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  1. It'zz got quite confuzzing, really..I'm zzztarting to get uzzed to bieng a fruit fly, (it'zz not all bad, I realize, now. And I love that I can drink orange juice from the table...wierd, huh?) And a certain duzzty relic hazz voted, but not really given much in the way of an explanation...I'm wondering if he hazz gone back to bed...
  2. Bloomin' heck, you're cutting it fine there! A word of advice, Make sure to click or tap the 'follow' button above. that way, you'll get notified of any new replies to this thread.
  3. Izz zzomeone going to wake The Mummy up, or will I have to do it again? I'm actually quite confuzzed azz to which way we are travelling......aaaaargh, ZCREW IT! Unvote: Frankenstein's Rocker Vote: Swamp Creature
  4. Conzzidering what I did, yezzz, that would be a valid reason to lynch me... Vote: Frankenstein's Rocker I've a feeling Frankenstein'zz Rocker might be zzzlightly deaf... (probably from all that guitar zzzhredding) Did he not hear the clarion callzz of our graciouzz hozzt? WAKEY WAKEY, @LegoRacer1!
  5. That hazz, thank you. Unvote: Bride of Dracula Zztill waiting for your thoughtzz, Zombie Cheerleader, Frankenstein'zzz Rocker.
  6. The above gave it away. Who the hell would murder her own huzzband? And regarding Bride of Dracula: Above quote by the late Gorgonzola. Zzeriously can you explain this to us? Zombie Cheerleader, thoughts?
  7. I'm voting for Bride of Dracula because I haven't seen anyone actually go after her...I'm also suspecting that she's the third party Serial Killer. I don't know how, but I just have a hunch. Also, day two, I had a feeling that Zombie Bride was town, but I didn't know how to put it into words. Yet I fluffed it and boarded the lynch bandwagon, headed for Gorgonzola.
  8. Vote: Bride of Dracula (Lady K). Yezz, I am zztill inexperienced at thizz, but I'm not going to ...*cough* ok, that's enough of that. I'm not sure how to link quotes from another day thread. Heck, I'm not sure how to help the town...
  9. Hey, I'm in the dark azz much azz you...look, I'll admit, I wazz bandwaggoning.. Oh forget thizzz I'm flying into a dark corner of the manzzion. Mutant Fly izzz irritated! BZZZZZZ!
  10. We were dizzcuzzing the analyzzizz on day two and Day one.
  11. Hang on, I zzwear zzome of thezze deathzzz are remenizzcient of a Midzzzommer Murderzzz epizzode...
  12. Right, Zzzo that confirmzzz we have a vigilante in thizz party...or there'zz a third party...ech. By the way, my fly like tendenciezzz kind of prevent me from Zzzleeping...which zzzuckzzz. It'zz like bieng drunk off energy drinkzzz..
  13. What did you buy today?

    60170, Off Road Chase from my nearest Toymaster...Probably the smallest set I bought.