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    I'm just building some stuff from bricks and it's a good place to share knowledge.

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  1. This videos sometimes can be very informative in case of new sets (but then mute button is your friend)
  2. Get a tripod and try to put model in same place each time when taking pictures. You can mark this place with tiny piece of tape or whatever you like. It helps a lot. Also grey background is pretty good for color balancing (I've tested couple of other colors and this one worked for me)
  3. Hi, sorry for late replies but I really didn't have too much time recently. Thank you! I always wanted to build something like this, so my kid wouldn't scatter all the stuff from bed on the flor. Thank you! :) I have scifi truck in mind from the beggining of the project, because I like space theme. I have used your idea with the flex axle, it work pretty cool! Bed itself did not pull too much because of almost horizontal LA position at the start. But hey, it's only for transporting bricks, it can lift whole bed. I think you have seen them lot of times, but rather not in this context. They are pneumatic hose connectors :) I'm glad you like it, thank you for feedback!
  4. 30. Mars Tracked Dumper Functions: Driving (left and right track with an PF L motor) Dumping (PF L motor) Track tensioners (with yellow hard spring) Moving steering handles Adjustable mirrors Tailgate synchronised when bed is dumping Dimensions: height 17, length 30, width 19 = 9 690 cubic studs Dumping action: Discussion topic:
  5. No worries guys, I did this build mainly for my kid and he's the main audience :) I didn't have too much free time recently due to house renovation and I thought I'll do the pictures earlier. Unfortunately life revisited all my plans. I understand that deadline have passed. Only I can kindly ask if I can enter. If I'll be not allowed that's ok. Nobody will be sad I think. Rules are rules. I don't build stuff to win anything. My only win is to spent time on thinking how to connect all these puzzles to make nice stuff. Just because I like it. Contests are a great opportunity to get motivation and do something in busy adult life. So all in all, if yes it would be nice, if not I won't be sad. Just focus on the building guys! :)
  6. Hi, @Jim I'm asking If I can put my entry to the contest because unfortunately I didn't have enough time to make it on time. Thanks in advance :) I mean this one:
  7. Damn, I think I'm late to the party... I wish I have a bit more time earlier. But all in all I'm pretty satisfied with the build :)
  8. Hi, Contests are a great opportunity to finally build something :) I wanted to make an tracked vechicle so I did. It's mostly done because my kid didn't have such device for transporting stuff aroud his room. It's very tightly packed and rather rigid. For sure I'll do next iteration to make the structure kids proof. Functions: - steering 2x PF L motor (no subtractor, not enough space) - tipping 1x PF L motor, 2 small LA - tracks tensioners dimensions: height 17, length 30, width 19 = 9 690 Soon I'll take better pictures. Please let me know what you think guys! Thanks in advance
  9. Wow. That's an unexpected stuff! I thought it will be covered in dust and forgotten. :) Now it's time for BMW to make real flying hoverbike.
  10. I'm looking forward to the flagship if it's confirmed because d11t is one of my favorite machine :) I already did one dozer (Komatsu D475A) 90% finished but due to lack of time and dark months appears. (4 pneumatic functions with automatic pump, 2 IR channels for driving via subtractor) I'd like to get something similar as a lego set
  11. You can do with bricks anything you like. Really there are no rules of using them. They are abs plastic beams you can connect, glue, cut, bend etc. Most of people use them to build toys. Masses can do whatever they like.
  12. Yup, it resolved a lot of problems. I think I'll keep size similar to official sets I started shaping it a bit, it got 2 speed gearbox with neutral. And it doesn't need any support to stay vertical :)