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  1. Beck

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Wow! Fantastic progress! I really like your front suspension, simple and robust. Am I correct in saying the truck will have a brick built cab with a technic towing body? Also, I must know where you obtained those metal universal joints, as they would be immensely useful for the truck I am currently building.
  2. Update 6: Finally, some actual progress! Before building the cab I had to fit the air tank and compressor in a 3 stud wide gap between the chassis and respective wheel arch while ensuring that they did not interfere with the "suspension" and servomotors. I also began work on the outriggers and connected the [pneumatic cylinder] rotation mechanism to a single axle. I also tested the 10l gear rack design for the front axle; however, the links between the wheel hubs and gear rack were quite weak.
  3. Beck

    Axle Collection Thread

    @I_Igor Unusual idea, but I would use a 16z gear w/o crossaxle to connect the driveshaft to the differential through the axle above the diff.
  4. Very nice models! I saw a pf wire connected to the dragline excavator while unloading. Is this connected to the power source for unloading? Also, why did you choose a US style trailer for this combo?
  5. Beck

    [WIP] Grapple Truck I6

    Although I do not know exactly how this will look, I'm getting a feeling that this will look kinda weird. I would however fill the gaps between the white panels above the slew ring and the the rear of the crane.
  6. @brickless_kiwi Thanks for the ideas. I specifically designed the axles with gear reduction to lessen the stress on the UV joins (I have broken soooo many). I actually tried a design like yours three years ago just after coming out of a mini-dark age. The major flaw associated with that design is it's nearly impossible to connect the drive and steering without interfering with each other or using a linkage steering system (I've tried it and don't like it). I appreciate your ideas! @Ludo Visser I will look into it. Update 5: Looks like the rack doesn't need much range to achieve maximum lock. (+/- 1 stud)
  7. Interesting idea. Here's what I came up with: Problem: I need the gearrack to be held up, but 1 plate wont work. Besides, my steering mechanism is off-centered because of the driveline, so I wouldn't be able to achieve full right steering lock. It's a neat idea, but unfeasible. I'm going to stick with the bevel gear and washer.
  8. Good idea, but with the 1x1 round tile will protrude too much from the face of the wheel. The brown axles are acceptable.
  9. Thanks! I'm not quite sure what you mean by SSD or double bevel gear. I am very well aware that the bevel gear is not ideal, but it's pretty much the only option in this setup. Thank you very much! In a way they are similar to Dirk's crane, in that they are mechanically extended and pneumatically raised. The key difference being that my outriggers are mounted on a non-specialized carrier, an 10x8 truck, so the outriggers rotate along the axis parallel to the length of the outrigger. You can see the mechanism and explanation on the last photo of Update #3. Already thought of that, only I forgot to include that in the model IRL. Since the halfbeams in front of the 5x7 frame are attached by 1(1/2) pins I was going to cut 3mm tubing to connect the 3L halfbeam to the 1(1/2)pins. I would still need the metal washer for this gap: Yep, I understand. I even considered painting the cap black.
  10. Update 4: I completed the axles and part of the chassis IRL about a month and a half ago. In the mean time I bricklinked the various types of specialty parts required for the cab, outriggers, and crane. I'm especially pleased with the mudguards. You may see that I used the 20 tooth bevel gear on the front axle, but this is because the front steering rack's range movement would be hindered by the regular 20 tooth gear. I will probably add a metal washer on the back of the 20 tooth bevel gear to reduce the likelihood that the gear will bend under high load. Here's a closeup: In LDD, I have reinforced the front outriggers and attached the front cover plate and incorporated the pneumatic pumps. Finally, I have begun work on an outrigger design. It's significantly bulkier than the real crane, but this is lego and I want the model to be 100% remote controlled. Any comments, questions, or concerns are much appreciated. Thanks, Beck
  11. It exists in LDD Extended. You can recolor the part then copy & paste it to your file. I'm very impressed by your ability to use panels without creating clutter in the model.
  12. I would like to live like this; however, as a student it's basically impossible. I think I know what you're getting at here. The fulcrum for the first stage is weak and far away from the center of the turnable. To mitigate this factor, I will use technic beams to connect the fulcrum to the technic holes on the turntable. It's a digital WIP so I'm jumping all around to different parts of the model and sometimes forget to finish the section I am working on.
  13. Well this is embarrassing; especially because I own a 42009. Time to pillage! @I_Igor The problem with building IRL is that the process requires an extremely large collection of system bricks that I simply don't have. Building technic IRL is more practical because there are fewer types of parts and colors than those in system. For me, the easiest method of designing a model team creation is to use LDD and order the necessary parts off of bricklink. That being said, I will begin to order the parts required for my week off between terms.
  14. Like almost all other trucks, they're solid axles. I was referring to TLG's Arocs in my previous response. Update 3: I have completed a sketch of the loading box to get an idea of the overall length and to aid in scaling the length of the 1st stage. I also covered the drive motor with the fuel tank and what appears to be the exhaust filter. Shown in the last photo is my idea for the rotating outrigger. The axle on the top will stay fixed relative to the outrigger, but the lower axle will slide in through the red gear as the outrigger extends. The problem is the range of movement. TLG's longest axle is 32l and the second longest is 12l. I would need an axle with a length of about 16l for the outrigger to be anywhere near effective. A possible solution would be to add a 2nd axle stage, but this increased height would not fit in the outrigger part. Any ideas? I'm considering cutting a 32l axle to length if need be, but I'm a bit hesitant to say the least. Thanks, Beck
  15. What a fantastically unique model! I'm most impressed by the various angles of the connecting axles.