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  1. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Ball Batch Module

    Thanks! It was partly inspired by vending machines and a old clock :)
  2. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Ball Batch Module

    ^ That is a great idea! Did not think of using the motor to lift a heavy weight for something like that, maybe could start with a clockwork module so you don't need to worry about waiting for 13 balls?
  3. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Ball Batch Module

    You could also just set the weight to trigger at 12 balls to account for any differences between real and "fake" balls. Thanks! Your idea of having the motor turn of while it is waiting is a great idea! I think it could be quite challenging, it might be necessary to have a more complicated mechanism, maybe having the last ball roll off into another part of the mechanism to give it more leverage of the electric switch the motor is attached to?
  4. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Ball Batch Module

    Yes, the weight can easily be adjusted. I added some 2x2 round plates to the back of the module for this very purpose. The module can also run faster, as I was running it on only 5V as my rechargeable batteries finally died.
  5. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Ball Batch Module

    Thanks! Thanks! The purpose of that is basically a clutch. The one 8t gear in the side that the power is coming from is attached to a friction pin. I made it this way instead of using a "normal" clutch or one of the 24t clutch gears because this way it completely releases pressure for a short amount of time. It is normally not really used, but it stops the module from jamming which occasionally can happen with the 12t gears that mesh with the start of the banana gears. This only happens when it is running at really low speeds. Would still be cool to see your module if it is working :)
  6. This great ball contraption module uses I mechanism that holds the balls until there are 13 in it, then the mechanism gets triggered and it started lifting the balls and dumps them into the next module. It is quite a complex mechanism, it works well, as long as it runs at the same speed you set it up for. As far as reliability, it is quite reliable when it is set up to get triggered by 13 balls, and even more reliable when you are ok with 12 or 13. (if you have not guessed by now, this was built for the Great Ball Pit challenge to build a module that only outputs 13 balls at a time) I don't know how log it can run, I have ran it for about 45 minutes and it has not had any problems, but I would not be surprised if it stopped working after a few hours. Hope you like it, there are more photos on flickr here.
  7. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Engine Block Conveyor Module

    Hahaha, yes, I think that most technic builders have a few too many of them. I came up with this after seeing this car by R. Beckett (I think it was for a contest here a few years ago)
  8. This lego GBC module uses a conveyor built out of technic engine block pieces to lift the balls. It is powered by a lego XL motor and fully meets the GBC standard, infarct it can actually run reliably at almost twice the required speed for the great ball contraption standard, although it runs more reliably at slower speeds. I originally made this module after chatting with some friends about how we all have so many of the engine block pieces that we almost never use any. This is basically a product of trying to use theme in some way. If you would like to build it I have the free instructions and 3D file on Rebrickable, created in BrickLink Studio. If you have any trouble feel free to contact me and I would be glad to help, hope you like the module! :) Photos on Flickr. Don't know what is happening with the Flickr and YouTube links but they are not working, here is the youtube video. Lets see if this works..... YES! Not sure what was happening before.
  9. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Lifting Sprocket Module

    Thanks! This one was accidental, I came up with it when I was trying to make a turntable out of the sprocket pieces.
  10. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Lifting Sprocket Module

    Yes, it is very smooth. I think it might be hard to attach a motor to it though...
  11. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Lifting Sprocket Module

    Thanks! Thank you! You can also flip them the other way and put 6 basketballs in the middle to make a turntable.
  12. Finally finished another one ;) This lego GBC module uses a large Lego technic sprocket on it's side to and lift the balls. It is a reliable module and meets the standard, it can hold over 30 balls in the input bin and runs just over 1 ball per second. The mechanism runs a lot smoother in real life then it look in the video, it also runs a bit better slightly slower. You may notice in the video that sometimes it doesn't pick up the full 6 balls. This could be fixed by changing the agitator design or running it a bit slower so that the balls have more time to roll into the sprocket I did not change the design because it is very reliable like this and still meets the standard. Rebrickable. Flickr.
  13. sawyer klegr

    Rietveld Schröder Modular

    Nice! Love the wall built out of the 1x1 plates, it looks so good and I imagine it was hard to build.
  14. sawyer klegr

    EV3 block orientation .

    Yes, I don't mind doing that, quite often I run PF motors on low speeds so that I can save on gears.
  15. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Mindstorms Robot Arm

    That looks like a great design! It looks like it will be very reliable/accurate.You seem to have been able to get the mechanism quite small by using mindstorms instead of PF. I think that green 40t gears would be very interesting for building other non GBC MOCs like trees, Might have to get some ;) We are also not allowed out much here, only to go for walks/runs and to get food. Hopefully will not last to long.