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  1. Wow. Just, wow. Nobody deserves respect. It isn't automatic and it isn't a right. They have to earn it. Throwing hissy fits is not fit behaviour for a moderator. Clearly you take all this far too seriously and should probably hand over the task to someone else with a level head on their shoulders. You've become power crazed and suck the enjoyment out of forums. And no, I won't take it to private discussion because it needs to be said publicly. You're a killjoy. And I for one am sick of that.
  2. Jargo

    Ninjago 2014

    Oh yeah I wasn't suggesting the actual set would be a huge mech, I was just saying what it sounded like to me with a name like Destructoid. I mean, Destructoid could simply be another character.
  3. Jargo

    Ninjago 2014

    Hmmm, Destructoid sounds more like some sort of massive machine or mech. Like a meatier version of Exo-Force's 7707: Striking Venom or 7713: Bridge Walker. Multiple gunner Nindroids and a command position for the OverBorg. I can see why Lego wouldn't reveal the big set. If it ties into the Season finale. If I were Lego I'd keep the reveal of it until the Toyfairs in the new year.
  4. Jargo

    [WIP] Tintin Minifigures

    Ah, Tintin. I used to have most of the books but lost them in a house move. Currently re-buying them. Destination Moon is my all time favourite story. Love the rocket and spacesuits. No idea how those could be translated into minifigure form. I have two different vinyl statuettes of Tintin and Snowy in spacesuits. Very cool. Bianca Castafiore would be an essential character. Haddock's nemesis. Again, tough to pull off but I imagine the challenge would make doing it worthwhile. If I was doing these I would add Chang Chong-Chen and Abdullah. General Alcazar and Piotr Skut the pilot. Mik Kanrokitoff from Flight 714 and Jolyon Wagg.
  5. Jargo

    Fake CMF Series

    Ok, so I don't condone what these companies do. I do wish Lego would do torso designs in variant colours though. I really like the brown overalls and orange classic space logo jacket ones. Some of the other ones definitely look like dog doodoo though. It does show that counterfeiters are getting better able to duplicate stuff though. Clearly those torsos have been stamped judging by the pattern in the grey stripes of the criminal. Some of the small detailing is very sharp. It's obvious the minifigures aren't Lego but they're getting closer to replicating exact copies. The plastic used will always give them away though. Nasty brittle stuff with the wrong opacity and colour saturation. That and the lack of a Lego logo. And rubbish clutch. And wonky mouldings. I sometimes think that tolerating a certain amount of bootlegging might actually work in Lego's favour. Make consumers appreciate the quality of genuine products more. And as long as there are consumers who are poor, there will always be a market for such cheap and nasty bootleg products. And therefore producers of it.
  6. Those Squirrelanoids are pretty scary looking. There again, Wingnut looks pretty grisly. Newtralizer, Slash and Tiger Claw stand out as possibles for becoming minifigures. A simplified Baxter Fly would work. Casey Jones would be an obvious yes. Mutagen man would look great but I imagine he'd be quite difficult to produce as a minifigure. Sir Malachi would be doable but I doubt he's interesting enough to be included in a set. Rat King is a possible. Leatherhead is one I hope for but i think Slash and Newtralizer are more likely. Being honest, it's the mutants that make the show captivating. The weirder ones especially. If i was a kid those are the ones I'd want instead of dull Foot or endless Krang. Characters like Snakeweed are visually brilliant but Lego being Lego it's the safer options that will make it through. The ones that require fewer new moulds. And with Playmates having the action figure license Lego are limited in what they can do. Which is a damn shame. I just hope whatever they do it's better than this years sets. And perhaps aimed at a slightly older market. I think everyone underestimated just how dark the show was going to get. An age adjustment on the sets could mean more interesting content.
  7. Jargo

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The camper van guy looks like a short order cook. He'll go nicely with the CMF Diner waitress. Though I think he'll possibly have a barbeque that he's got messy at in the camper van set. Love the police guy. Really glad Lego are sticking with the new police badge design and blue torso. The variety of uniforms at least makes the minifigures interesting if the police sets themselves are a bit samey. With the forest police and the City Undercover ones at least there's scope for having different types of towns/cities. And the same goes for the criminal. At least the new torsos are not prison uniform. Criminals in the act of crime rather than already caught. This one with his leather jacket is especially cool. Almost like the leader of the gang to the ones we got with the CU police. With a head swap he could become a biker customer of the bike shop in City square or a customer in a greasy 50's style diner. I can go to bed happy now I've seen these minifigs.
  8. Jargo

    Legends of Chima 2014

    Meh. Just another Lion. Bring on the Arachnids and Bats and Rhinos. Then we'll be cooking. I joke. He looks quite cool even if he does seem a bit too dark for a lion. The legs have the lion emblem so it's definitely tribe correct. it also wouldn't be the first time minifigures had mismatched legs and torso. So I wouldn't be too sure about more dark lions.
  9. I have managed to get: 1 Barbarian 1 Scarecrow 2 Evil mech 1 Tiki warrior 1 Welder 1 Scientist 1Jazz musician 1 Grandma
  10. Jargo

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Those heads look like they come from some other non-Lego product. I don't know, pencil toppers or something. I reckon the drawn designs posted earlier is more likely what we'll really get. Compatible with regular minifigures.
  11. Because I didn't have any interest in it then. Like I said in my post, I've only just got into Ninjago.
  12. Jargo

    Ninjago 2014

    Whoops! Sorry about that.
  13. I can't access that site, or the video is gone. Has anybody found those videos elsewhere? I'm really, really keen to watch the audition one. Oh and thanks for the links to design artwork guys. Love seeing stuff like that.Wish i had half the talent those artists have. I spent a couple of evenings this week watching all the episodes and was very impressed with the quality of the show. Obviously as a mature adult some of it seems a bit silly, but despite a few moments of lazy writing and the odd irritating character, (I'm looking at you Jay), I have to say for something designed to sell the sets to kids, Ninjago the show outstrips all other promo shows I've seen. Very clever stuff. I was completely uninterested in Ninjago apart from a mild interest in new parts created for the sets. I'm so glad I decided to give the show a chance. Hugely entertaining and on some level quite touching. I'm totally looking forward to the new season.
  14. Jargo

    Ninjago 2014

    Now that I'm caught up watching the tv show I'm wondering if Dr. Julien's work for Samukai is where these Nindroids are coming from. Is the ooze of the Great Devourer still seeping through Ninjago city? Will these Nindroids emerge from underground after becoming corrupted by the green ooze? Is that how Wu becomes a Nindroid? Is Pixal created by Julien as a companion for Zane or as a Nya replacement on the team? What will Ninjago city museum exhibit now that most of the relics have been destroyed? Will the love triangle of Wu, Garmadon and Misako carry on and is that the catalyst for Wu's transformation? Will the Ninja now be able to afford the nice 8 bedroom apartment with dojo en suite as they've saved the city and the entire world of Ninjago? How much time has passed between season 2 and 3? Too many questions and so many weeks to wait until the answers arrive.
  15. Naaaaw, Congrats on the newborn. One detail I forgot to mention is that the large torch comes packaged in a window box with a flap and the airtanks and helmet are packed separately to the minifig. So some giant sized assembly is required, which is cool. Also not having a big Lego logo on the torso looks better. I mean, the logo is all over the packaging and on the base. The actual torch doesn't need it. There's a timer built in so it doesn't stay on all night and drain the batteries. Just long enough for a kid to fall asleep. though you can switch that off and have the torch light up only when the button is held down for regular torch use. All the parts move like a regular minifig. It just makes me smile every time I look at it or use it. For anyone in America, I believe the Kennedy space centre visitor centre shop has the keychain version. Which must mean other places will have them. Just found this on amazon.com but it says there's only 3 in stock and it seems a bit pricey at $46.95. Perhaps it's intended to be Christmas stock and will become more plentiful and cheaper the closer we get to December? At the moment I see City, Star Wars and Ninjago LED LITE products around so the Spaceman must be fresh product alongside the Legends of Chima stuff.