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  1. [MOC] Passenger plane (Jetliner)

    I really like your design, but I your jet is too small to have two wheels on each rear gear leg (somewhat resembles an A320). The only other aspect I don't like is the rear stabilizer because unlike the fuselage, it is completely open. Just looks out of place.
  2. @LvdH having powered functions do not automatically categorize it as a technic model.
  3. I understand the sentiments of reputable scale modelers who do not want smaller, less detailed models in this forum, but I think it is also slightly arrogant and hypocritical to dictate what models cannot exist in this forum. The porches shown above are mostly scaled correctly and therefore by definition are scale models, but do not have the details that most models have. Solution: Create a sub-forum for said smaller scale models result: Both the scale modelers and newcomers would be satisfied. In regard to details: If the exact type of the real life counterpart is apparent to the viewer it should go in scalemodeling, but if not, it should be in the technic and model team. I think there should not be any function requirement. One other Question: Does interior detail matter, of say a cabin of a truck?
  4. [HELP] Buggy Motor Price

    About seven years ago I bought two buggy motors for $25 each, which at the time was still a great deal. To me, your deal seems too good to be true. If you can, I would test to make sure everything works before you hand over the cash.
  5. Looks fantastic! Honestly I think your work on the tender is more impressive than the actual locomotive. Your compact work never ceases to amaze me. I also updated my vectron; I'd appreciate your opinion.
  6. Truthfully, I would just use 2 XL motors. An adder or subtractor are your only practical options if you wanted to mix motors, so I would simply opt for 2 (or 3 if you are very stubborn) XL motors. Besides, 2L and 2XL motors with an adder may add unnecessary complexity to your model. I can think of only a few circumstances when you would need to have more than 2 XLs.
  7. Looking good; however I want to alert you of a possible flaw. I having made a few chassis myself, I can speak from experience that the you are better off using the 12 tooth (not the bevel) gear in almost every circumstance. Believe it or not, the knob gears are very weak because each knob, while large, is held on to the center by a relatively thin piece of plastic.
  8. First of all, this must be the most realistic truck at 1:16 scale. I have a few questions: 1. Can you post pictures of the suspension and drive of the truck as well as the mechanism for the forced steering on the trailer? 2. Why did you choose to make the wheel arches using 3mm tube instead of arch bricks? (genuinely curious) 3. From your pictures, I can see that the frame of the truck is made using technic bricks sandwiched by plates (correct me if I am wrong). How sturdy is this construction? I ask because I am trying to build a truck of my own, but am using two levels of technic bricks separated by 2 plates with technic liftarms holding the frame together. (is one technic brick sufficient?)
  9. [WIP] Fuori Muro Vectron

    Thank you both for the replies. With regard to the wheels, I decided not to use BBB med because the wheel is partially covered from the side, which would restrict the bogie's rotation. I would have to raise the bogie by approximately two to three plates to avoid this problem. Instead, I scaled the height from the bottom part of the wheel that contacts the rail to the bottom of the superstructure. I have used your scaled drawing to rework the loco. BTW, where did you find the lego grid to overlay onto the image? Here's what I have so far: I'm having trouble getting the front part below the windshield right, which needs to be 2 bricks tall. The part below the light needs to be about one plate. The light itself needs to be one brick tall. Yet all of this must be curved as well as slanted while keeping the blue stripe at the same level. I tried to solve the problem to no avail. If you have any advice please comment. I would really appreciate it! I also put the LXF in my bricksafe if you'd like to try to tackle the problem. Thank you for reading!
  10. I assume the sole purpose of this design is to allow the use of the 5.5L axle with stop, since they cannot be fit into the 5x7 frame. I may have to keep this for future replication, ahem, reference.
  11. Beck's MOC Thread

    First of all, thank you all for your replies for my previous model. Well, it's been just over a month since my last town model, so here are three. I started out with the MAN TGS tractor unit, which was a very fun build; however, it felt incomplete without a trailer. So I searched online for a trailer to build and found the 4 axle lowbed. While I was waiting for a BL order to arrive to finish the trailer I started work the the excavator, since I wanted something to haul. Both the MAN TGS and lowbed were scaled by approximation and basic comparisons of lengths. To get the exact shape of the Liebherr excavator correct I decided to use sariel's model scaler for a more accurate model. More Pictures: Reference Images: MAN TGS 4x4 18.480 Kassbohrer LB4E Liebherr R956 Comments and critiques are greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.
  12. Tugger 1, a small harbour tugboat

    Oh man, this is awesome! It looks fantastic. I have tried to build a few boats in LDD but never got the hull right. Do you mind sharing how this hull is made through some more pictures?
  13. Beck's MOC Thread

    Hello everyone, Since I am going to be making more town related vehicles, I decided that I should probably just put them all in one thread. My latest creation is a MAN TGS 8x8 crane. I have a 4x4 tractor with low-loader coming soon Thank you for reading.