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  1. Thanks for the complete review blakbird, it was very instructing ;-)
  2. 27 : 10 31 : 6 35 : 4 34 : 2 28 : 1
  3. Hi, I finally took the time to re-write all the articles present on my website before it went down 6 months ago. I invit you to visit it by clicking on this link Don't hesitate to ask your questions, tell me what you find great/ungreat, which things you would like to see, etc... Many thanks in advance :)
  4. GuiliuG

    Flight using Lego

    I'm fully interested by your equations and demonstrations Blakbird ;-)
  5. GuiliuG

    PF version of FSB 002

    It could interest you : ;-)
  6. GuiliuG

    New-holland excavator

    Thanks Blakbird for your review ! It's very rewarding to read this from you. It's strange than the turret rotation is not as smooth as on my model, and some others people told me that before you. I guess it depends on the parts you use ( some may be a little more thin than others)
  7. GuiliuG

    Mindstorms General Discussion

    I'm waiting my Ev3 education set for one month now... It begins to be long :p
  8. GuiliuG

    New-holland excavator

    Thanks for your feedback namine and your comment hrafn ;-)
  9. GuiliuG

    Help with your MOC

    Just extend the diff with a driving ring extension and another 16t clutch !
  10. You won't have as many times to build ev3 stuffs with your new job ^^ Keep the good work up :)
  11. Ok ,thanks for your answer AussieJimbo, it's quite easy in fact to create his own blocks (was probably tired yesterday :p).
  12. Well, I have just yet installed the ev3 software and begon to learn how it works. I have two questions : -how can I install 'gyroscopic sensor' block in the ev3 software (or other blocks from the educationnal version, or the nxt version)? -how can I create my own blocks ? I have read somewhere on the net that there is a section called 'my blocks' to do that but I can't find it :/ Thanks for your help !
  13. GuiliuG

    Help with your MOC

    Personnally, I don't think that this topic is very usefull. When you are building a MOC and have some troubles creating what you want to get, why not simply post a topic of your creation and explain your problem ?
  14. GuiliuG

    [GBC] Jumper Module

    It seems reliable which isn't an easy task when doing such a 'jumper' module (balls are never ejected with the same force...). I also like how you use the part to create a fake engine as a basket.
  15. Wow, it looks incredibly beautiful knowing you build its shape only with 8258 parts ! And it is also very interessting technically speaking. You did a great job there.