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    I'm just building some stuff from bricks and it's a good place to share knowledge.

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  1. Hi, my son is playing pullback cars for some time and when he's bored I'm trying to rebuild something to get more fun for him and also challenge myself. Here's 42072 B model done using only parts from the box (including extra parts). It's pretty fun to play with this sets due to very limited parts. Here's .io file (Stud.io from Bricklink) http://fantasygames.com.pl/lego/42072-model-B-ctan.io 12787C01 LEGO Pullback Motor 6 x 5 x 3 - it's made out of bicks because there is no 3d model. And here in real life together with A model:
  2. Thank you! Yes, it will be a bit smaller... but still huge. Hull is comparable to 42082 chassis. Length is 45 studs and width is 30 studs. Currently it's very tight packed and also very durable. I like how it evolved. Only thing can be improved now is bracing of turret rotation gears. I have dissasembled back part of the turret because it was only an empty shell. Shooting mechanism will remain the same. Next task is to design and fit new tracks carts. I hope to have more time next months to make it live. View from the top: Bottom: Red cylinder is substitute of airtank for compressor (inside is an custom made air container). I plan to use 4 large pneumatic cylinders so it may be useful. With turret: And control unit If you have any suggestions just let me know :)
  3. Update After some time I have to start from the beginning. Previous take was not bad but too large and hard to reinforce to be stiff enough. With gathered knowlege from fail I start building main body with all necessary stuff. It's not physically built yet but very soon I'll know where it need to be reinforced. Boogies will be smaller because drive motors were moved to main body. Red axles - forward / backward Yellow axle - left / right Blue - turret function Green - turret function White - turret rotation Tracks will be extending using pneumatics and autovalve probably because it will be single function. Large LA's will bring too many problems (especially size expansion) so I left with pneumatics.
  4. Almost finished turret, it need a couple of things to do but everything is working. Dog is for scale. I add two "Technic Competition Cannons" under openable left and right wings of rear turret. They will be openable by manual knob and shooting will be triggered by a buttons. Now I have to redesign tracks and partial body to fit turret scale... But all main mechanisms are working so it's matter of time now to complete this huge tank.
  5. Yes... MOCs are problematic on almost every step But it's very rewarding when you solve all the problems and all stuff work as you like! Here I've got finished shooting mechanism and front part of turret. Finally done after a couple of rebuilds. Working as I like. Now it will be a challenge to fit it on turntable. Openable hatch is for my son, he love to see what's inside :) (Something went wrong with the picture) View from the bottom. Firstly mounting point was in the middle but it generate lot of problems and I moved it on the back finally.
  6. I like its size and compactness, it's looking awesome! I have to build it and test somewhere. Do you think there are all available blue bricks to replace white ones?
  7. I saw your tank, pretty cool stuff! If you build it in bigger scale you'll have more space for more functions :) Firstly I didn't think that it will grow to this unexpected size... I decieded to leave barrels extension function because it will be too complicated and turret can't be bigger as is now. Also in turret will be no motors and battery, all power will came from the hull. Ammo clips also will be changed to gravity feed because of rubber band problem (it generate too much friction on first two shoots). Small one is too short, bigger one is too long to work properly. Best option could be conveyor belt but there is no space for such complex creation. So barrel elevation and shooting will go trough 2 shafts in turntable. I've counted motors I need to put there 4x L tracks 1x M barrel elevation 1x M turret rotation 1x M fake engine 1x L shooting 1x XL outriggers and legs elevation and rest of stuff 2x LiPo battery 2x Sbrick
  8. Ctan

    [MOD] 41999

    Thanks! I'm glad that you like it! My goal was to make it as comic style turbo muscle car. I'm currently working on chassis with 2 buggy motors, probably 3 Sbicks (1 per buggy motor and 1 for servo, lights, winch etc.), same 3S LiPo battery, metal u-joints and cooling system to it because battery can easily can suppyly this little monsters. I hope to take more slow-motion footage when finished
  9. First tests of lifting mechanism, outrigger will be slowed down for sure to match LA speed and lifting height. It also need limiters of lifting but it will be added for sure. Here are a couple of pictures what I have now. Westie for scale :) Also I'm working on double spring shooting mechanism - especially on Its size to fit in turret. Red pin is a part of ammo clip.
  10. Ctan

    [MOD] 41999

    Naaah, tires was washed in relatively clean pool. Later it dried on my car hood. I don't wash it, it's offroader so it dont have to be clean. I like it dirty
  11. I was thinking about something like this. I just realised that slope isn't 45 degree and it doesn't look esthetic...
  12. Ctan

    [MOD] 41999

    Yes, they are "1.9 inch Super Swamper". This tires perform pretty well on swamps as you can see :)
  13. You can build 3x3L octagon using liftarms and tiny slopes. It's still not round but close enough I think.
  14. Ctan

    [MOD] 41999

    None of them.
  15. Hi, maybe not a new model, but check out my version. I have today a bit ot time to make a short movie :) Please let me know what you think!