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Found 4 results

  1. Back in 1994, Bullfrog Productions created the video game Theme Park. Since 2016 I have been working on recreating the game... using LEGO. It has now been 6 years, and I am not yet done, so what is taking so long? Well. I want the visitors to try out the rides when possible - not just stay inside of a single ride. Rather than continuing posting a new thread for each module, I will use this thread for all the content regarding this project. This first post will contain an index of presentations, and will be updated as new rides and other content is finished. Presentations of Rides Bouncy Castle in separate topic Plane Flyer in separate topic Merry-Go-Round in post #5 Observation Tower in post #5 Big Wheel in post #5 Space Shuttle in separate topic Haunted House in post #7 Parasol Chairs in post #7 Roller Coaster in separate topic Shops Mr Walley Ices in separate topic Duck Shoot in separate topic Big Time Fries in post #5 Coconut Shy in post #5 Coffee Shop in post #5 Pokey Cola in post #5 Race Track in post #9 Balloon World in post #13 Saloon in post #16 Features All, but the Fountain in this post: Outhouse Boggy Crapper Super Toilet Apple Tree Birch Tree Castle Wall Lake Lamps Oak Tree Orange Tree Palm Tree Private Hedge Rose Bush Spooky Tree Tree Stump Fence Tropical Bush Weeping Tree White Fence Fountain in separate topic
  2. Allow me to finally introduce a project that has been a source of many sleepless nights, frighteningly advanced hair loss, and multiple failures since 2016: Moving Minifig Machine Like GBC, "MMM" consists of modules. The module in this thread is a Mindstorms-powered fun fair ride where the minifigs move in, jump, and then leave. See the short introduction here: The idea was born at a LEGO event. The audience always loves GBC, but most builders prefer to build city layouts. MMM is an attempt at combining the movement from GBC with minifig-scaled buildings. Modules are based on raised base plates. This allows for the conveyors and mechanical components (such as a Mindstorms NXT as seen in this module). The front wall allows the builder to showcase the name of the module. It can also be left blank as seen in the adjacent modules, or you can tape printouts onto them with some interesting information of the modules. See building instructions for standard modules here: The design of this module is based on the classic game Theme Park by Bullfrog which was released in 1994. The "graphics" of the modules I have built are form the 1995 port to the Playstation. This screenshot is from the DOS version: You can see a very fancy version of the in-game model in the cut scene at 8:17 of this video: The module uses a single L-motor for the two tracks. It uses a mechanical "diode" to make the outer track go in a single direction, while the other can change direction. I show it in detail in this update: An NXT motor is used to raise and lower the jumping pillow, while the walls move in and out. Finally, an M-motor is hidden in the "pillow" to move the tracks on it that connect with the outer track at an angle which allows for entry and exit that works fairly reliably. You can see me testing it in this video: I have tried a variety of designs for the pillow which would allow it to be built in red. Designs include rolling cylinders and free-spinning wheels. All of these attempts failed horribly, and I decided on compromising with a gray pillow. I know it is not much, but I hope that you can see the idea behind this. The project might fail - it has done so many times - but I also think it has potential. I have more modules planned and hope that you will enjoy the presentation of them. And if you think that I'm exaggerating when I say 2016, I must begrudgingly say that it is true. Here is an unlisted video of the layout as it were in 2016. The modules have since then been redesigned:
  3. I am working on building the classic video game Theme Park in LEGO using a lot of NXT's, conveyor belts to get minifigs to walk around and try out the rides. You can read more about the standard I am using here: I have Discovered that the ride, that I have Endevoured into here, is the most Challenging Enterprise of Columbian proportions: Space Shuttle. Should I fail, then I'm sure this will sink like Atlantis. There is not much info online about this, but you can see the Wiki entry here: The LEGO model is full of smaller challenges that all have to be solved. The current state of this model is not pretty: It is very much a work in progress! But let's dive into the challenges. Challenge 1: The Outer Track The first is to get visitors into the ride, and leave it again. The track has the following deviation in order to allow visitors get in and out: The wheel helps push the track down in order to avoid the issue seen with the Bouncy Castle in this video: The two rides in that video use the following mechanism to allow a single motor to make the figures either pass by, enter or exit the ride: For the new module, I am using a much simpler mechanism, which is "stolen" form the original 8094 LEGO Technic Control Center. If this new drive turns out to be a success, then I will try to update the old modules similarly. Challenge 2: Getting Figures into the Space Shuttle I have been working on 4 different approaches for getting people into the space shuttle: - From the front by having the cockpit tilt up. - From the back by having that section lift similarly - From the side using a door like in a bus - From the side by lifting the whole wing. In the current version I have gone with the full-wing lift. I am not sure if this was a vise choice, since it has turned out to be quite a challenge. It would, however, be super cool if I got it to work. Here are the details: The track splits up underneath the space shuttle. This section is able to lower in order to allow the shuttle to move back and forth. It lifts to a bit higher than level: When lifted, it grabs onto the shuttle in order to keep it in place: From the inside of the shuttle, the tracks fit into some slots. There is space for 3 minifigs in the ride: The idea is that by running the tracks, 3 figures should be pushed toward the wall, which fills the ride. Unfortunately, testing shows that the figures prefer to place themselves like this: The figure outside simply does not have enough traction to push the others to the sides. This is a problem that I have not yet solved properly. Challenge 3: The Door Mechanism Originally I wanted to push the wing up directly. However. A lot of distance had to be cleared for this approach, so I changed to a separate lifting arm to push the door up. This mechanism looked like this, and had an arm dangling next to the cockpit of the shuttle: That mechanism was fairly unreliable, as it pushed the shuttle too much. So I went with another approach: Adding the lifting mechanism to the shuttle itself, instead of outside. The suspension arms of the shuttle now look like this: By turning the white clutch wheel, the door opens up: Now the challenge for me is to drive the clutch wheel, but that should be possible from the big arm of the ride that holds the shuttle, which leaves the largest challenge: Challenge 4: The Big Rotating Arm The crazy part of this ride is that it goes upside down in the video game. I want to recreate that in LEGO. This will require a very strong mechanism. I think that a counterweight might be necessary, but let's wait with this challenge until the other ones get solved. I will keep you updated with progress in this thread, and feel free to come with ideas and input.
  4. While it is true that the Mokolei don't celebrate Merrynight, a national holiday does exist that just so happens to fall on Merrynight Eve. The festivities of Riq'ya, for which there exists no translation commemorate the birth of the first Mokolei Emperor, Jawed I. It is believed that the royal family is descended of the great dragons of old and as such many in the Empire revere them as gods amongst men. Riq'ya is regarded as the day when the fortunes of men for the coming year are decided and when the Emperor may forgive sinners. In some satrapies it is also a day when prayers are arranged for ones deceased ancestors. Riq'ya is widely regarded as the single most important day in the Mokolei calendar and involves many festivals and street parades following the prayers that are meant to herald the new year. The parades often involves the use of dragon costumes and fire, both of which are symbolic of the Emperor, his family and Imperial power. Having resolved the tense situation in Tazelft and having regrouped with the rest of the expedition it was finally time to set off, but before they departed it was decided that Captain Fernsby and Lieutenant Williams should head back in to town to purchase supplies (alcohol) for the officers. Little did they know however, today was the holy day of Riq'ya, a day of major festivals in the Mokolei Empire and so it wasn't long before they found themselves sipping on an ice cold beverage atop a quaint cafe, observing the festivities below. Fernsby: That costume, have you ever seen anything like it before? Williams: No sir, it looks completely alien to me. Do you know what it is. Fernsby: Absolutely no idea, but it would seem that these people worship the creature as some sort of deity, perhaps it is some sort of god. Williams: Perhaps, if so at least it possesses a certain aesthetic quality that the gods of the faith are sorely lacking. Fernsby: Indeed. Lieutenant do you see those performers down there. Williams: Aye sir. Fernsby: What is that man standing on. Williams: They would appear to be sticks. Fernsby: What purpose do you think they serve? Williams: I suppose it is to make him look taller, these people are incredibly short you know As both men chuckled they were approached by a local man, he was well dressed and clearly wealthy. Kumar: Greetings gentlemen, my name is Kumar Ali and I come to you on behalf of his majesty the Satrap Darius. His majesty requests your presence at his palace tonight, do you accept his request? The two officers glanced at each other. Fernsby: We will graciously accept his majesty's invitation, what time must we be there? Kumar: You needn't worry about that Captain Fernsby, a rickshaw will be sent for you when the time is right. Fernsby: How will you know where to find us? Kumar: Trust me Captain we will know, not a thing goes on in his majesty's territory without his knowledge. Good day gentlemen Nobody else stopped going about their business however, here a chef prepares a delicious feast for those that can afford it. _________________________ Thank you for viewing my entry to @Drunknok minichallenge, I would just like to apologise to Drunknok for the late entry, I hope it was somewhat worth it. To be truthful I wasn't going to build an entry due to time restraints but then I saw that the deadline was extended and thought that I may be able to get one out and I did, albeit almost two days late.