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  1. Unfortunately I'm not be able to come.
  2. Skandinavc FH

    [MOC] Turbo Snail

    Thanks! Yes, that one mighty fit but there just wouldn't be any proper effect of movement because of the lack of rpm. When I build a larger MOC I usually make also few smaller MOCs in between due to instant ideas.
  3. Skandinavc FH

    [MOC] Turbo Snail

    The bucket is just too small for s pull-back motor. Thanks
  4. Maybe it's time to attend this event myself, if there is still room for one mini fig
  5. Skandinavc FH

    [MOC] Turbo Snail

    Hi everyone, After a long break I've decided to post something again. This MOC is very old, at least as old as the movie Turbo. Main reason for this build was the use of the bucket. Than came everything else. I hope you like it ;)
  6. Skandinavc FH

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hello. I also would like to thank you for this APP! But...I have a problem with it. When I want to add controller event and press any button the application just stops and shows the window with '' end task with: e-mail or gmail''. If I press back twice or three times the app is running again and I can see which button I've pressed. But that is it, I can only delete this button or event, there is no position of this button. I've tried to repeat this number of times and even reinstall the app but still, it's always the same. I'm using Samsung Galaxy A5-2016 with Android 7.0, S-brick and 3 in 1 wireless controller Ipega PG-9076. Can you help me out please :)
  7. Skandinavc FH

    [MOC] PF Volvo FH4 10x4 Heavy Tractor Unit

    Hello Francesco, Sorry but I don't have any instructions and that Volvo has already been recycled. Regards,Rok
  8. Skandinavc FH

    [MOC] Mercedes-mini with trailer

    That is one cute little truck with trailer. Great job
  9. Skandinavc FH

    [MOC] Bucket Wheel Excavator ER-1250

    That is realy one mean machine! If it would be in LBG and DBG colour scheme it would be perfect!
  10. Skandinavc FH

    [MOC] Motorized Bus with Instructions

    Very nice, both functionally and visually!
  11. Skandinavc FH

    [WIP] MAN TGS 44.480 8X8

    It looks very realistic! Love the fact that it's made almost entirely out of technic parts. Also love the crane!
  12. Skandinavc FH

    [MOC] Kalmar 180-9

    Functions are a bit too fast but still awesome model !
  13. Skandinavc FH

    [MOC] Micro Spaceships

    I would like to present you my last two spaceships that I've made in micro scale. I've made them about a year ago when there was a space pirate contest here on Eurobricks. Cargo ship was more or less side product when I was building another MOC. Alien ship was built for the contest but afterward I decided not to participate, don't know why. Anyway here're the photos. Enjoy :) Here they are in a more fantasy look ;) Regards
  14. Skandinavc FH

    [MOC] Mini Roadster

    Hehe, I was waiting for this reaction ;) You really looked like a 5 year old looking at it in Ljubljana, too bad I didn't take any picture :D Well, there are some new MOCs still waiting to be photographed. Older MOCs will be posted gradually ;)