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    I'm just building some stuff from bricks and it's a good place to share knowledge.

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  1. Ctan

    [Buying Help] 42055 or 42082?

    I have them both and I can say that I think 42082 is better in case of playing value. Building experience was similar (building last bag of 42055 was boring becasue you have model finished and just adding some visual stuff). It depend on you, if you like cranes go for it. If you prefer mining stuff just take BWE
  2. Yeah, it would be great to start another contest! Maybe some non-military theme like rescue tanks or rescue aircrafts?
  3. Ctan

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Well, it's very dissapointing. It was the one set I wanted to purchase in this wave. But it's just a toy and TLG did such a dumb move. My funds will go to other stuff than plastic bricks. In my opinion voting with wallet should be more convincing than making a shitstorm on the internet.
  4. It looks pretty interesting, but actually how many parts will be Lego original parts? On most pictures you show custom 3d printed stuff and rarely regular liftarms. So all in all it will be Lego built or Lego inspired case?
  5. Ctan

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

    If balls will fit to the screw because they may not or stuck in larger number. However it look pretty wide.
  6. Hi, I just build something because I got some large technic frames in Medium Azure. Well, 4 buggy motors fit to them very well, so I add a bit of wheels and 2 Buwizz units. So it's really fast. It's build to be undestructible, without falling parts, very tough guy (tested on kids already). So all in all: 4x 5292 Buggy Motor 2x Buwizz 4 boogies susupension Vinyl foil to protect bottom of the vechicle Easy access to recharge ports Openable back hatch It's a nice weather so maybe I'll take some footage how fast it can go. full size pics: https://bricksafe.com/pages/Ctan/azure-kamikaze Vinyl wrap to protect bricks from damage
  7. Ctan

    42107 - Ducati Panigale V4R

    Well, it happened many times in the past with other colors, for example different shades of yellow, lime, even blue can be more blue or less. I think if all same color parts will be produced in same factory it's much easier to check quality of the color. Because its really hard to match color to other factory even using same dye you can get very different saturations. I know a bit paints business and it mostly depend on dye suppliers. Even same looking dye can give you slightly different color. So all in all it's easy to blame TLG for colors but I think they do a really good job. Of course it could be improved for that money you pay for premium toy
  8. Congratulations to winners, and all participants! Looking forward to next contest!
  9. Ctan

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    I think tomorrow we will see what's inside this lime box! Maybe not only new parts for ascethics but also for transmission.. or other useful parts.
  10. Ctan

    Fiat 125p

    Awesome execution of 125p! I love this one Great job, well done.
  11. Thanks , Traction is very ok especially on flat surfaces.
  12. 24 : 10 30 : 6 47 : 4 51 : 3 7 : 2 18 : 1 Lot of great entries! Congratulations for all participants, it was really good time spent
  13. 61. 9398 Baby Car Features: HoG steering (front axle) working V8 engine 2 live axles suspension Chassis digital file (Stud.io), just in case if you like to build Boss Baby car : https://bricksafe.com/files/Ctan/9398-mini/mini-9398-chassis.io Video Discussion topic:
  14. Seriously? Why do you lie? You think that on Lego dedicated forum for afols nobody will see clone brand liftarms and not yet released yellow panels.. Shame...
  15. Ctan

    [TC18] 9398 Baby Car

    Ok, I think it's finished. (I have forgot to replace 12L axle to 10L in fake engine shaft but I noticed it just before posting pics) and bonus with forbidden ballon tires