! I will. Look closely at the Public Works pic, it's there already. I might stick with gray tiles as they blend in well with the gray baseplates and don't scream look at me.
  5. Classic Town Lego pile comes back to life

    Now here's some progress! Five sets all bagged up, waiting on BL parts to finish them up. They include; Police Headquarters, set 588, 1979 Exxon Fuel Pumper, set 554, 1979 Exxon Gas Station, set 6375, 1980 Fire Station, set 6382, 1981 Main Street, set 6390, 1981 They're not shown but I also have the baseplates for all these as well :)
  6. I've just dug out my box of town lego from when I was a kid in the 70's. I suspect I have a dozen or so sets hiding in there. I have several sets of instructions that also survived the last 40 years. The lost instructions and lost bricks I can print online or buy from Bricklink. My plan is to build until they are all gone! First up is the Public Works Center from 1981, set 6383. It was easy to discern in the pile because of the crane bucket and tracks so I started with it. While I'm the main kid playing with these my granddaughters and nephews also get to enjoy them. I started on my town pile right after I finished up my classic space pile. From it I was able to rescue 33 sets! Here's a link if interested. Up next is the Tow Truck from 1980, set 6679. The blue Exxon doors and tow hook made it easy to pick out of the pile. There are several substituted colors in there which I'll replace off BL soon. This next one has me stumped! Steam Shovel with Carrier, set 730 from 1973. I was born in '73, why do I have a Lego set from the year I was born? My father has passed so I can't ask him. I asked my uncle and he's never seen it. Did my dad buy a Lego toy for his newborn son or did he buy it for his then 29 year old self? I may never know...
  7. I want to throw in a pic of my Millennium Falcon. I mentioned in my first post I had just finished building it and the itch to keep building led me down this road. I've just recently got the MF hung up for display. Hope you like!
  8. I'll make the glass boxes 20 or 30 inches long to for 2 or 3 baseplates. I also finished up the signs, 33 in total. It took many hours but I think it was worth the effort.
  9. Here's my plan. Picture a basket ball display case like the one below. The clear plastic cube will be 10 inches on each side, perfect for a base plate. Pretend the base is one of those floating shelf designs you see. They are simple to make and simple to hang. So I'll combine a floating shelf with a 5 sided glass box and stretch it out to 20 or 30 inches long perfect for 2 or 3 baseplates. I want to display 15 base plates, so I'll make 5 cases each 30 or so inches long to hold three baseplates each.
  10. Time to find them all a temporary home. This bookshelf will do for now until I finish up the display cases.
  11. I've made up some small signs for when these get put on display. Just a tile and hinge and my label maker and a sharp knife. They work well on small, medium and large sets alike. Hope you like!
  12. Thanks! Just when I though I was done I found three more! The Radar Truck, set 889 from 1979, Moon Buggy, set 6801 from 1981 and Space Digger, set 6822 from 1981. I wasn't sure I had these until I saw there three packs that were available back in the day. I have all six vehicles and I believe the three on the left I purchased individually and the three on the right i bought as a set.
  13. Alright! Most of my Bricklink order arrived. Time to get to work making each one correct. I also got a backdrop. It's a cheap plastic table cloth that I can cut into smaller pieces for the display cases I'm making. Here's a few glamor shots.
  14. I plan on making some display cases, each to three baseplates. Here I've begun to split the sets and plates up to get an idea of how they'll display best.
  15. Thanks! My granddaughter came over tonight and got to enjoy them with me! I've started on my display cases, but I'll start a new thread for them when the time comes. I'll keep you posted.