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  1. Megamech

    [MOC] Vanilla Blue

    Yes, and even to this day, some MOCists, especially Bionicle/CCBS MOCists keep building self-MOCs.
  2. Megamech

    [MOC] Vanilla Blue

    No. A self-MOC means that the creator intended for this MOC to represent himself.
  3. Megamech

    "The better to eat you with!"

    I love the shapes, especially the legs. Good job!
  4. Megamech

    Which is the best CMF Series? Thanks for playing

    Great idea with the polls. The winner will undoubtedly be an older series. Licensed themes are overtaking lego at an unprecedented rate and unfortunately cmf is a victim too. Series 19 follows the trend of diminishing quality of unlicensed cmfs. All I see are some random leftover minifigs from this theme (fox girl-tlm2) or that theme (city-firefighter, biker-peoples pack) thrown into the mix or just simple lazy work(rainbow bear, pizza guy). I really hope unlicensed cmfs will be as good as they once were.
  5. Megamech

    [COMIC] The Monday Deathmatch Tournament

    So many memories, I'm in love with your work.
  6. Megamech

    [moc] Hadrians Wall

    Did you make custom flesh roman soldiers?
  7. I got 8043 for 150 TRY (around 25€) 2 years ago. It was not sealed but parts were still in bags. That was the best deal I've ever had.
  8. Megamech

    Anyone want to talk about the Mars Mission Sets?

    I never got to have any of the sets but I remember the times when I was so fondly browsing the products section and "whoa"ing as would be expected of 10 years-old me. There was also this game where you were jumping over the bricks trying not to hit any, all the while collecting as many crystals as you can. Totally loved that game. 10/10 would play again if anyone can find.
  9. Knee articulation has been quite rare since Exo-Force met its end. The last mech with knee articulation that I remember of is the Sentinel from X-men vs Sentinel set. A shame if you ask me.
  10. Megamech

    REVIEW: 75974 Bastion

    As a fan of both the game and Bastion itself as a character, I didn't think much of this set at first and never truly considered buying it. Well, the review changed my mind and I am preeeetty sure that I will buy it sooner or later.
  11. Megamech

    Opening MISB old sets

    My kink in lego is Exo_Force too. I had faced the same dilemma as you a few years back then when I was in Germany. Bought Iron Condor MISB for 10 euros or so and opened it immediately. Definitely one of the greatest pleasures I have had with lego, coming right after 50 Euro lot containing second hand Fire Vulture, Sentai Fortress, Uplink and Stealth Hunter along with a few other sets that I was unable to figure out even today. If I could get my hands on a MISB Supernova, Golden Guardian, Mobile Defense Tank or Sky Guardian I wouldn't ever consider opening it but the same promise I can not make for other sets unfortunately. Follow your heart. If you have the money to buy one and want to build one, why should you even hesitate ?
  12. Do you really need to make it as light as possible? If it becomes too light then it may have some other problems.
  13. Why not use the half bush with the pneumatic connector?
  14. I highly doubt LEGO would ever consider making a move to shift to Technic from System. System will ever be present.
  15. After stumbling upon Markus Kossman's video on 8275 I started to wonder about other sets designed by him and upon quick search found this page with an old and incomplete list: Is there a newer and more complete list somewhere that I couldn't find? If not, why don't we make one ?