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  1. That would be a cool train to see in real brick. The Obs. car has definitely given me some inspiration. SD
  2. That GT3 running looks pretty impressive, is that running the 1:3? And are you using any type of lubricant? So far my two attempts at just running power through gears have made me simplify everything down to as few gears as possible to prevent friction or stripping, so this just looks crazy to me, but I am working on a 2 motor 4-6-4 so it's also intriguing. Now I gotta hit bricklink and see if I have anything with that differential piece in it, lol. SD
  3. That shark bike is awesome! Great shaping on it. SD
  4. SD100

    Deck separation from hull

    Well if the hull is that screwed up, would it now be feasible to try and detach the hull pieces to see if there is a way to do that? SD
  5. SD100

    RES-Q sets reimagined

    Those are some cool updates, love that boat! SD
  6. SD100

    I’m new here - Hi!

    R104 switches is really not a limit, it's almost a minimum to run trains without derailment. Every Lego train I have goes on the ground if you hit a Lego switch a little too fast. Bricktracks R104 switches have made my layout so pleasant I'd never consider anything else. At a prototypical level I don't know how common double slip switches are in the UK but they're really limited in actual use outside of the major metro areas in the US, and from actual experience, encountering a hand operated double slip switch has cost me enough real life hours with dumb conductors I don't ever want one on my layout, lol. SD
  7. 2 motors total, in the head power car. Rear power car has unpowered bogies. Originally I had one motor in each with a power wire running the full length of the train but that caused a lot of derailments so I put both of them on the lead car. SD
  8. My double HE with two motors in only the lead power car can ascend a 2 plate per track section grade no problem. I don't think I'd be able to stop and get going on it again but it's fine in motion. SD
  9. It's generally discouraged on these forums but as he said on the "Train Tech" forum specifically they are more lenient at least as it applies to non-lego parts. SD
  10. SD100

    drive train/motor mounting

    If you're using a M, L, or XL, figure on a lot of experimentation, trial and error. Ideally you want to have as few gears as possible as they create a lot of friction, and the whole assembly needs to be tight enough to stop them from slipping. The right angle half gears are nice but sometimes you might have to shove a full bionicle gear in instead to take up slack. SD
  11. It'll work fine. You can also use a PF switch to reverse the polarity if you can get a hold of one. I've got this setup in my double Horizon Express and it hauls. SD
  12. SD100

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    But they do, and it's kind of their business model. They put out a new wedge piece every two years lately and then have to find a way to work it into as many sets as they can... If Brick tracks can do what he does, and Bluebrixx can copy what they do, then LEGO ought to be able to blow all of them out of the water with the scale of their economy. They could reproduce anything, cheaper than anyone else could, they just don't. I'm not even interested in exact duplicates of a lot of old sets, but in this era of tech you can't say it would be too expensive for them to do it. SD
  13. SD100

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    At this point in time how is "They don't have the molds" still an argument? They rip out enough new pieces every year it would be awfully simple for them to just CNC a probably "better" duplicate mold. If they honestly don't have CAD models sitting around somewhere it couldn't be simpler to recreate either. There's my opinion... SD
  14. SD100

    Adding weight to Locomotives

    Could even just seal that in there with a plate, unfortunately it looks like it's $20 for 0.7oz where I can find it. A friend of mine almost has me convinced to cast and then epoxy some lead weights, if that turns out alright it could be a viable option. SD
  15. SD100

    Adding weight to Locomotives

    Yea, my two steam engines have horrific traction and I'd like to improve it. I think I may try cutting some steel up into small bars that will fit in a 1 or two brick cavity. The Lego boat weights only give you 1.85oz for all the space they take up so I just want to beat that. Lead would be easy but my kids play with the trains so I'm not sure how comfortable I am with that. I think Tungsten weights would be the most effective. As expensive as they are, I think I'm going to pick some of those up, they sell 3-4oz sets for derby cars, that would be a big improvement in weight without having to fit a 6x2x2 in there somewhere. SD