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  1. sed6

    Fan stickers for trains

    Very nice! All of you stickers are very nice!
  2. sed6

    Switch modification

    Interesting read so far. I solved this problem on my layout by just removing the yellow throw levers. I don't have any problem flipping the switches without them.
  3. sed6

    [MOC] Simple Tank Car

    Very nice! I appreciate the screenshots of the internals, good design! Personally I like your shorter version because I build short cars for my small layout.
  4. sed6

    Cars for Trains! (6w to 8wide)

    I couldn't agree more, thanks for sharing! That's a fantastic read!
  5. I'm slowly adding structures and other decorative detail to my Small Layout On a Door. My newest creation is a small train depot similar to what you'd find from the late 1800's or early 1900's throughout the US. Depots of this era pulled double duty as both a passenger and baggage stops and many depots shared similar design features. The baggage handling area was usually at one end; often with a ramp or loading dock for the easy loading and unloading of goods onto what would have been horse drawn carriages initially. The other end served the passengers and contained a small waiting area with the ticket office separating it from the baggage area. My depot is restored and repurposed for modern tourist travel. While the building itself has been lovingly restored, the old wooden platform had to be removed and a larger more modern concrete platform poured for convenience and safety. The size of my layout and the density of my track dictates I build small structures. While I built it to fit next to the main line, it also fits a few other places on my layout. I wanted to make the platforms and stairs and ramp very modular. Simple pins allow for easy removal or rearranging of these areas. I've posted the LDD .lxf file on My Bricksafe Page for anyone who wants to review, modify, copy or build it. Hope you like!
  6. sed6

    Unit Coal Train at Brickworld KC 2019

    Looking good! Taking trains and setting up for shows can be exhausting, but totally worth it.
  7. sed6

    [MOC] Vintage passenger car

    Very nice! I really like the doors. Is the vent stack in the middle correct?
  8. sed6

    Coal Gondolas for Unit Train

    Agreed! I love the green bricks and the custom decals. They look great.
  9. Well sir, I do take offense. You're not one of your old technical forums here so your attitude and words needs to reflect the family friendly atmosphere of EB. To address the useful bits of this gentleman's reply; I can certainly provide additional info if others think it would help. I'm running LDD 4.3.11 v2670 on a one year old Dell laptop. Below is a screenshot of my basic system info. I am hoping this is perhaps a known issue or easy fix. Has anyone else seen this problem or have any ideas or suggestions for me? Thanks much!
  10. Recently I've been getting this error. I have a habit of saving my work every 30 minutes or so. Some files I can save 20 or more times with no problems, other files I can only save once or twice before getting this error. My solution is to add a 1 then a 2, etc each time I save it. Sometimes I'll get an error message each time I try to save, other times I can save it 5-6 times in a row before it will again pop up the error message and I'll have to add another number to the file name. Any ideas how I can resolve this issue? Thanks!
  11. Your monorails run so smoothly. They handle the curves and inclines with ease. Very nice work and a great layout!
  12. Thanks, PM sent. And parts ordered! I'll post up pics once it's built.
  13. Thanks! I appreciate everyone's kind words. I have made a couple of changes since my video above. I've added an Interlocking Tower and some trees. A small campsite and a cell phone tower. I also have a small train depot in the works. Google Small Train Depot Images to get an idea of where I'm getting my inspiration from. The depot is going where the first batch of trees is, so you can see it's a small space. It's still a work in progress, I have a few more hours of work in LDD before I'm ready to order parts for it. That's if I like it enough to build it, which I probably will... Thanks for looking!
  14. sed6

    Interlocking Tower or Signal Box

    You are absolutely correct! This building was a bit of a compromise which started with no room for external stairs. Or at least I couldn't come up with a compact enough design that I liked. So the stairs went inside. For those not "in the know" it just looks like an office area downstairs and machines upstairs, perfectly acceptable for what I was going for.