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  1. Although I cannot inform you of the unique aspects of Hong Kong crane trucks, I can tell you that crane trucks vary from country to country even with the same crane manufacturer and truck manufacturer. The difference lies in the body builder. The body builder is often a regional company that mounts the crane to the truck chassis with a custom bed. The way in which the crane and bed is mounted to the body, the placement of the outriggers as well as the specific equipment often give the truck a unique regional "look." For example here are two very similar cranes: effer 2655 and effer 2755 both on 5 axle trucks Hope this helps.
  2. I have the same sentiments as @Ron Dayes. I worked very hard to scale Liebherr R956 Excavator to 1:47, but could not be posted in the scale modeling forum since it is smaller than 1:20. The only viable solution in my opinion would be to create a Scale modeling sub-forum for scales below 1:20. Although one might argue that it is best suited for the town forum, the feedback and interaction of topics for small vehicles is minimal to non-existent. From what I have observed, the town forum has narrowed its range of engaging topics to layouts and buildings.
  3. Ingenious and effective! I like how you are able to communicate your message without speaking in your videos.
  4. Effe's MOC Corner

    Wow! Am I correct in saying that you have used 80 wheels in total? How is the steering connected from the rear set of trailers to the front set of trailers? I'm guessing a linkage that is not in the picture.
  5. [MOC] ALP-45DP NJT

    Thank you both! I am certain that the consist will look ridiculously long. I scaled the bilevel car to be about 74 studs over the frame.
  6. [MOC] ALP-45DP NJT

    Thanks very much! I'm glad that my time was worth spent. Got it! Thanks, to my knowledge NJT does not mix mono-level and bilevel cars; however, maybe on special occasions they might.
  7. [MOC] ALP-45DP NJT

    Thanks for the input.
  8. Great model! I enjoy seeing when MOCs use the brick brick part really well. Your model brought back sooo many memories for me, when I visited Amsterdam. The hotel was only a few blocks away which meant that the bells woke me up at night.
  9. [MOC] ALP-45DP NJT

    Thank you both very much! I'm pleased that my effort on the roof was well worth the time. I too I cannot wait to see it in real life. Should I build the bilevel cars or the mono-level cars?
  10. [MOC] ALP-45DP NJT

    Hello Everyone, Over the past few months I've been kinda bored of building trains and worked on some other models, but Octraintober gave me the excuse to build a train I had been wanting to build for a while. During September, I had the opportunity to visit to visit Montreal which I thoroughly enjoyed. After realizing that the Canadian Railway Museum (the best train museum that I've ever visited) was only 40 min away by commuter rail, I decided to make the journey. While waiting for my train, I saw the ALP-45DP on another track. I had seen it before on the internet, but forgot that AMT operated them. The size was definitely the surprising for a passenger locomotive. Compared to the other diesel locomotives in the station, the ALP was at least 30% larger. Once I saw the thread announcing Octraintober, I knew what I had to build. However the paint scheme of AMT had rare colors and difficult paint lines. So I opted for the simpler NJT livery. It is powered by two XL motors with a AAA battery box for each motor. The length over the couplers is approximately 63 studs. I used the technical drawing from the manufacturer in conjunction with Sariel’s model scaler to ensure a proportional model. Unfortunately I forgot to save my edited scale drawing to share, but I believe the scale was around 1:45. The slanted black top was by far the most challenging aspect of the build as I spent about seven hours just on this part. However I am mostly pleased with how the build turned out. If I had more time perhaps I could have bought the parts and built it IRL. I might just bricklink it once I have completed a model of the bombardier bi-level car. I outsourced the renders to westurngate, as I only have a mac (many thanks). I’d love to hear your feedback regarding the design. Thank you for reading! References: Details:
  11. BR05-003

    You're selling yourself short. It may be difficult, but you never know until you give it a go. Try starting digitally and playing around with the curves. I've seen many of your models as well as the techniques that you've used (some of which I would never have though of) and I don't see why you say that you don't have the skill to build such a model. Try it out and have fun with it!
  12. BR05-003

    Looks fantastic! I really like the red ribbing below the cabin. What is the ladder piece on the tender? I've never seen it before.
  13. I'm in the same boat as stefaneris: about 85% finished. Mind you i am building digitally. I know I can Finnish on time, but I think a couple more weeks wouldn't hurt. If given maybe 2-3 more weeks I could have bricklinked it and completed the model IRL.
  14. MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    Fantastic consist! Your improved cabin really makes a striking impression. How many electric motors and battery boxes does each unit have?
  15. Very cute! You captured the picturesque tiny tram look. For the signs above each cabin, you should use this piece instead of this