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  1. sawyer klegr

    [GBC] Turntable Cup to Cup 2.0

    Good way to use the net pieces, have never thought of using them like that before.
  2. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Dual Forks Module

    Thanks! I would recommend using the file as it has all the correct parts, the LDD file has some different parts as LDD is out of date.
  3. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Dual Forks Module

    Thanks! I am glad you like it.
  4. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Dual Forks Module

    Thanks! If I was to make it again I think that I would have made it a extra 16 studs longer.
  5. This lego great ball contraption module uses a set of "forks" attached to technic lift arms to lit the GBC balls to the next module. The lift arms have to lift when they can't turn any farther. The mechanism is very reliable, but it can't be running to slow. The mechanism that loads the forks looks weird, but it does work well. I had a hard time getting the design right but it works well now. If you want the LDD or file you can get them here.
  6. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Rotating Cup Module

    Thanks :)
  7. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Rotating Cup Module

    So sorry, I guess they did not upload properly. They should be there now, if they are not then they are on Rebrickable here. Sorry that it did not work the first time. (thanks for telling me that they were not there :)
  8. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Rotating Cup Module

    Thanks! That could look very cool, especially if I hid some of the mechanism. I don’t normally build themed modules because they use so many more pieces than no themed ones, but I might try this one.
  9. sawyer klegr

    GBC General Discussion

    Great way to make that with the technic pieces, I have wanted to make a ramp like that but not "waste" tiles on it, I think I will try to make with technic pieces like yours.
  10. This Lego great ball contraption module uses mechanism with the transparent food covering type pieces (I have no idea what they are actually called) It is a reliable module, even though it looks like it is flexing a lot in the video. The tightness of the mechanism that holds the balls is able to be adjusted very easily to make sure that they pick up the balls each time. I have (as you can see) finally got some proper GBC balls to run my modules with. This module can hold one layer of them in the input bin before they get stuck, I would guess that that is about 30 - 35 balls. Like most of my recent modules it is compatible with my power sharing standard. The LDD file is on bricksafe here.
  11. sawyer klegr

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Yes, I made two versions of it but they were not that reliable. Version 2. Version 1. (sorry for the horrible video quality)
  12. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Cardan Gear Module

    It almost feels like they make it hard to use so that they don't get as many orders through it.
  13. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Cardan Gear Module

    Yes, I got them from their bricks and pieces, I had to order them over the phone because their website checkout was not working. Their website could definitely use some work in some areas.
  14. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Cardan Gear Module

    Finally orderd some proper GBC balls (as long as the order went through properly, their website has been working about as well as my work in progress GBC modules for these last few days) it is meant to take 5 to 8 business days for them to show up so hopefully in time for my next video.
  15. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Offset Gears Module

    Thanks! It is quite simple when you realize how it works.