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  1. Hi you all! This is my new elaborate fake engine inspired by the Ford flathead V8 It features full valve-train again with a central chain-driven camshaft (thanks to the new blue 12 teeth gear) and 16 valves in the signature flathead pattern. Intake valves are gray and exhaust valves are yellow. The crankshaft is quite usual fake engine pieces but the connecting rods are built to be twice as long as usual. The left cylinder head is hinged to show the movement of the pistons and valves. The spark plugs wiring is made with 0.8/1.6 electric whire (non-lego). The huge light blueish gray intake box (between the engine and the carburator+my favourite air filters) is inspired by landspeed racing engines and this video mostly. from my last similar creation is ease to build and tune, valvetrain reliability and esthetic (at least to my eye). It does'nt need any rare piece to build anymore and the valvetrain is now reliable without string or tricky technique. The last flaw of this design that I can't fix is about valve timing. Because of size and lego restrictions I have to use the same cams on the camshaft for both cylinder rows and because of engine configuration it can't be set to do a proper job on both. First I divided the error and had a side with valves a little late and little early on the other side. It annoyed my inner perfectionist and I decided to hinge left side only and set "perfectly" the valve timing on the cylinders that can be seen. (currently working on a configuration where this could not be an issue but that's no V engine) I'll make a digital version and valve timing tuning instructions if there's interest
  2. Thanks everybody! Yeah I did this one too. And I've seen a pretty F1 and a LMP car also. At this scale they are perfect. At first I meant the flex axle to figure some kind of windshield but seeing this as an open cockpit with big air scoop and halo-like protection makes more sense. Yeah... the sidecar and the deltawing are not made with the same set... already bought 2. I fixed the engine giving it a full 3 cylinders middle row. I learnt that this configuration was used in airplane engines like the Napier Lion (1917). It was called broad arrow because of the shape like a downward arrow. Same engine was used for race cars and landspeed records. I also filled some panel gaps at the front. And look at this! There is even a video! Sorry, the black on black mechanism is invisible. I swear it was visible before Youtube compression...
  3. Indeed MOCers are not the main target for TLG. Powered Up app is the best exemple. But that's why I only use ControlZ app. I think taking sets appart for pieces is the roots of Lego, but sadly it's not the way of the majority.
  4. If I understand well the "crankshaft" of the fake engine was the only option at this size, could not be more "realistic"? I like the off-road wheels better but it looks like they don't allow full steering and suspension without rubbing against wheel arches. Do they?
  5. That's cute! I like that you can even build it with C+ hub. Good job making it so compact and sleek!
  6. Hi ! That's my second B-model for the Bugatti Bolide The DeltaWing was an experimental race car from 2011. It was triangular shape with very narrows front wheels, very close together. The idea was to race against endurance prototypes with a car having half the weight, half the drag, half the power and half the fuel. My model is mostly inspired by the latest closed cockpit version, as if Bugatti tried the same concept. Engine is weird, could not make a W8 as half a W16. So I ended with a V6 with a 2 cylinders row added vertically in the middle. Kinda half-radial 8 cylinders The steering was a challenge obviously because of narrow front but also because of the lack of straight gears. I had to improvise a lever-linked mechanism to bring the steering from bottom level to steering wheel level. The lack of friction-less pins doesn't help The body has the signature triangle shape with a cosy cockpit and a massive rear diffuser ( the real car had no wing, under-body downforce only) I'm happy with the way it looks and the global sturdiness. However the playability is bad: no HOG steering, huge steering radius (no diff does'n help), close to no ground clearance.
  7. That's cute and boat's is unusual subject here. Is the mechanism only pendulum?
  8. Yeah, thank you for hosting contests. I joined eurobrick for TC22 and it is geat building challenge which pushes us out of our usual themes, making us better builders!
  9. I have to admit I am not into mixing Lego Technic and RC stuff. However the speed is impressive and the job done with chassis geometry and toughness is great! Have fun driving it flat out!
  10. I had no doubt you'll like it my boxer-loving friend!
  11. "Bravo" to everyone! And thanks for organizing contests. The theme was not in my usual themes of interest but I had a good time building and seeing other creations! Honored to be on the podium, thanks for your votes!
  12. Quickly after the Batcycl release I wanted to build a hot-rod with these wheels and headlights. Triggered by @1980SomethingSpaceGuy's Cafe Racer I bought two batcycle, built one and started playing withe the pieces from the other. I tried for a while to build a motorcycle engine but was not happy with what I did. So I tore appart the batcycle and build a 8 cylindres engine. It was too big to fit at the front of a hot-rod so I made a rear-engine race car. 1960 was an era when rear engine was the way to go in F1, disc brakes also but skinny tires were still there and wings not yet. I kept the headlights from the hot-rod idea because I liked them. The engine has a unusual configuration. the cylindre blocs are offset by 2 studs to allow the pistons to do boxer-things. the front left piston do boxer action with the front right piston. And so on... If you know me you know that the new blue 12 teeth gear chain-compatible is a game changer for the valvetrain lover that I am. I couldn't help giving this engine a pair of overhead camshafts. Two cams per cylindre, dark gray for intake, black for exhaust. The main challenge was the lack of dedicated car pieces for suspension and steering. That's why there are no working suspension, decorative only. And the small number of pieces according to the car scale was a pain also...Because of 2xB model restrictions I had to be creative withe the structure. Some slightly preloaded assemblis may hurt the feelings of sensitive people like Pythagoras or Studio. I used 84% of the pieces (by weight) Features: - 8 Cylindres Boxer engine with basic valvetrain - 2 Chain-driven camshafts with 2 cams per cylindre - Ackermann (kinda) steering with ball-joint links - A cute smile! Ready to Race!
  13. I d'rather like a jury voting than popular voting with undefined voting time at it is now.
  14. Thank you! Yeah, the bugatti bolide is a great set for new pieces! I liked to learn how to use these little panels, they are really useful to avoid big panel gaps Yeah they are uncommon machines and I thought it was a good way to built a motocycle related B model out of a car. Thanks!
  15. Hi ! This is the first time I try to make a B-model and I liked the challenge. I wanted to make a racing sidecar with virtual pivot point steering and a 4 cylinders fake engine in rear position. I was inspired by the LCR 1000cm3 sidecars from Switzerland. Because of the general asymmetry of a sidecar some things look odd. the pilot side has a symmetric fairing, seat and handlebar but the wheels and the engine are offset to the right. The dbg panel on the monkey side represent the fuel tank. compared to a real 1000cm3 it is way too short (or wide) because of pieces limitation but I think it looks pretty and fast!