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  1. Beck

    [WIP] Blade Runner Spinner

    Yeah it's quite an oddity. Here are a few more that come to mind: J7W1 Shinden, Vought XF5, and XP-56
  2. I was honestly quite stumped as to why the preferences file could not be found, so I found another route to the file. Right click the application and choose package contents. Then navigate contents > resources > help. Let me know if this works?
  3. I found the preferences file in version 4.3.10 and 4.3.11 of LDD. I'm running Sierra 10.12.6 I would simply reinstall LDD.
  4. Navigate: Library > Application Support > LEGO Company > LEGO Digital Designer. You will see a file called preferences.ini. Open in textedit and add a new line at the top. Write "DeveloperMode=1"
  5. Beck

    Where to get blueprints?

    1. There's literally a website called 2. Manufacturer's website
  6. Beck

    Where to buy?

    A couple of years ago, I purchased 42009 and 42043 online for 30-40% off from walmart or target (I can't remember which). These stores usually mark down the price just before lego retires the product. Personally, I wouldn't take a chance with the aforementioned site ( Not entirely sure if it's a scam, but there's certainly a chance.
  7. Thanks, I spent much time trying to replicate the bogies as well as I could. Thanks! It does have a tram-like appearance to it.
  8. Thanks very much! I have another Japanese narrow-gauge EMU in The works. Thank you, I had hoped to use a 3 wide narrow-gauge since it more accurately models the 1067 mm track; however I could not design a compatible bogie in time. Perhaps I’ll conert it in the near future.
  9. Hello Everyone, Here’s my Octraintober entry: Enoshima Electric Railway 300 seriesThe Story:The project all started when I knew that I was going on my first much awaited trip to Japan. Naturally, I wanted to build a train that I could take on the trip and take a picture with the real train. Out of the three day-trips that we planned, the excursion with the most enchanting train ride was in Kamakura. The Enoshima Electric Railway 300 series train was by far the most unique train that was still in service on the Enoden line in Kamakura. Five days before leaving on the trip, I completed a rough prototype of the Enoshima train in LDD after quickly ordering the parts. While I waited for the parts to arrive, I began working on the technic chassis in order to verify its rigidity. Once I had completed the first prototype IRL, I realized that the roof was simply too tall, and I was forced to remove the curved portion of the roof to decrease the overall height. Left with only a day until I departed for Japan, I hastily filled in the large gaps. Due to the limited time frame and large crowds, I was unable to get a picture with the real train at Kamakura Station, but got a few shots of the train at Hase Station, which is just three stops away on the Enoden line. In fact, Hase Station is one of the primary tourist sites because it is the stop to visit the Great Buddha of Kamakura, which happens to be the second tallest bronze Buddha statue in Japan. I was able to ride the 300 series Enoshima train for the entire Enoden line roundtrip to enjoy the spectacular scenic coastal ride from Kamakura to Fujisawa. Riding the 300 series Enoshima train was a magical experience. The train was preserved and maintained in its original style, giving me the feeling of travelling back in time. When I returned from the trip, I took about a month off from building as school began. In the middle of October, I was able to build again with a fresh mind. I improved the electrical equipment underneath the main deck of the train, added a step below the driver’s door, improved the bogies, and added more detail to the roof. The Build:Before starting this build, I had a couple of goals in mind:1. Build a rigid frame out of technic 2. Must be powered3. Battery box must be placed as low as possible to improve balance.4. Curved cab ends.5. Recessed doors < 1/2 studI was actually able to accomplish all of these, but was most impressed with the technic frame; I may have to start using this technique in other models. For me, the most difficult part of the entire project was researching and trying to find pictures from various angles of the prototype. I was able to take pictures of my own when I saw the real train, but I was unable to take any pictures from the top of the train, so I just did my best to fill in the details. As a resident of the Pacific Northwest of the United States, I could have simply finished my Swiss TRAXX; however, I felt too comfortable with that model and wanted to try something completely different. Ironically, trains from the East coast of the United States [ex: my PRR B1] feel more foreign to me than the European models that I have been building for years. So, the Enoden train was something completely different for me. The Album [including a video] my trip, I was also able to Visit the Kyoto Railway Museum, which I highly recommend for anyone due to the variety of trains and railway equipment.江ノ島鎌倉観光300形電車 Thanks!
  10. Beck

    Effe's MOC Corner

    How about a platform truck?
  11. Beck

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Wow! Fantastic progress! I really like your front suspension, simple and robust. Am I correct in saying the truck will have a brick built cab with a technic towing body? Also, I must know where you obtained those metal universal joints, as they would be immensely useful for the truck I am currently building.
  12. Update 6: Finally, some actual progress! Before building the cab I had to fit the air tank and compressor in a 3 stud wide gap between the chassis and respective wheel arch while ensuring that they did not interfere with the "suspension" and servomotors. I also began work on the outriggers and connected the [pneumatic cylinder] rotation mechanism to a single axle. I also tested the 10l gear rack design for the front axle; however, the links between the wheel hubs and gear rack were quite weak.
  13. Beck

    Axle Collection Thread

    @I_Igor Unusual idea, but I would use a 16z gear w/o crossaxle to connect the driveshaft to the differential through the axle above the diff.