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  1. 24: 10 25: 6 11: 4 3: 3 5: 2 2: 1 Great contest!
  2. 1: 10 10: 6 9: 4 17: 3 20: 2 18: 1 Good contest, it was really hard to choose just six entries!
  3. It worked for me. Windows 10, Chrome with adblocker
  4. Dave21

    Test Poll 2

    Works on Chrome on Windows
  5. Great contest! It was very hard to find the top 6... 22: 10 4: 6 3: 4 23: 3 9: 2 29: 1 Dave
  6. I also would like to ask, if someone is willing to send me the pics via pm Thanks in advance Dave
  7. 1: 10 30: 6 9: 4 3: 3 16: 2 5: 1 So many great entries! It was really hard to decide.
  8. My guess: D is Jangbricks, because he always wears his wedding ring. Dave
  9. After a lot of work I'm happy to present you: LEGO Part Manager - Version 1.0 This program helps you managing your currently displayed models and your other "ready to build" parts. It's able to calculate, which of your parts can be used in new builds. Description / How to use it If you start the program for the first time it will show you kind of a login page. There you need to enter your Rebrickable API Key (Go to your profile page, click settings and get your API Key) and User Hash, which you can generate here. After pressing the "Connect" button you can see all your set lists and part lists. All pre-selected lists are used in your normal Rebrickable build calculations. When clicking the "Download selected" button the program starts downloading all the selected items. This may take a while and in the mean time the program does not react fast, because it is busy... (Should change with the next versions.. ). When the download is complete, you can input all your displayed Sets / MOCs on the display tab. Please use the same MOC number as on Rebrickable, otherwise the program can't find the MOC. Take an example from the image and screenshot below... After downloading the sets, it will also show up the names. Now you can go to the build tap, where you can input the Set / MOC you want to build. After pressing "Calculate", it could look like so, then you have all the needed parts in your parts collection. If you are missing some parts, it looks similar to that. The file "NeededParts.csv" could be upload to Rebrickable as a private MOC, in order to see the part images or whatever... Current version: 1.0 - from 18.09.2016 (See change log below) Download program (.exe) here. Take a look into the source code here. You can compile your own version of this program on any operating system (Linux, Mac) since it's written completely in Pascal. Features Imports set lists and part list from your Rebrickable account Build calculations only with unused parts Change the display / set lists always possible Uses the Rebrickable .csv format for further use of the file It's Open Source Limitations / Bugs No name based search, you need to input the correct set / MOC number GUI needs some updates... Works only with the Rebrickable API, no other part sources... Also need to add more comments in the source code Changelog Version 1.0 - 18.09.2016 Initial release I hope that at least a few people are going to use this program and providing ideas for further improvement. Thanks for reading, Dave
  10. I made a few renders from this set: (Big thanks to ImanolBB for the lxf-file ) Click images for higher resolution Dave
  11. Bought yesterday a used 8386 Ferrari F1 Racer with box and instructions for 20€ Dave
  12. The new module by Akiyuki: And his blog post about this module: http://akiyuki.jp/en/works/415 Dave
  13. Dave21

    Grum's Shed

    I really like to read your WIP of the building progress. So I would vote for the 42043 Mercedes Benz Arocs because it is the largest set and therefore we all could enjoy your building process the longest time. Dave
  14. Dave21

    The Ultimate 8043 (modifications)

    Thanks. No, currently it's the same and I'm quite happy with the speed and performance. Dave
  15. Dave21

    The Ultimate 8043 (modifications)

    I finally build this great MOC (click the picture for a higher resoluion): Thanks to Jurgen Krooshoop for these great and free instructions! For better performance while driving around, I upgraded the 2 driving M-Motors with 2 L-Motors. The installation is quite easy, you can replace the M-Motors with L-Motors and skip step 70 till 72. This is how it looks now with the L-Motors: Dave