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  1. Lego themes that we need to be happen

    The wild swans...THE WILD SWANS! I've got that book as an Kindle download! (Don't know how easy it would be to recreate that in lego) What about....the famous five? That would be a cool theme! (provided Enid Blyton approves)
  2. Your worst lego injuries?

    I seem to find separating bricks nowadays to be a pain, even with one of my trusty separators. apart from that, scraping myself accidentally on an old blue crate I used for lego. I need to get rid of that stupid thing >:C
  3. admiral here

    Welcome to the Forums, Admiral. I'm more into the creator sets, as well as trains. My first MOC without any custom parts was Alstad, my 0-6-0 diesel shunter. She's on display on my bedside table. Can't remember what my first star wars set was, but my largest was the ATAT walker with a battery and motor. Annoyingly, couldn't get it to run smoothly. Anyway, have fun here!
  4. 2018 Lego Trains

    That's probably the High speed passenger train.
  5. Concept Station

    That detail is spot on. A passenger train would not look out of place waiting in that!
  6. Procrastination Thread

    I've been very tempted to rebuild the class 24 attempt that I attempted. As in, buy power function parts (two sets of lights, motors, a switch, receiver, speed controller, and a rechargeable battery box or two), but finance and the Christmas strain on my card prevents me from doing so. But what I have been able to do, is get to sorting my lego from an old blue crate into an empty tub or two.
  7. What did you buy today?

    yesterday, ordered 2 flanged wheels and 1 blind red wheel off brick owl. (really handy site, easy to use.)
  8. What did you buy today?

    Yesterday, ordered my 8 stud storage brick, and today, ordered 4 red flanged wheels and 2 blinds from BrickOwl.
  9. Random builds

    I'm not sure where to put this, but what is the most weirdest thing you've ever built? I would have to say.... This: Seriously, what possessed me to build this? ...actually, it looks more like an observation platform of some sort. So yeah, what is your weirdest build yet?
  10. 2018 Lego Trains

    @ColletArrow A Class 175 would be interesting.
  11. 2018 Lego Trains

    Over here in Britain, we have a large variety of Diesel Multiple Units and Electric Multiple Units, including the Blue Pullman. (preservation status, unknown. Someone did a really awesome recreation on the Trainz series of games. I think the front would be a challenge in lego.) Maybe a Pendolino? Probably not the Class 390, but the Itallian Pendolino. EDIT here's a picture of the driving car of the Blue Pullman: And I was wrong. Someone did manage to do the Blue Pullman DMU in LEGO: Photo accredited to Carl Greatrix.
  12. (DigiMOC) A small 0-6-0 Diesel shunter

    So, put the battery box in the engine compartment, driving wheels geared and a motor placed near the wheel base? Not forgetting the IR sensor? I'll try, but I'll need the parts for it first. I have two motors in my inventory, but the battery box is too big to fit in the engine compartment. If can just motorize it, I won't need that many components.
  13. What are you listening to?

    Right now, I turned Classic FM on in the kitchen for my sister's kitten who's recovering from being spayed and microchipped. She's got the cone of shame on. And I'm listening to my radio in bluetooth mode. Got a fantastic instrumental version of the flying kipper theme playing.
  14. What did you buy today?

    My 5 91996 snow plough parts arrived today. and I replaced the rear buffers with the snowplough design. Also, the 0-4-4-0ST got a buffer update. Thanks Bricknation toys!
  15. 2018 Lego Trains

    'Ralph, get off the tracks!' as onlookers look on in sheer horror. Really cool MOC there. Must have taken you a while.