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  1. [MOC] ALP-45DP NJT

    Thanks very much; glad you like it. The model can actually navigate R40 curves, albeit with serious overhang. If you really want to scale it to 6 wide, the correct length would be 40 studs, which can easily navigate R40s.
  2. Brickheadz MOC's

    The Jerry Seinfeld one really cracked me up! Very funny!
  3. Scania bulk hauler (PF, scale 1:17)

    Looks very nice. The combination of tan, red, and silver work well together. Does the truck have any suspension or pendular axles? Is the hydraulic cylinder on the “front” of the trailer for decoration only?
  4. @grego18f I have experimented with tandems for almost 2 years now and have found a simple fix for the slipping even under the greatest stress. Use part 42003 on either side of the 5x7 frame (with 2l pins)and connect the technic axle holes with axles and 7l beams. The 12 tooth gear should sit inbetween the two beams. There’s an lxf for download if you’d like here:
  5. BuWizz "Train" profile not working

    I encountered a very similar problem a few days ago, but with all of the profiles. When I pressed start nothing happened and the second time an error message popped up. Turns out all I had to do was update my OS on my iPhone 6.
  6. Liebherr LR 11000

    This model really pushes the boundaries of what can be done with lego. I had to watch the video twice! I have a few questions in regard to the tracks. In the video it is obvious that you used custom built track links. How sturdy were these? Did you have any problems with the links breaking under the immense weight? Did you have any problems with the drive sprockets? Were any of the tread links scuffed after driving the model around? I'm also curious to see how you built the turntable.
  7. Looking good! however I am concerned that the front wheels will rub against the wheel arches when you attempt to steer. I would get two of the arch pieces for testing purposes before you purchase all of the parts. I would also take into account that it should also be able to steer when the suspension is compressed as well.
  8. Effe's MOC Corner

    Damn... that's... masterful! I'm most impressed by the wheel arch. Although I must say it does not look like a technic model in any way.
  9. I would opt to add the "glass" 1x2x2 for the sole purpose of structural integrity.
  10. Effe's MOC Corner

    @efferman I really really like your design, but I'm not quite sure that those technic panels will look good with a brick built model, if that's what you're planning. If you do keep the panels, I would put something on the exposed technic hole like a plate 1x1 round, perhaps. I hope you don't forget your TGS project; I'd really like to see how it turns out. Also, would it be possible for you to send me the file for your rear tandem axle that you were going to use on the TGS, as I'd really like to use it on a project I'm working on.
  11. There are a few problems: 1. The availability of functional micro motors. Not to mention the price. 2. Torque would be an issue unless you wanted to modify the switch itself. I even tried gearing down a micromotor, which proved to be useless. With all of the external structure required for the micromotor to be able to connect to the valve you might as well just use the more reliable servo.
  12. @jrx Wow very similar design. I guess it proves that we have one of if not the best design; however, I would swap the 3L pin for one of these and a 2L pin.
  13. Here's my design: Just add the pneumatic valve on the two pins with the switch inside of the connector part on top. Can't say if it's the smallest, but it's been immensely useful for me.
  14. Effe's MOC Corner

    Nope, going to wait until it is finished which will be around New Year's Day hopefully.