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  1. NovaEB

    70642 knee fix?

    yeah! they're really loose though.
  2. NovaEB

    70642 knee fix?

    @Takanuinuva I attempted something with those two-part joints, which didn't work out, but I do really like your version! When I get home I'm totally gonna try to mod that in, and see what happens.
  3. Hey, I recently got Samurai X vs Killow, and I really love the mech included, but the knees.... bother me. In fact, there are no knees! It's stuck in one position, making it hard to pose. Does anyone have a fix for this that keeps the height of the original build?
  4. For the face plate missing head for Zane, check 853544? The face on Zane in that set has a large amount of the faceplate gone.
  5. NovaEB

    [MOC] Wasteland Air Defence

    That's really cool looking! Reminds me of a barebone Star Wars cannon. Good job!
  6. NovaEB

    Hi everyone!

    Hey, my name's Nova, and it's great to join you guys! I usually just lurk but I decided to make a account. See you around!