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  1. SD100

    [moc] Alco/MLW C424 British Columbia Rail

    Having passed the 2454 on the main at track speed, that hits close to home! Awesome build.
  2. SD100

    Powering 2 Horizon Express Trains

    I run the pictured set up above, 2 motors in the lead powercar, I have to have a plate on the first coupler otherwise it would pull away. I also have wires running back to the rear for the marker lights and interior lighting. It's a pain to move the train off the tracks but it looks cool and has plenty of power with that arrangement. SD
  3. My last two bricklink orders have been missing pieces. I've been attempting to resolve the issue with the sellers, but I wanted to know what other people's experiences have been. It seems like a bit too much effort to make any big deal out of 30-40 cents worth of parts but it is still pretty annoying. I hope this isn't a pretty normal thing. sd100
  4. SD100

    Reproducing lego sails

    Hey would it be possible to get a set of those sails in say, the carribbean clipper stripes but the original imperial flagship 3 sail set?
  5. Do you have an estimate as to what an R104 switch is going to cost? I need to make sure I have the proper credit approval for the second mortgage...
  6. SD100

    [MOC] New Haven Ep-6

    It's a nice amount of detail and shaping crammed into a small space. I like it!
  7. SD100

    New England BrickWorks: 3rd party curves and switches

    I'm with Daedalus on his third paragraph there... If you come up with something to show people would like to see it, but Coaster sets a pretty high standard.
  8. SD100

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    That boat isn't a single piece hull, it's two of the last boat hulls back to back... That's a monster ship.
  9. SD100

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Is anyone still able to get a controller to connect with multiple hubs without the app running? My two hubs are up to date as of yesterday but I'm having nothing but trouble with them. After coding @Elphiel's program shown two pages ago, one of the hubs stopped connecting to that device. So now I'm trying to recode it on my cell phone but I was hoping I could still just pair the controller with the two hubs and skip that step. And @Elphiel if you're still out there, what is the reason for the variable in the bottom left corner? The program seems to act the same with or without it. Thanks for the screenshot too, cause I have no idea what I'm doing with this thing. Even with the app working the performance was all over the place. Sometimes the power would step properly and sometimes it just went from 0 to 100 or vice versa. Any ideas? SD
  10. SD100

    Cereal Docks

    Great looking build. Do you have more pics of that engine anywhere?
  11. SD100


    I've motorized the hogwarts express with an L motor, and have been fighting to get DaMangos Flying Scotsman motorized. I think most steam locos will need an XL motor in them if you want them to pull anything. I try and put a boat weight in each loco but I don't think that's even enough half the time.
  12. SD100

    Track Detailing - UK Outline

    I like the attention to detail here. Really adds some depth to a layout.
  13. SD100

    Steam Loco Drivetrain

    I might be over thinking this but i wanted to see if anyone else had any ideas. Normally I'd have a standard steam loco with one driven axle and rely on the siderods to power the other axles, but I'm thinking it might be better to put some gears in to power both the rear and front axles, as there is usually a fair amount of slop in the siderods, and I'm starting to think that slop may be detrimental. Obviously the gears may have some slop too but I'm thinking it will be less. What are your thoughts or solutions? SD
  14. If you use the app you can use two motors and reverse one but i don't know if you can use a controller in that case.