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  1. SD100

    Designing bogies with 3 axes for an E-locomotive

    I'll take pics later, but for an SD40 MOC I've been working on I put the 3rd axle on a pivot, braced by part no. 45590. (, Axle Connector Double - Flexible Rubber&category=[Technic, Connector]#T=C) I have yet to have an issue with truck steering with it. SD
  2. SD100

    Maine Central 470 - "Mascot of Maine"

    That is a sharp looking locomotive right there... Do you have any plans on running it at conventions in the near future? SD
  3. @Ashi Valkoinen Would you be willing to share a breakdown of your mechanism? I've got some of the switches and I've been searching for a way to motorize them, but haven't been able to come up with anything that low profile yet... Thanks, SD
  4. SD100

    Brickville Railroad WIP

    Love those boxcars! Thats a KISS method that really carries through. SD
  5. SD100

    Looking to switch engine/locomotive

    Motor is just a different plug, it'll fit into the same space fine. And you already have the controller from 60197 so you're good. SD
  6. SD100

    Looking to switch engine/locomotive

    You can swap it over to the Powered Up box and motor with almost no modifications. Only thing may be accommodating access to the power button, but that shouldn't be difficult. SD
  7. To be fair, the track is much easier to produce... Also, buying used 9v motors at around $45 where I'm at is probably a cheaper option at this point for power pickup. While running PF motors off a power pickup axle does sound like a great idea, the fact that my club burned up 4 9v motors our last show also demonstrates the challenges presented in trying to bring a similar product to market. If people are going to run the heck out of new motors they have to be able to hold up. People running this stuff under 8w trains was never what LEGO designed it for (And I wasn't). But if I buy a $100 motor from FX and toast it in one show, there is gonna be a lot of buyer remorse. If I toast a bunch of $15 PF motors, I'm gonna feel a lot less bad, lol. That makes me understand the process a lot more. SD
  8. SD100

    Union Pacific FEF-3 #844: The Living Legend

    @AbleChristopher Once this is complete, you gotta let us know if you're gonna be running it at any shows. I'd love to see that thing on a layout. SD
  9. @michaelgale My LUGmates and I are looking forward to a show next weekend with a bunch of new switches and R104s. They look amazing and it's such a huge upgrade from what we had before. Is there any estimated timeline on the larger radius curves? I know you've said the power pickup is probably the next focus, and I'm looking forward to that, but I'll buy up curves like no ones business as well... Thanks! SD
  10. SD100

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    OT but it will pull anything if you take the time to put in roller bearings. SD
  11. SD100

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    That image almost makes me think the designers intended this set as a coach pack for the crocodile, and that kind of explain why they didn't put much into the loco... SD
  12. SD100

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    I'm just really hoping to see Stea... I mean Lords' rebuild of that loco, cause that's something I'd buy off rebrickable... SD
  13. SD100

    9V Trains and More - 3 new locomotives

    ^What he said about the stripes. That starts out as a hard scheme to do in lego but you made it all fit and look great! SD