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  1. Yzalirk

    How to make a mutant?

    Okay, thanks! So how do you recommend making this Rancor different?
  2. Yzalirk

    How to make a mutant?

    Alright, the zombie heads looked decent and the Werewolf looked pretty cool.
  3. It looks good by far but needs to be finished!
  4. Yzalirk

    (SoNE - Freebuild) Bee squad

    It looks pretty good but the back looks too blocky, maybe you could incorporate a stinger design for the back? And if the minifigs had black and yellow suits, it would look better but that doesn't matter too much.
  5. Yzalirk


    I'd say leave them white.
  6. Yzalirk

    BrickArms July 2014: AK Variants

    I love BrickArms stuff! And as a huge fan of the Fallout games, the AK-Apoc will be great for lots of MOCs I plan to make!
  7. Yzalirk

    MOD: Palace Carpets - for all your flooring needs!

    I like how you made the MOC as if it's like a WIP.
  8. Yzalirk

    MOC - The Blue Chain

    If only those chains were blue...
  9. Yzalirk

    [LDD MOC] Mecha

    Those are awesome! I liked the first and third one the most.
  10. Yzalirk

    [Cuusoo] Age of Empires II

    I've never played Age of Empires before but these look awesome. I'll support them.
  11. Yzalirk

    How to make a mutant?

    I actually am considering using the Rancor (http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=11323pb01c01) from a Star Wars set as a "overlord" of some sort, but I'd need to find some minifigs that could look somewhat similar for minions. I was actually considering using some of these (http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?M=lor025) minifigs for the minions of the Rancor but I would like some other opinions as to whether it's a good idea or if there are better ideas. Also, how do I post links yet having what you did?
  12. Yzalirk

    MOC: SSP Swat Team Truck

    It looks pretty good I must say.
  13. Yzalirk

    How to make a mutant?

    Gross. I'm thinking something along the lines of a Super Mutant from Fallout or a Ghoul from Fallout, not feral though. Super Mutant looking like this... Ghoul looking something like this
  14. Yzalirk

    Väsby Centrum!

    Awesome MOC! I like how you made the building with the brick design and the trash can.
  15. Yzalirk

    MOC: Recycling is Green!

    Interesting MOC, good job!
  16. Fantastic MOC and it was a great movie!
  17. Yzalirk

    Ideas for New Action Themes

    I would like to see some Fallout sets, that would be cool! Some Steampunk and other post-apocalyptic sets would be cool too since LEGO has never done anything along those genres before.
  18. Yzalirk

    MOC: Emmet's gothic Supercycle

    I like how you made the back tire, good job.
  19. Yzalirk

    (MOC): Tug

    Looks like a classic LEGO set, nice.
  20. Yzalirk

    MOC: Abandoned Factory

    It could use more detail, such as vegetation growing on the building, making it look destroyed, and a darker and even more industrial color pallet such as dark gray, dark brown, and black. Other than that, not bad.
  21. Yzalirk

    MOC: Costume Shop Modular

    I like how it goes well with the other buildings, nice!
  22. Yzalirk

    Architect or Gardener

    I'd say I'm a combination of both but I seem to be more of a "architect" since when I build, I use use lots references for certain things, like buildings, but I tend to do some stuff freehand but I like to have an idea for what I want my creation to look like when finished.
  23. Yzalirk

    [SoNE free build] "The Aftermath"

    Nice build, the roof looks excellent.
  24. Yzalirk

    [SoNE freebuild] Nar Shaddaa Chase

    Awesome MOC and it's nice to see you incorporated your own special minifig into the build, great job! By the way, I like the guy in the armor too, he looks awesome.
  25. Yzalirk

    [MOC] ISD Chimaera

    Now that is a big build, amazing job!