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  1. Steamdemon

    What did you buy today?

    0n 21st of August, Cargo Train, 60198. I named the locomotive Elise. Sorry about the hiatus.
  2. Steamdemon

    2018 Lego Trains

    I like the Hogwarts Express, only gripe I have is the lack of a pair of driving rods on it. I'm so getting the freight train.
  3. Steamdemon

    0-6-6-0 Tank and Tender locomotive [WIP]

    Hooo boy, haven't updated this in ages. I hit a snag with the current articulation method. Basically, it wouldn't go around corners smoothly, thanks to those silly edges around the largest chasis available. Back to the drawing board with it...besides, I'm probably gonna have to learn the more advanced articulation methods.
  4. Yes, I've checked, and there are several threads here that are several years old. I do not want to risk necroing them. What instruments do you play? I play the drums. I've got an electric drum set at home...The Roland V-Drums TD-K1. It's actually a new kit, and I'm really enjoying it. I am teaching myself to play bass as well. I used to play piano. My dad owns several guitars. He has three acoustic guitars, one of them a 12 string. He also has two electric guitars, including an expensive Les Paul. He also has a bass guitar, (the same one I use to practice). My mum plays the violin.
  5. Steamdemon

    What is your favorite youtube channel?

    Wow, forgot about ACEspark, who was also one of the judges of the make a good Megaman Level 1 and 2 competitions. He does lets plays and boss runs.
  6. Steamdemon

    Do you buy toys other than LEGO?

    Does a new electric Drum Kit count as a toy? Because I finally got a new Electric Drum Kit, the Roland V-Drums TDK-1. :3 I'm very happy! It was to replace my aging V-Drums Lite HD-1.
  7. Steamdemon

    What Video Game(s) are you playing?

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2...And yes, I have met the Territorial Rotbart in the Gormott Province...he smashed me and Pyra to pieces...that was really not pleasant. I'm enjoying the game though :D Voice actors are awesome, and it's nice to have a British accent for the main character. Dang, the music's really awesome as well... Other than that, Super Mario Odyssey. Long Journey's end is screw up, and it's back to the beginning of the course...I've resisted the urge to lob my pro controller across the living room...
  8. Well, shazbat. I was as much use as a chocolate lego teapot. Which would dispense hot chocolate....actually scratch that idea. Well played, mafia, well played.
  9. Yep I was sleeping IRL, looked like I missed quite a bit during those hours...
  10. It'zz got quite confuzzing, really..I'm zzztarting to get uzzed to bieng a fruit fly, (it'zz not all bad, I realize, now. And I love that I can drink orange juice from the table...wierd, huh?) And a certain duzzty relic hazz voted, but not really given much in the way of an explanation...I'm wondering if he hazz gone back to bed...
  11. Bloomin' heck, you're cutting it fine there! A word of advice, Make sure to click or tap the 'follow' button above. that way, you'll get notified of any new replies to this thread.