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    I'm just building some stuff from bricks and it's a good place to share knowledge.

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  1. I'm looking forward to the flagship if it's confirmed because d11t is one of my favorite machine :) I already did one dozer (Komatsu D475A) 90% finished but due to lack of time and dark months appears. (4 pneumatic functions with automatic pump, 2 IR channels for driving via subtractor) I'd like to get something similar as a lego set
  2. You can do with bricks anything you like. Really there are no rules of using them. They are abs plastic beams you can connect, glue, cut, bend etc. Most of people use them to build toys. Masses can do whatever they like.
  3. Yup, it resolved a lot of problems. I think I'll keep size similar to official sets I started shaping it a bit, it got 2 speed gearbox with neutral. And it doesn't need any support to stay vertical :)
  4. I'm very far away from my comfort zone and I like this challenge :) Internal power installed after a lot of fitting, lot of combinations in this tight rubber. Yup, there was lot of the same idea but I like to expand it a bit ;) Class tyre is my choice just because I didn't have any bigger
  5. It won't work in this case because I don't plan rc, but hamster inside tire is very tempting. I'm not sure if he do enough hp (hamster power?) to drive such futuristic stuff. And rules said only 2 wheels - in your creation are total 8 touching the ground. Steering with links is something I was thinking initially and I think it's a good idea :)
  6. Yes, it fit almost perfect, it need side wheels to keep tire in straight line. and here are possibilites of external powering the engine - red or blue axle probably with some rubber bands as tensioners to stick to the tire constantly.
  7. I have not decieded yet, for sure I'll try to use olive green, brown and tan liftarms from my collection because why not :) and here is the bearing (bare axle is mounting point)
  8. Hi, finally I have motivation to start building something, after some long dark months. I've start with bearing mostly made of 3L axles and #4 connectors and lot of wheels. Yes, there will be only 2 main wheels Actually agro tires are big enough to fit a bearing inside.
  9. Yeah, they even didn't care to remove copyrights. We live in World where some countries (especially China) can steal intelectual properties, ideas, technologies etc. without any problems. Who cares? I'm not going to make any instructions in the future. Even I don't like to share the details of builds which are on my shelves. It's very demotivating when somebody without any care can steal your work, your pictures to make profit. Just because you can't react, literally you can do nothing to made them f** off your work. Yes, they can make sales even if instructions are free. This society is sick. I think this way of thinking is very motivating ;) Just leave this sick country alone. Anyway, I have left the instructions for free from now. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-35305/ctan666/rebel-tow-truck/
  10. Well.. It was my first time I did instructions and probably the last one. RIP
  11. I have them both and I can say that I think 42082 is better in case of playing value. Building experience was similar (building last bag of 42055 was boring becasue you have model finished and just adding some visual stuff). It depend on you, if you like cranes go for it. If you prefer mining stuff just take BWE
  12. Yeah, it would be great to start another contest! Maybe some non-military theme like rescue tanks or rescue aircrafts?
  13. Well, it's very dissapointing. It was the one set I wanted to purchase in this wave. But it's just a toy and TLG did such a dumb move. My funds will go to other stuff than plastic bricks. In my opinion voting with wallet should be more convincing than making a shitstorm on the internet.
  14. It looks pretty interesting, but actually how many parts will be Lego original parts? On most pictures you show custom 3d printed stuff and rarely regular liftarms. So all in all it will be Lego built or Lego inspired case?
  15. If balls will fit to the screw because they may not or stuck in larger number. However it look pretty wide.