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  1. ejayb

    Powered Up Shunter "Chunky"

    That's good to hear, I just need to wait for my parts to arrive now :D
  2. ejayb

    Powered Up Shunter "Chunky"

    Thank you. You have no problem with the top gear meshing?
  3. ejayb

    Brickville Railroad WIP

    Do you have an operations plan?
  4. ejayb

    Powered Up Shunter "Chunky"

    Thanks Faph, I'm trying to gear down my Boost motor loco. I'm waiting for parts to arrive but I'm trying out some different configurations in Stud.io. I'm assumed the gears need to be supported from both ends to stop them slipping.
  5. ejayb

    Powered Up Shunter "Chunky"

    I think he is using 12t bevels and only drives the front axle. It looks like you’re using 12t-16t, but only supported on end of the axles? Then I assume another 12t at the bottom?
  6. ejayb

    Powered Up Shunter "Chunky"

    What gearing are you using?
  7. Sorry for the late reply! The reason I asked was because I had trouble with my BR 08 (0-6-0) binding when driving only the rear axle and using side rods. I had better results driving the middle axle but I ended up driving the front and middle axle. This YouTuber managed to fit 88008 motor in there.
  8. PyBricks uses a different PWM frequency which is quieter https://github.com/pybricks/pybricks-micropython/commit/030dd66fc0066290a1ab842fd387d11e8a8a2aac Have you tried creating PyBricks script from scratch?
  9. It runs okay driving just the rear axle and relying on the side rods? I had trouble doing that with my 08
  10. BatteryPoweredBricks, I'm working on my own replacement for Lok24's script. It won't be as advanced, but it has one key feature for me, the ability to set the target speed while the motor is still accelerating. Lok24, did you notice any delay in the speed control when using motor.run? I'm getting a kind of pumping action as I run trains around s bends, as if the PID control is wildly over compensating and then under
  11. ejayb

    The BlueBrixx Thread

    Thanks Polarlicht. I ended up ordering genuine 57878 wheels for all my wagons.
  12. Mine are 14 long, 6 wide and maybe 150g each. My layout has lots of back and forth, slow shunting over R40 an crossover and switches. The cheapest option would be to replace the BB wheels with Lego wheels on the existing ballbearing wheel sets. On the downside they are noisy and I never settled on any detailing to go around them.
  13. As mentioned in the Community BlueBrixxs thread, I’m planning to switch from my ballbearing wheel sets to Lego holders. I decided to order Chinese axles and bearings and BB train wheels and technic bricks after reading the negative opinions regarding Lego’s switch to all-plastic wheel sets. My choice now is between metal axle and all plastic wheel holders. It seems like Moz’s testing shows that the all-plastic design isn’t as bad as originally assumed, particularly with curvy layouts, which is what I run my short wheelbase wagons on. Unfortunately I have no way to source a set locally for testing so I’ll need to order online and it makes sense to order a batch. Is anyone else happy with the all-plastic design? Even better, is anyone running them over a trixbrix triple switch?
  14. ejayb

    The BlueBrixx Thread

    Regarding BBs train wheel sets, I have a similar but almost inverse issue. When I first became interested in Lego Trains and read about the new all plastic wheel sets and how much better ballbearing wheel sets are, I ordered the bearings and axles from AliExpress and the wheels and technic bricks from BB. This week I received a triple switch from TrixBrix that has a small bump, or guide, each side making the inside width slightly narrower than normal straight track. This causes BB wheels to significantly jump up. The first wagon in this video is all Lego, the second has BB wheels on Lego axles in Lego wheel holders I assume this means that the wheels are tricker or the flanges are a different angle? Lego wheels on AliExpress axles work fine. After reading that the newer all-plastic wheelsets actually reduce resistance on R40 curves, I think I will order those. Running my layout involves going back and forth over an R40 crossover and two R40 parallel switches continuously.
  15. Thanks Dtomsen I did see L-gague's instructions, but as they are for brick built ballast, I wondered if their base layer was overkill. I placed an order for 1x2s and 2x2s and I'll see how I get on