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Raven Ashcroft, LEVEL 1 Rogue

18yo Male Human

Power: 4 Health: 7/7 Gold: 10

Equipment: Hollow Dagger (WP: 6, hollow)

Inventory: Main Gauche (WP: 3), Wrench (WP:3, target’s level -1, throwing weapon), Water Bomb, Venom, Deadly Venom

Edited by Raven Brickroft

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7799445022_26c70f4173_o.jpgCinna the Dark (darkdragon)
25 years Female Human Mystic Knight
Level 25 1/3
*Immune to Stunned, Lightning and Earth*
Power: 49 (25+19+1+5)
Defense: 14 (9+5)
Health: 47 (5+24+7+5+6)
Ether: 41 (5+24+6+5+1)
Gold: 89

Mauryl (WP:19 + Darkness, broomstick), Turtleshell Shield (SP:9), Black Dragon Robe (Max. Health +6; immunity to earth; suitable to mages, rogues and chi monks; bodywear), High Heels (Power +1, suitable for women; footwear), Anniversary Medal:Y5 (+1 to all stats per year; accessory)

Healing Staff (WP:9, heals target; staff), Naginata (WP:10; halberd), Lumber Axe (WP: 8, wood-elemental axe), Party Maracas (WP:4, user is hastened, instrument), Pointy Hat (Max. Ether +2, suitable for mages and clerics; headwear), Blue Dragon Cape (Immunity to slowed and water; suitable to knights, rangers and dragoons; backwear), Amethyst (Darkness), Topaz (Lightning), Opal (Ice), Ruby (Fire), Emerald (Wood), Diamond (Light), Sapphire (Wind), Garnet (Earth), Aquamarine (Water), Scroll of Sleep, Scroll of Disenchantment (Removes all positive effects from all opponents at the cost of 5 ether), Scroll of Sealing, 2 Ether Cores, 6 Grand Potions, 5 Remedies, Elixir, Phoenix Essence, 5 Meads, Smelling Salt, Soma, Tiger Balm (Grants immunity to all effects for one battle), 3 Deadly Venoms, Fire Bomb, Floral Bomb, Air Bomb, Aeolus Bomb (100 wind-elemental damage to all enemies), Bedroll, 2 Pumpkin Bombs

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12 year old "male" Sorceror "echo"

Level: 21.6

Power: 29

Ether: 21/21

Defense: 4 (protected from enamored effect) (protected from confused effect)

Health: 31/31

Gold: 21

Equipment: Kapura(WP:10, Fire), Diamond(Light), Arrow Proof Armour (SP: 1, halves damage received from back row combatants), Heart Locket(Protects from enamored effect and confused effect), Reflective Gaunlets(SP:3)

Inventory: Chiara(WP:7, Electricity), Shadeaux Dagger(WP:5), Fauxthril Hand Cannon (WP:7), Bow (WP:5), Cloak of the Blue Assassin(SP:1), Kanohi Mask (Artifact) - Allows spells to have the effects of the weapon they are cast through; suitable to De'kra only; accessory, Ruby Lamp of Summoning (summons a Ruby Jinn for the duration of one battle), Scroll of Sealing(loaned by Arthur), Cloak of the Elven Spy, Waltz of the Tundra (Causes Ice damage equal to the minstrel's level to all enemies per round for as long as the song is sung. Costs 10 ether per round. Minstrel Song), Bedroll, Pickaxe, Shovel, Magnifying Glass, Magic Compass, Potions (9), Grand Potions (11), Remedy (3), Phoenic Essence (6), Grand Tonic (1), Smoke Bombs (2), Deadly Venom (2), Noxious Venom (1), Tonic (3), Rito Feather (consumable, grants the hastened- and blessed-effects upon use for one battle), Smelling Salts (2)[/font]

Edited by Tanma

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81 year old Male Ogre Hunter

Level 43.6 *Natural Respite* *Favors Humanoid and Ancient enemies* *Immune to Fragile, Blinded, and Confused* *1/3 chance to revive when KO'd*

Power Bonus: +2 WP for bows and crossbows

Defense: 11

Health: 57/57

Gold: 3566

Equipment: Hunter's Crossbow (WP:12, double WP against beasts, fire, ice, wind, and darkness-elemental), Hunter's Quiver (Bows and Crossbows +2WP, allows Hunters to favor two types of enemies, back wear), Tricorne (SP: 3, head wear), Heavy Armor (SP: 5, wearer is immune to fragile, blind, and confused effects, body wear), Moone Greaves (SP: 3), Vorpalis Talisman (1/3 chance of instantly resurrecting with 1 HP and 1 Ether upon being knocked out; accessory)


Weapons: Composite Bow (WP:12, ignores SP,light,lightning,water, wood, and earth-elemental; bow), Unlucky Crossbow (WP: 13, causes Jinxed Effect), Oversized Greatsword (WP:16, double damage on targets that are clearly smaller than the hero, greatsword), Giant Hammer (WP: 13, deals Confused), Axe of the Minotaur Champion (WP: 30; user is Slowed and Immune to Hastened, cannot be equipped at the same time as a shield; axe)

Artifacts: Medal of Glory (Wearer gains 3x experience from battles, accessory), Paper Doll (Immunity to Hexed) Pugilist's Gloves (+2 Power, Immunity to Weakened), Lucky Doubloon (Grants "Special Guard"; accessory), Grogmas Beard (Power bonus equal to the number of the current month (eg. +1 in January, +12 in December); accessory.), Winged Sandals (Immunity to Slowed and Bound, Footwear)

Tools: Spyglass (Reveals if there are spies and eavesdroppers in the vicinity when used; tool),

Consumables: 3 Mead, 3 Nostrum, 3 Remedy, 2 Deadly Venoms, 9 Smoke Bomb, Blind Fury, Grating Stone, Letter of Recommendation, Kraken Fang (provides hastened and reinforced when consumed), Silver Ore (worth 70 gold)

Role-Play Items: Black Goo, Wolfgang Insignia,

Edited by Waterbrick Down

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mk005.jpgCronk ESN & mk005a.jpgCronk's Angel Alfred (Jebediahs)

31 year old Male Orc, Mystic Knight

Level 33 *Immunity: Blinded, Fragile, Sealed and Lightning, Wood and Earth elemental attacks*, *Nimble on first round of combat*, *Reflects Ether-Based Attacks*, *Intimidating*,*Magically Disguised*

Power: 58 (80 vs. Humanoids) (WP 22/44 + Level 33 + Wolf King's Seal 3)

Defense: 13 (Artefact boost 7 + Earthy Wooden Shield 6)

Health: 54/54 (Mage Base 5 + Level Up Bonus 32 + Mystic Knight Bonus 7 + Raw Meat Bonus 5 + Raw Meat Bonus 5)

Ether: 40/40 (Mage Base 5 + Level Up Bonus 32 + Mystic Knight Bonus 1 + Ectoplasm Bonus 2)

Gold: 0

Equipment: Quarterstaff (WP: 22/44 against humanoids, suitable for mages, clerics and necromancers ), Earthy Wooden Shield (SP:6, grants immunity to wood and earth-elemental attacks), Custom Fitted, Grounded and Sealed Heavy Armour of Brilliance (SP:5,Immune: fragile, blinded, sealed and lightning, suitable for En Sabah Nur, Bodywear, ), Flexible Grieves (SP: 1, imparts the Nimble effect during the first round of combat, Footwear ) Traveler's Cloak (SP: 1, Backwear ), Magic Mirror (The user reflects all ether-based attacks back to the caster without getting damaged by them, Accessory ),  Wolf King's Seal (+3 Power, Grants Intimidation, item)


Weapons: Dagger of Orc-kin (WP: 5, WP is multiplied by the number of Greenskins in the Party, Dagger), Sangriste Dagger (WP: 5), En, Sabah, Nur (Shurikens 3/3, WP: 5), Poisonous Rod (WP:5, causes poisoned by 5-effect; staff)

Artefacts: Cobra Nemes (Absorbs poison, recovering health instead of taking damage from poisoning, suitable to clerics, mages, chi monks and necromancers, Headwear ), Little Jane's Muff (Mage's Muffler, Protects from sealed-effect, Accessory ), Lock & Chain (Prevents items in the inventory from getting stolen; Accessory ), Helm of Horror (Successful hits impart the Afraid effect to the target; headwear ), Lichen Armour (The wearer’s ether is counted as additional health if health is depleted and Darkness Immunity, suitable to classes with ether, Bodywear ), Sedge Hat (+4 Ether, Headwear ), Trendy Handbag (Protects from whichever negative effect was last inflicted in battle to someone else; Accessory )

Spell Items: Garnet (Earth), Aquamarine (Water), Topaz (Lightning), Ruby (Fire), Scroll of Confusion, Scroll of Magic Disguise (Changes the appearance of the target to anything the caster desires for 1 ether per minute of duration (actual duration dictated by the Quest Master).)

Consumables: 3 Potions, Grand Potion, 3 Ether Cores, 6 Remedies, Phoenix Essence, Phoenix Incense, 2 Meads, Titan Heart (Grants encouraged- and inspired-effects when consumed), 5 Venoms, Deadly Venom, Feather of Lithe (Makes the user nimble for three rounds, giving them a 1/3 chance to completely avoid rolls of COUNTER and DAMAGE and Free Hits.), Feather of Flight (Allows the user to flee from the battle when used.), Warforged Alfred (Nur can call his golem minion twice per battle to protect him from all damage and effects for the remainder of the round or once per battle to protect him and another party member from all damage and effects for the remainder of the round.), Elixir, 1 Mythril Shard

Tools: Bedroll, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass

Decamon Deck: Shy Shell (Aquatic 2), Demon Ray (Aquatic 3), Will-o'-the-Wisp (Fiery 1), Barghest (Electric 2), Automaton (Electric 5), Vampire Bat (Flying 3), Specter (Icy 2), White Widow (Icy 3), Golden Scorpion (Luminous 2), Gold Golem (Luminous 6), Toxic Toad (Plant 1), Tangleweed (Plant 3), Scarab (Rock 1), Mud Frog (Rock 2), Stone Golem (Rock 8)


ico_garnet1.jpgEarthy Wooden Shield (SP:6, grants immunity to wood and earth-elemental attacks)


Edited by Jebediahs

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Level 30 Paladin *Counterstriking* *Blessed* *Immune to Blind*

Power: 44 (+2 due to cookies)

Defense: 16

Health: 48/48

Ether: 31/31

Gold: 2

Equipment:, Zoot's Bane (Suitable only for Cronk; WP: 12, Light), Ennoc's Blessing (Shield, SP: 9), Paladin's Armour (Suitable for Paladins, +5 SP, +2 Max Ether), Counterstrike Gloves (After the wearer is struck by a Free Hit, they counter with strength equal to their level), Elaborate Helmet (SP: 2), Ennoc's Gratitude (Artifact, Accessory, User Perma-Blessed and immune to Blind, Requires Light Weapon)

Inventory: Beast Skewer (Lance; WP: 12), Twin Broadswords (WP:21, dual-strike, user is unable to use a shield), Flute of the Magi (WP:3, asleep-effect), Bedroll, Shovel, Holy Bomb, 2 Remedies, Bennetton's Seal, Topaz, Health Core, 2 Lightning Bombs, Bloody Pointy Stick (WP: 1), Health Core, Phoenix Essence, 2 Ether Cores, Scroll of Sealing

*Power +2 due to Zoot Cookies in #53.

Edited by CorneliusMurdock

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Lord Lawrence Boomingham (Zepher)

48 year old male human Vindicator

Level 36.25 *Immune to darkness, fire, fragile, sleep, weakened, and blinded* *Affluence* *1/2 chance of being reinforced* *Zweihänder Grip*

Power Bonus: +5 (+5 front row)

Defense: 8

Health: 59/59

Ether: 36/36

Gold: 318

Equipment: Scupperer (WP:17; darkness-, fire- and earth-elemental; inflicts bleeding and poisoned by 10; has 1/2 chance each to inflict blinded, sealed, weakened and fragile; greatsword), Tome of Affluence (+10 Gold if equipped for the entirety of a battle; grants immunity to fragile, asleep, weakened, blinded, darkness and fire; accessory), Vest of Faded Trials (SP:8, 1/2 chance of granting reinforced effect at the start of every battle, Immune to Fragile; Suitable for Knights, Barbarians, Dragoons, Skirmishers, Regulators, Vindicators; bodywear and headwear), Fighting Boots (Power +5 on the front row; suitable to barbarians, knights, rogues, beast warriors, chi monks, dragoons, harlots, infiltrators, marauders, skirmishers, regulators, vindicators and winged warriors; footwear.)


Weapons: Epidemic Halberd (WP:8, causes all negative effects that the user has to the target when attacking; halberd), Venom Fang Blade (WP:9, causes poisoned equal to WP; longsword), Lullaby Wand (WP:6, inflicts asleep), Silver Sword (WP: 18, Longsword), Frozen Saber (WP: 15; light-, ice- and wind-elemental; inflicts stunned; great sword), Round Metal Shield (SP:7),

Artifacts: Crown of the Desert King (SP:6; absorbs fire, wind, and earth; suitable for Boomingham only, headwear.), Venomari Helmet (SP:2, absorb poison as health; helmet), Hood of Belthazar Bluehood (Power +4; Ether -6; headwear), Scarlet Hood (SP:4, grants immunity to stunned), Chains of the Pongcanis Chief (Hero Pierces SP if fighting from Front, Enemies ignore SP if hero fights from the back row, cannot be removed in battle), Amulet of Optimism (Adds the confused-effect to all attacks; accessory, suitable to Erdathcath only), 2x Prayer Beads (Makes the wearer permanently blessed; accessory.), Counterstrike Gloves (If the wearer is damaged by a Free Hit, they counter with strength equal to their level; handwear.), Crimson Suit of Armor (SP:12, allows wearer to pose as Crimson Bear Knight; takes three artifact slots: bodywear, headwear and footwear),

Spell Items: Amethyst (Darkness), Scroll of Recklessness (Encouraged and Fragile; costs 5 Ether; 50/50 chance), Emerald Lamp of Summoning (0/3), “True Love Serenade” (restores 50 health to the rest of the party per round; costs 10 ether; Battle Song)

Consumables: Potion, Health Core, 2x Remedy, 2x Phoenix Essence, Danab's Apple (Revives all fallen party members, restores full health and ether to the whole party and removes all negative effects from them; consumable), 13x Mead, 4x Smelling Salt, 4x Nostrum, 2x Ambrosia, Fire Brandy (Encouraged, Immune to Ice), Fireball Whiskey (Immunity to Fire One Battle OR 20 Fire Damage All Enemies), Hamantasch (Lucky, Blessed), Jinxy Juice, 2x Floral Bomb, Seal Bomb, Poison Bomb, Stun Bomb, Seth Bomb (Deals 100 darkness-elemental damage to all opponents when used.), Feather of Flight (Allows the user to flee from the battle when used.), Hair of the Dog, 2x Grating Stone, Oculoid Miasma, Oculoid Fireworks, Saber Teeth, Bone, x2 Shining Polish

Tools/Treasure: Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Vindicator's Seal (Grants access to the Vindicator expert job class; cannot be given away), Mythril Shard

51 Years Old, Human

Debts: 128 Gold Arthur, 1 gold Docken, 75 gold Sorrow

Health: Chicken Leg (+2, Quest 28), Drumstick (+1, Quest 70)

Power: Pseudo's Blessing (+4, Quest 40), Big Apple (+1, Quest 70)

Edited by Zepher

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Dyric Rone(The Legonater)
Human male, Assassin *Immune to All Elements and Blinded* *Steals 50% more gold

*Permanently Lucky*

Level 32.5

Power Bonus: 0

Defense: 6

Health: 44/44

Gold: 86

Equipment: Crossbow of Incessant Warmongerers (WP: 26; Darkness and Wind-elemental, deals Slowed on non-AoE rolls, also deals Damage to the enemies above and below the target upon a successful hit; Crossbow) (Deals Poisoned -7 and Cursed for One Battle), Lucky Die (User is permanently *Lucky*; suitable for anyone; Accessory), Night's Helmet (SP: 6; immune to Water, Wood, Earth, Ice, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light, Darkness, and Blinded; suitable for anyone; Headwear), Crystal Shoes (Immunities become Absorption), Cabin Boy's Rags (All other party members +3 power, body wear)


• Mockthril Longbow (WP: 27; Ice-elemental; Longbow), Requiem (WP: 20; Wood and Light-elemental; Longbow), Tarok's Wrath (WP: 20, 1/2; chance to Instantly Kill orcs; Dagger), Double Chain Whip (WP: 10; Whip), Throwing Knife (WP: 4; Throwing Weapon), Pongcanis Dagger (WP: 8; Dagger), Double-Barreled Handcannon (WP: 15, fire-elemental, dual-strike, hand cannon), Unlucky Horseshoe (WP:13, retrievable throwing weapon, causes Jinxed-effect)

• Winged Sandals (immune to Bound and Slowed; suitable for anyone; Footwear), Ambrose's Heart (Artifact, suitable to Evokers, Accessory, +5 power), Sigil of the Cold Circle - (Raise an Army costs twice as much ether, but raised undead are three times as powerful, accessory, suitable for necromancers), Cloak of the Red Assassin (Chance of Assassination is 1/3, suitable for Assassins; back wear), Sticky Gloves (increases amount of Gold stolen by 50%; suitable for Rogues and Beast Warriors; Handwear), Quiver of Blinding Light (Attacks become light-elemental and cause blinded; can only be used with a bow or a crossbow; back wear

• Diamond, Opal, 3 Silver Ore (Worth 60 gold)

• Bedroll, Shovel, Magic Compass

• Potions (4), Grand Potions (5), Tonic, Remedies (2), Banana (restores full HP to target), Elixir (2), Cosmic Essence, Nostrum (2), Venom (2), Mythril Shards (6/4 Mythril), Military Grade Light Bomb, Military Grade Darkness Bomb, Fire Bomb, Smoke Bomb (2), Diamond Lamp of Summoning (1/3 uses left), Bones (2), Skeleton Decoy, Demon Repellent (Makes the user impervious to direct attacks from demons during one battle unless the user is the only hero left standing; consumable), Feather of White (Allows the user to hide for up to three rounds, avoiding Free Hits. The effect ends if the user targets an enemy.), Crystal Ball (Worth 50 gold, 100 in magic shops), Earthwyrm Fang (Grants the encouraged-, lucky-, reinforced-, and blinded- effects for the duration of one battle), Phoenix Essence (4), Ancient Bone, Phoenix Incence, Guffington's Seal (Proves the Hero is a Friend of Guffington. The hero starts every quest with one "Hero's Cocktail")

Edited by The Legonater

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Arasmyth RuGard (played by Kadabra)

214 Year Old Elven Evoker

Level 15.5

Power: 24 (15+9)

Defense: 3

Health: 22/22

Ether: 20/20

Gold: 82

Equipment: Suume (Bow, WP:8 9, Wind and Lightning Elemental), Robe of the Elven Warlock (SP:3), Ranger's Quiver (WP+1 to bows/crossbows)


Gemstones: Topaz

Scrolls: Scroll of Sealing

Consumables: Potion, Grand Tonic, Smoke Bomb, Water Bomb

Summon: Sera, Angel of Wrath (Lightning elemental)

Edited by Kadabra

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5909627714_af21b5c29f_t.jpgNyx (played by Pandora)

19 years old Female Human Battle Mage *Natural Respite* *Immune to Fire, Darkness, Earth, Wind, Poisoned, Confused, Hexed, Sealed, Asleep, Fast Asleep*

Level: 30 1/4

Power: 46 (WP 15 + Lvl 30 + 1 [High Heels])

Defense: 8 ([Robe of the Archmagi + Bright Polish] 4 + 4 [Helmet of Azzurat])

Health: 41/41 (Base 5 [Mage], +29 [per level], +5 [Advanced Class], +2 [Grand Zoot's Cookie])

Ether: 42/42(Base 5 [Mage], +29 [per level], +1 [Advanced Class], +5 [Robe of the Archmagi], +1 [Doomshroom] +1 [Doomshroom])

Gold: 382

Equipment: Zee Standard (Staff, WP: 15 Ice, Light and Darkness Elemental, Necromancers Raise Enemies with 2 extra levels), Robe of the Archmagi (SP:4, Max. Ether +5, protects from sealed-effect), Mirage Cloak (Immunity to Fire-, Darkness-, Earth- and Wind-elements and confused- asleep- and hexed-effects), High Heels (+1 Power), Helmet of Azzurat (SP:4, immune to poisoned, headwear)[/color].

Inventory: Book of a Thousand Creatures (WP:14, each roll has a 1/6 chance to summon a creature to aid the hero), Lullaby Wand (WP:6 Sleep effect), Explosive Staff – WP: 12 (Does 1/2 damage to all enemies on a successful hit (normal damage to targeted enemy) and 1/2 WP damage to self on a roll of 4 (disregarding SP/row)), Healing Staff (WP: 5), Dagger of the Blue Assassin (WP: 4, Aims become Hits).

Sandman's Parasol (Immune to Asleep and Fast Asleep effects), Monkey Bar (all minions, pets, summons etc are Hastened), Chef’s Apron (Bodywear, Immunity to Fire and Poisons), Phoenix Dress (Max. Ether +5, full ether restored upon revival, immunity to Fire and Lightning, suitable only to female mages, clerics, chi monks, minstrels and necromancers; bodywear), Desert Cloak (Immunity to Fire-, Earth- and Wind-elemental damage; backwear), Water Canteen (Carries 3 portions of water; essential in deserts to avoid dehydration; accessory).

Ruby (Fire), Diamond (Light), Amethyst (Darkness), Topaz (Lightning), Sapphire (Wind), Emerald (Wood), Garnet (Earth), Aquamarine (Water), Opal (Ice).

Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Arc Sealing, Scroll of Blindness.

4 Meads, 2 Nostrums, Smelling Salts, Ambrosia, 4 Deadly Venoms, 4 Phoenix Essences, 3 Cosmic Essences (Revives a knocked out ally with full health and ether and gives them the blessed-effect), Potion, 3 Tonics, 2 Grand Tonics, Ether Core.

Fire Bomb, Smoke Bomb, Rudra Bomb (100 Lightning Elemental damage to all opponents), Skadi Bomb (100 Ice Elemental damage to all opponents), 2 Chaotic Bombs (Causes 100 random elemental damage to all opponents), Bomb 'X2' (May be combined with a bomb to get it to ignore SP), Pumpkin Bomb (Causes stunned, poisoned, asleep, blinded, sealed and confused to all enemies).

2 Bedrolls, 5 Bones.

Summoned Minion (From Book of a Thousand Creatures):



Level 5 Minion

Health: 25/25

Shield roll = 2x level, plus poison effect.

Critical hit = 2x level

Edited by Pandora

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Tesni Hightribe, Hero of the Northern Kingdoms Serpent Skinner (Peppermint M)

Human Female Beserker *Restoration* *Immune to Afraid*

Level: 40 1/5

Power Bonus: 5 (+3 WP)

Defense: 17

Health: 59/59

Gold: 1502

Equipment: Dryw ar Zoot (WP:14, light-elemental; longsword),Sir Roderick’s Shield (SP:12, Immunity to afraid), Bone Claws (WP:3, SP:2; handwear),Dragon Bone Armor (SP:4, Max. Health +2; bodywear), Barbarian's Boots (Changes “Natural Respite” job trait into “Restoration”, restoring full health after every battle; suitable for barbarians, chi monks and beast warriors).


- Fàelàn (WP:20, 4x damage to enemies weak to fire, fire-elemental longsword)), Mellt (WP:10,ice- and lightning-elemental; hammer),Sharp Axe (WP: 14, fire- and ice- Elemental), Cysgodion (WP:14, darkness-elemental; greatsword), Mod Rod (WP:10, causes the afraid-effect; lightning-elemental staff suitable for staff members only), Cryfder (WP:6), Rebel's Dagger (WP: 5), Qilin Blade (WP:16, damages undead, ignores row and SP; longsword), Wormtail Whip (WP: 15, earth elemental, whip), Honor Guard Axe (WP: 10, SP Piercing, Axe)

- 2 Shackles of War (prevents all fleeing, accessory), Red Dragon Plume (artifact, accessory, immunity to Weakened and Fire, suitable to Barbarians, Knights, Skirmishers, Winged Warriors), King's Crown (Headwear, protects against Doom and Petrified, Suitable for all classes), Goggles (Protects from blind-effect; accessory.), Honor Guard Helmet (SP: 3, +SP to Party Members)

- Tiger Balm, Elixir, Phoenix Essence, 9 Venoms, 4 Deadly Venoms, 6 Meads, 4 Smelling Salts, Nostrum, Soma, 2x Smoke Bomb, Aquamarine Lamp of Summoning, Mulled Wine, 5 Potions, 2x Health Core, 7 Remedies, Grating Stone, 2x Remedy, 3x Bone, Tonic, 2x Grand Potion, 2x Water Bomb, Feather of Flight (Allows the user to flee from the battle when used.), 2x Silver Ore (worth 60 gold), Feather of White (Allows the user to hide for up to three rounds, avoiding Free Hits. The effect ends if the user targets an enemy.), 4 Mythril Shard, Black Pearl (worth 75 gold), Mythril, 1 Elixer, Pickled Mushroom (Effect Unknown), Emerald, Earthwyrm Fang (Grants the encouraged-, lucky-, reinforced-, and blinded- effects for the duration of one battle), Pick Axe, Rust Hopper Carapace (SP: 3, Immunity to SP Reduction, Torsowear)

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Monk Pretzel and His 99 Pieces, the Super Sleuth (Played by Palathadric)
463-year-old male "hermit" Artisan *reinforced*
Level: 38
Power: 53 38 + 13 + 2*
Defense: 32
Health: 71/71 9 + 15 + 37 + 3 + 2** + 5***
Gold: 4630
Equipment: Dual Staff (WP: 13; Ice, Lightning, Fire, Wind, Light; Deals *Bleeding 3*; Dual Strike; Staff), Darksteel Armour (SP: 6; Max. Health +3; Bodywear), Armour of Dark Arts (SP: 10; Takes up: Bodywear, Handwear, Footwear slots; counts as one artifact; Suitable to Knights, Dragoons, and Skirmishers), Wraps of the Steadfast Tortoise (Grants permanent *reinforced* Effect, Handwear, Suitable for Chi Monks) Soul Link Chain (Allows the user to pair up with another party member, each of them gaining all the effects that the other has. The partner has to equip the chain as well (ie. one chain can be shared by two people); Accessory)
Weapons: Tyrant's Maul (WP: 28; causes *Hexed*; Hammer), Quarterstaff (WP: 4/8 against Humanoids; Staff), Flying Cross (WP: 11; Darkness; Broomstick), Splinter Broom (WP: 10; 1/2 chance to deal *Stunned*; defies SP; Broomstick), Whip of Savage Overlords (WP: 9; ⅙ chance of inflicting the *Slowed* effect; Whip), Heaven and Hell (WP: 30; Darkness; Dual-Strike; Whip), Steak (WP: 1; instantly kills vampires on successful hits; suitable for all), Staff of the Necromancer (WP: 12; damages Undead; +1 Level to raised Undead; Staff), Mining Hammer (WP: 3, 1/3 chance to inflict *Fragile*), Shadeaux Mace (WP: 9; deals *Fragile* effect; Mace), Glacial Mace (WP: 12; has 1/2 chance to cause *Slowed*; Ice-elemental; Mace), Shredding Star (WP: 13; removes all temporary effects from the target; Mace), Honed Axe (WP:10, cuts target's SP in half, Axe)
Artifacts: Strategist's Shako (+5 power while in the front row, +5 SP while in the back; Headwear), Bloody Skull Helmet (SP: 3; heals wearer by the amount of health other combatants lose by *Bleeding* at the end of each round; Headwear), Duplovian Helmet (SP: 2; Immune to Magic and Healing; Headwear), Burning Knuckle Helmet (SP: 10; Wearer suffers Burning -3 effect; Suitable for Anyone; Headwear), White Ninja Cowl (Once per battle, the wearer can choose to hide for up to three rounds, avoiding Free Hits; the effect ends if the user targets an enemy; suitable to rogues, beast warriors, chi monks and infiltrators; Headwear),  Bumble Fanshirt (SP: 1; Vermin with level less than half of the wearers are scared and won't directly attack the wearer; Bodywear), Order Imperial Prophet's Armor (SP: 8; Grants Command; Suitable for Prophets; Bodywear), Duke's Coat-of-Arms (SP: 5; Protects against *Fragile* and all *Poisons*; Suitable for Knights, Dragoons, Skirmishers and Regulators; Bodywear), Infernal Armor (SP: 10; absorbs Fire; suitable to knights, dragoons, regulators, skirmishers and vindicators; Bodywear), Cloak of the Grand Vizier (SP: 7 multiplied by the number of party members; Grants immunity to Darkness, Wood, Earth, Water, Light, Fire, Lightning, Ice, Wind, *Blinded*, and *Confused*; Backwear), White Fur Coat (SP:4, grants immunity to stunned; allows the user to hide to avoid Free Hits (the effect ends if the user targets an enemy); suitable to barbarians and beast warriors; backwear), Rock Gauntlets (Grants the wearer Iron Fist at no ether cost; Suitable for anyone; Handwear), Counterstrike Gloves (Handwear), Soothing Slippers (Meditation restores 5 ether; Footwear), Shackles of War (Accessory), Lens of Speed Reading (allows a scroll to be read in addition to a normal action; Accessory; Suitable for scroll users), The Good Book (Grants the Convert job trait - the user can turn any allied or neutral NPC to their faith, gaining their respect; user gains 10 gold from each conversion; suitable to Monk Pretzel only; Accessory), Scholar’s Codex (Makes negative effect scrolls deal non-elemental damage equal to the user’s level when successfully used, but also cost 1 ether more; suitable to scholars only; Accessory), Book of Artisan's Tricks (At the beginning of the quest, wearer may choose to copy another class' ability (the copied ability can be used at will until the end of the quest; Accessory; Suitable for Artisans)
Gems: Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet, AquamarineEthereal Opal (Ice and Fragile)
Scrolls: Scroll of *Sealing*, Scroll of *Blindness*, Scroll of *Confusion*, Scroll of *Sleep*, Scroll of *Frailty*, Scroll of *Weakening*, Scroll of *Minimizing* (Has 1/2 chance of causing the *Minimizing*-effect on the target; costs 10 ether.), Scroll of Arc *Sleep*, Scroll of Elemental Aura (Enables the user to cause the target's attacks deal only elemental damage corresponding to a gem available to the user for the duration of one battle. Each casting has a 50/50 chance of success and costs 5 ether)
Consumables: 8 Potions, 20 Grand Potions, Cherry (Restores 1 ether), 5 Grand Tonics, 2 Tonics, Ether Core, 15 Remedies, 3 Neutralizers, Grand Elixir (Restores full health and ether to target and remedies all negative effects), 2 Phoenix Incenses, 5 Phoenix Essences, 5 Meads, 5 Smelling Salts, 5 Nostrums, 5 Mulled Wines, Dragon Scale (lucky & blessed), Titan Heart (encouraged & inspired), Candy Cane (Restores 10 Health and 5 Ether)Tiger Balm, 5 Venoms, 5 Deadly Venoms, 2 Paralyzing Venoms, 3 Jinxy Juices, 5 Smoke Bombs, 2 Fire Bombs, Military Grade Fire Bomb, 2 *Blind* Bomb, 2 *Seal* Bombs, 2 *Sleep* Bomb, 2 *Confuse* Bombs, 2 *Stun* Bombs, Plague Bomb (Causes 15 damage and *Poisoned* by 15 -effect to all opponents when used.), 4 Bones, Crimson Haze (Causes a weapon to deal the *Poisoned* by 7 and Cursed effects permanently), Strong Wasabi (-2 *Poisoned* permanently), Grating Stone, Milk
Tools: Bedroll, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass, Telescope, Shovel, Magic Compass, Magic Shovel (will always find something when used, limited to three uses per quest), Dice Bag of Fortune (tool; when used on an enemy, causes their loot rolls to be rolled twice)
*127 Side Quest Bonus
**Stickleback Brew
***Raw Meat

Edited by Palathadric

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(Picture Coming) Durkon (Played by RPGer)

863 Year-old Male Elven Mage

Level 4- *No Effects*

Power: 10

Defense: 1 in front row

Health: 10/10

Ether: 8/8

Gold: 1

Equipment: Khazad (WP6), Dum (WP6)

Other: Potion x3, Tonic x2, Topaz (Lightning), Bedroll, Scroll of Weakening, Light Staff, Bone, Skeleton Decoy, Saber Tooth, Venom

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photo-4353.jpgXander Unth'or (posades)

24 year-old male human Hunter

Level 30 *Natural Respite* *Immune to Blindness and Fragile* *Favours Beast and Aquatic Monsters* *Earns Triple Experience*

Power: 47 (26+19+2)

Defense: 5

Health: 43/43 (8+25+6)

Ether: 0/0

Gold: 376

Equipment: Precision Bow (WP:19; all 'Aim's become 'Hit's), Hunter's Quiver of Marksmanship (WP:2 to a bow, allows the hunter to favor two types at the same time; protects from blindness-effect), Heavy Armor (SP:5, protects from fragile-effect), Medal of Glory (Wearer gains triple experience, accessory)

Inventory: Pongcanis Club (WP:8), Enigmatic Hammer (WP:3), Electro Gear (Wearer deals and is immune to lightning elemental damage, accessory), Aquamarine (Water), Topaz (Lightning), Opal, 3 Potions, 2 Grand Potions, 5 Remedies, Nostrum, Smelling Salts, Venom, Deadly Venom, Skeleton Decoy, 2 Phoenix Essences, 2 Smoke Bombs, 3 Bones, 5 Dragon Scales, 1 Mead, 1 Level-Up Mushroom, Chicken Drumstick (Permant HP increase by 1), Seventh Heaven

Edited by posades

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eric_vindicator_new_zpseijxbbht.jpgeric_vindicator_av_new_zpstoupfhtj.jpgEric (Khorne), Self-proclaimed Siren-Slayer and Butcher of Basilisks

30 year old Human Nord

Level 30 1/4 Vindicator *Evasion* *Protected from Fragile, Weakened, Stunned, Poisoned, Bleeding, Cursed, Asleep, Fast Asleep, Confused and Hexed + Immune to Darkness, Water and Earth*

Power: 53 (30+20+1+2)

Defense: 5

Health: 61/61 (8+29+15+4+5 from Raw Meat)

Gold: 1360

Equipment: Conspirator (WP: 20, causes Blinded and has 1/2 chance to cause Confused with each hit, Ice- and Darkness-elemental; longsword), Pugilist's Gloves (Power +2, protects from Weakened; handwear), Heavy Armor (SP:5, protects from Fragile; bodywear), Boots of Evasion (Wearer takes half damage in front row + Immunity to Darkness, Water, Earth and Asleep; footwear), Periwinkle Ribbon (Grants Immunity to Stunned, Poisoned, Bleeding, Cursed, Asleep, Fast Asleep, Confused and Hexed; suitable for Periwinkle Eric only; headwear)


  • Weapons: Godricsleif (WP: 22; Lightning-elemental; greatsword), 6 Silverfish Wings (WP:8, retrievable, throwing dagger), 2 Diseased Silverfish Wings (WP:8, causes cursed-effect, retrievable, throwing weapon), Twin Biter (WP:7, causes bleeding; dual strike axe), Rakshasa Blade (WP:8 multiplied by the amount of Rakshasa weapons equipped by the party in the battle; greatsword), Rakshasa Flail (WP:7 multiplied by the amount of Rakshasa weapons equipped by the party in the battle; mace), Rakshasa Scimitar (WP:11 multiplied by the amount of Rakshasa weapons equipped by the party in the battle; longsword), Rakshasa Waveblades (WP:5 multiplied by the amount of Rakshasa weapons equipped by the party in the battle; dual strike daggers), Shield (SP:5)
  • Bombs: Fire Bomb, Lightning Bomb, Floral Bomb, Aeolus Bomb, Poison Bomb, Seal Bomb
  • Gems: Opal (from Hybros for Dyric)
  • Consumables: Potion, 13 Grand Potions, 2 Elixirs, 4 Remedies, Danab's Apple (Revives all fallen party members, restores full health and ether to the whole party and removes all negative effects from them; consumable), Neutralizer, Tiger Balm, 10 Meads, 6 Smelling Salts, 2 Nostrums, 2 Mulled Wine, Ambrosia, Dragon Scale, Genuine Nordic Mead (Grants the encouraged, hastened, inspired, reinforced, and enraged-effects; consumable), Venom, Deadly Venom, 2 Feather of White (Allows the user to hide for up to three rounds, avoiding Free Hits. The effect ends if the user targets an enemy.), Feather of Lithe (Makes the user nimble for three rounds, giving them a 1/3 chance to completely avoid rolls of COUNTER and DAMAGE and Free Hits.)
  • Artifacts: Prayer Beads (Makes the wearer permanently Blessed; accessory.), Flora Gear (adds Wood-element to physical attacks and protects from Wood-elemental damage, accessory), Redhawk Helmet (Power +12 if the wearer acts first in the battle order; suitable to barbarians, knights, dragoons, infiltrators, marauders, skirmishers, regulators, vindicators and winged warriors; headwear.), Venomari Helmet (SP:2, absorb Poison as Health; helmet)
  • Tools etc.: Vindicator's Seal (Grants access to the Vindicator expert job class; cannot be given away), Cornucopia (Increases the holder’s gold by 25% at the end of each quest.)

Edited by Khorne

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picture_8_inventory.png Johon, The Champion of Darkness (Bricksandparts), 26 years old male human Barbarian > Raider

Level: 33 2/4

Power Bonus: +0 (0art+0perm)

Health: 46/46 (lvl33+cls7+7perm+0art)

Defense: 4 (4art+0shield+0perm)

Ether: -/33 (lvl33+0cls+0perm)

Kept Effects: *Natural Respite* *Lucky* *1.5 stealing multiplier* *Hide of The Bleeding*

Temporary Effects:

Gold: 6877


Weapon: Muckraker (WP:+13, suit: Barbarians/Knights/Beast Warriors/Necromancers/Regulators, *Water, Wood, Earth*, Causes *Weakened*)


Artifact 1 (1+): Satchel of Awesomeness (suit: Anyone, *Lucky*)

Artifact 2 (10+): Nondescript Cape (suit: Rogues, *Immune to Cursed*, SP:+3)

Artifact 3 (20+): Sticky Gloves (suit: Rogues/Beast Warriors, 1.5 multiplier for stealing)

Artifact 4 (30+): Dog Statuette (Rover) (suit: Anyone, SP:+1)

Artifact 5 (40+):

Artifact 6 (50+):

Artifacts: Simple Helmet (suit: Anyone, HP:+1), Pseudo's hood (suit: Anyone, Ignores Undead immunity), Quiver of Poisoning (suit: Rangers/Beast Warriors/Infiltrators/Winged Warriors, Causes *Poisoned by 1* using bows/crossbows), Blessed Amulet (suit: Anyone, *Immune to cursed*), Barbarian's Boots (suit: Barbarians/Chi Monks/Beast Warriors, *Restoration*), Counterstrike Gloves (suit: Anyone, deals damage equal to level when hit with free-hit), Sterile Gloves (Suit: Anyone, *Immune to Poisoned/Bleeding*), Bravado Boots (suit: Anyone, 1/6 chance of receiving *Lucky* at start of battle), Scarlet Hood (suit: Anyone, pwr:+4, *immune to stunned*), Steel Core (suit: Anyone, +7 power), Heavy Armour (suit: Bararians/Knights, SP:+5, *Immune to Fragile*), Tin Helmet (suit: Anyone, *Immune to Hexed/Confused*), Hide of The Bleeding (suit: Anyone, +10HP +5ETH for every enemy user defeats), Brimstone Armor (suit: Barbarians, Knights, Dragoons, Skirmishers, Regulators and Vindicators, SP:+6, *absorbs fire damage*, causes fire damage equal to wearer’s defense to those that hit the wearer with normal attacks)

Weapons: Sword of Decay (WP:+8, suit: Barbaians/Knights/Mages, Causes *Decayed by X-3 rounds* X=dmg dealt/4, Effect does not stack), Greatsword (WP:+3, suit: Barbarians/Knights/Beast Warriors/Necromancers/Regulators), Focal Staff (WP:+5, suit: Clerics/Mages, Ability: Roll 3 at cost of 5 ether), Gladius (WP:+15, suit: Anyone, Darkness, 1/3 chance of causing *Fragile* on succesful hits), Stalker’s Mallet (WP:+8, suit: Barbarians/Knights/Harlots, 1/2 chance of causing *sealed*), Lullaby Wand (WP:+6, suit: Mages/Necromancers, Causes *asleep*), Lovelorn Wand (WP:+6, suit: Mages/Necromancers, Causes *enamored*), Scaridy Wand (WP:+6, suit: Mages/Necromancers, Causes *afraid*), Wand of Wrath (WP:+6, suit: Mages/Necromancers, Causes *enraged*), Shield (SP:+5, Suit: Knights/Dragoons/Regulators/Skirmishers), Old Whip (WP:+10, suit: Rogues/Artisans/Beast Warriors/Decamon Drafters/Harlots/Marauders/Necromancers, 2X damage vs. Beasts), Qlice (WP:+8, club, Causes *Poisoned-by-4*), Luminous Bow (WP:+9, suit: Rangers/Beast Warriors/Weather Mages/Winged Warriors, 3X damage vs. Fiery/Dark, 0X damage vs. Plants/Aquatic)

Consumables: Potion (30), Grand Potion (16), Tonic (0), Grand Tonic (1), Health Core (3), Phoenix Essence (3), Remedy (12), Mead (13), Smelling Salts (16), Nostrum 16), Venom (10), Deadly Venom (7), Smoke Bomb (1) , Fire Bomb (1), Water Bomb (4), Lightning Bomb (14), Seal Bomb(1), Bone (14), Skeleton Decoy (2), Ambrosia (2), Mulled Wine (1), Trial Brew (1), Ectoplasm (1), Level-Up Mushroom (1), Grating Stone(1), Blind Fury (1), Neutralizer (1), Equilibrium Tonic (1), Oculoid Miasma (1), Titan Heart(1)

Elements: Aquamarine (2), Emerald (1), Garnet (1), Opal (1), Ruby (1), Sapphire (1), Topaz (1), Diamond (2), Amethyst (2)

Scrolls: Scroll of Sleep (1), Scroll of Blindness (1), Scroll of Sealing (1), Scroll of Confusion (1), Scroll of Frailty (1), Scroll of Weakening (1), Scroll of Antimagic (1)

Tools: Shovels (1), Pick-axes (2), Magic Compasses (1), Water Canteens (2), Lonely Island Magniscope (1)

Quest/RP/Misc. items: Blue Rose (Invasion of Luosh) (1), Fifty Shades of Bley (1), Mythril Shards (1), Silver Ore (1), Cornucopia (1)

Decamon Deck: Glow Worm (Luminous 1), Scarab (Rock 1), Creeping Hand (Dark 2), Shy Shell (Aquatic 2), 2x Sylph (Electric 3), Simsalamander (Fiery 3), Cheshire Cat (Ethereal 3), Yeti (Icy 4), Sahuagin (Aquatic 5),Electriphant (Electric 6), Sphinx (Ethereal 7), Tygurah (Electric 7), Rafflesia (Plant 8), Carcinos (Aquatic 8), 2x Reaper (Dark 8), Green Dragon (Flying 8), Star Elemental (Ethereal 8), Pegasus (Luminous 8), Stone Golem (Rock 8), Cerberus (Dark 9)

Edited by Bricksandparts

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Tarn Valco
(Rumble Strike)

22 year old human male Raider - retired to Dastan with Ella Septrine

Level 26 2/3
*Natural Respite*
*Immune to


: 6

: 41/41

: 2059

Great Blade (WP:25, cannot be equipped with a shield, greatsword),
Darksteel Armor (SP:6, Max. Health +3, Immunity to
; bodywear), Noble Mask (Wearer gains gold equal to the number of enemies after each victorious battle; headwear)

- and
hollow (Great Potion); axe)
Lion’s Heart
-effect; greatsword),
Bagpipes (WP:8,
-elemental instrument), Fauxthril Spear (WP:6, spear)
Amulet of U'Kin Nobility (Grants Diplomacy to wearer when addressing a U'Kin),
Horned Hat (SP +1, Power +1, suitable for barbarians and beast warriors; headwear),
Potion, Grand Potion, Health Core, Grand Tonic x3,
Remedy, Elixir, Mead x3, Nostrum x2, Venom x2, Deadly Venom, Smoke Bomb x2, Shovel, Pickaxe, Bucket, Bone x2
Edited by Rumble Strike

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428 years old undead Necromancer

Level 30 *Immune to Light and Blinded*

Defense: 8

Health: 41/41 (7+29+5)

Ether: 34/34 (30+4)

Gold: 802

Equipment: Shark Jaw Scythe (WP 20/40 vs. aquatic monsters; scythe), Greaves (SP:2, immunity to slowed and hastened; footwear), Robe of the Elven Necromancer (SP: 4) , Ethereal Cloak (SP: 2, Max Ether +4)

Inventory: Reaper’s Scythe (WP:33, damages only humanoids; suitable to assassins only; scythe), Shark Jaw Scythe (WP 20/40 vs. aquatic monsters; scythe), Longsword (WP: 5), Dark Cloak (SP:1, Max Health +1, Power +1, suitable for rogues and barbarians; backwear), Archer's Hat (Power +1, suitable for rangers; headwear), Disguise Kit (Allows the user to disguise them self as the opposite gender; accessory), Helmet (Max. Health +1, headwear), Greaves (SP:2, immunity to slowed and hastened; footwear), Death Mask (Increases assassination chances to 1/3 when the target’s health is lowered to 1/3; suitable to assassins; headwear), Ruby (Fire), 12 Grand Potions, 2 Health Cores, 2 Tonics, 5 Grand Tonics 2 Ether Cores, 5 Remedies, Neutralizer, Phoenix Essence, 4 Meads, Smelling Salts, 4 Nostrums, Ambrosia, 2 Venoms, Bedroll, Sticky Gloves (Increases the amount of gold stolen by 50% (rounded up), suitable for rogues and beast warriors; handwear),

Edited by Endgame

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Effective: After Class Change (Beast Warrior -> Prophet)


Benji Carvenhall, the Dragonslayer and the Champion of the Northern Kingdoms

30 year old half-elf

Level 50 2/5 Prophet *Gains Triple XP* *Immune to Asleep, Blinded, Confused, Fragile, Sealed, and Weakened Effects* *Overkill Gloves* *2x damage against Vermin*

Power Bonus: 0

Defense: 12 (6+3+3)

Health: 76/76 (6 base +49 lvl up +15 class +6 permanent boost)

Ether: 55/55 (50+5)

Gold: 5 (owe 38 to Grimwald)

Equipment: Hollow Meduiak (Precision Bow; WP:24; AIM's become HIT's; darkness-, ice-, fire-, wind- elemental; Hollow [Elixir]), Medal of Glory (accessory, mark of true talent that allows the wearer to gain triple experience from battles, immunity to asleep, blinded, confused, fragile, and weakened effects), Overkill Gloves [borrowed from Galen] (handwear, +1 gold for every point of damage done extra when defeating an enemy), Robe of Archmagi (SP:3, Max. Ether +5, protects from sealed-effect, suitable for mages, clerics, necromancers, scholars and weather mages; bodywear), Scaly Skin of the Allanoid (backwear, SP:6, suitable for Ranger, Barbarian and Beast Warriors), Ratmancer's Cowl (headgear, the wearer's physical attacks deal double damage against vermin), Wonky Shoes (footwear, SP: 3, suitable for all classes)


  • Weapons - Hollow Crossbow of the Pongcanis (WP:17; earth-, wood-,water-, lightning-, light- elemental; Hollow [Elixir]), Ornamental Throwing Knife (WP: 6, has a 1/3 chance of causing target to be Confused; ranged; retrievable throwing weapon; suitable for rangers, rogues, beast warriors, infiltrators, scholars and winged warriors.)
  • Artifacts - Nordic Stomach Guard (bodywear, SP: 3, Suitable for Barbarians, Beast Warriors and Regulators), Brown Dragon Girdle (bodywear, power +3; suitable to rangers, rogues, alchemists and beast warriors), Puglist's Gloves (Handwear, +2 Power, Immune to Weakened Effect), Tricorne (headgear, SP:3), Trickster's Mask of the Gender Swap (accessory), Trickster Mask of the Dwarf (Headgear, the wearer's appearance is changed to that of a dwarf), Sterile Gloves (Handwear, Immune to poisoned- and bleeding–effects), Winged Sandals (footwear, immune to bound- and slowed-effects), Snake Eye Charm (accessory, immune to petrified-effect), Marksman Monocle (Misses are rerolled, Headgear), Cape of Extravagance (SP: 5, +10 WP, Wearer is Permanently Nimble, Backwear, suitable for Mimes)
  • Consumables - Health Core (3), Grand Potion (8), Potion (3), Elixir (4), Remedy (4), Grand Tonic (3), Phoenix Essence (3), Dragon Scales (3), Nostrum (6), Smelling Salts (5), Mead (1), Flame-Distilled Brandy (4), Mulled Wine (3), Venom-1, Venom-15, Soma, Cosmic Essence, Skeleton Decoy, Bone (12)
  • Other - Smoke Bomb (3), Chaotic Bomb (100 damage, random element), Lightning Bomb, Fire Bomb (2), Water Bomb, Stun Bomb (3), Sleep Bomb (3), Grating Stone (3), Ruby (Fire), Opal (Ice), Aquamarine (Water), Emerald (Wood), Mythril Shard
  • Tools - Magic Compass, Pickaxe, Bedroll, Shovel


Crossbow of the Pongcanis

Edited by Flare

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2.jpg Thalion Dwinlas (-obelix-)

213 years old male elf Mystic Knight

Level: 36 *Nimble* *Weapons effects are added to spells* *Restores 1 ether whenever damage is taken* *Immune to All Elements, Sealed, Blind, Weakened, Confused, Sleep, Fragile and Cursed*

Power: 54 (Level 36 + WP 18)

Defense: 16 (5 + 11)

Health: 47/47 (5 + 35 + 7)

Ether: 46/46 (5 + 35 + 5 + 1)

Gold: 1463

Equipment: Alpha and Omega (WP: 18, dual healing/spellcasting at the cost of 2 ether, Hollow [Grand Potion stored], staves), Shield of Elvenkind (SP:11, restores 1 ether to wielder every time they take damage; shield), Norgh Armor (SP:5, Immunity to Darkness, Light, Fire, Ice, Water, Wood, Wind, Lightning, Earth damage and Sealed, Blind, Fragile, Weaken, Sleep and Confused, bodywear), Blessed Amulet (Protects from Cursed-effect; accessory), Gauntlets of the War Wizard (Weapons effects are added to spells, suitable for Battle Mages, Mystic Knights, and Prophets, handwear), Elven Boots (Wearer is permanently Nimble; suitable to elves; footwear)


Gems: Zirconia (Gem containing all elements; cannot be merged into equipment), Amethyst (Darkness) x3, Diamond (Light), Aquamarine (Water), Opal (Ice) Garnet (Earth),

Scrolls: Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Weakening, Scroll of Confusion, Scroll of Sleep,  Scroll of Elemental Aura (Enables the user to cause the target's attacks deal only elemental damage corresponding to a gem available to the user for the duration of one battle. Each casting has a 50/50 chance of success and costs 5 ether)

Weapons: Despair (WP: 21, darkness-elemental, physical attacks and spells deal double damage to enemies inflicted with any negative effects, staff), War Blade (WP: 17, double WP against lower level enemies; greatsword), Nightfall (WP: 11, Darkness-elemental, absorbs 2 health on successful hits, Hollow [Nothing stored], dagger), Sleeper (WP: 4, deals Asleep to enemies it hits, Hollow Upgrade [Nothing stored], melee/throwing weapon), Duplovian Swift Halberd (WP: 10, deals Stunned on successful hits, Hollow [nothing stored]) Broomstick (WP:9, ranged), Repeating Crossbow (WP: 5, Dual Strike, bow), Winter's Whip (WP: 10, Ice Elemental, 1/3 chance to cause Slow, Whip), Undead Antlers (WP: 10, Grants Intimidation, Darkness Elemental, Halberd)

Artifacts: Slightly Less Lucky Die (Randomly causes the Lucky or Jinxed effect when used, costs 3 ether), Ribcage Shield (SP:11; every time the wielder takes a hit, the shield loses one SP; gives immunity to Doomed and Sudden Death for as long the shield has SP left), Helmet of the Guard (SP:2, Immune to Magic and Healing, headwear), , Winged Sandals (Protects from Bound and Slowed effects, footwear), Heart Locket (Protects from Enamored-effect; accessory), Snake-Eye Charm (Protects from Petrified-effect; accessory), Shackles of War (Prevents anyone from fleeing battles; accessory), Paper Doll (Protects from Hexed-effect; accessory), Cloak of Espionage (Allows the wearer to examine enemy stats before a battle, backwear), Bumble Fanshirt (SP:1, vermin with level less than half of the wearer's are scared and won't directly attack the wearer; bodywear), Dragoon's Helmet (SP:3, makes wearer absorb attacks of the element of their pet dragon, gaining health instead of damage; suitable for dragoons; headwear), Emerald Hood (SP:4, Immunity to Fragile, headwear), Cloak of Necrotic Shielding (SP:3, provides SPECIAL GUARD against Undead Enemies, backwear), Handy Shield (SP:4, Immune to Blinded), Tin Helmet (Protects from Confused and Hexed effects; headwear), Sharkskin Hide (SP: 1, doubles water elemental spells, bodywear, suitable for mages, necromancers, chi monks, and weather mages), Vexing Vestaments (SP: 3, +8 max ether, the user can no longer heal undead to damage them, but healing humanoid, holy, and luminous enemies will now deal damage and inflict the hexed-effect, suitable for clerics and chi monks), Sterile Gloves (Immunity to Poisoned and Bleeding, handwear)

Tools: Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass, Telescope, Magic Compass

Consumables: Copy of The Eubric Herald (Gives the target the transcended and inspired effects for the duration of one battle), Kraken Fang (Grants hastened and reinforced effects when consumed), Grand Potion (7), Potion (4), Remedy (23), Mead (5), Smelling Salts (8), Nostrum (5), Mulled Wine (4), Elixir (3), Ambrosia, Ether Core, Grand Tonic (2), Phoenix Essence (4), Candy Cane (Restores 10 Health and 5 Ether), Ethereal Essence (Revives a fallen ally with full health and ether and the transcended effect), Bone (4), Smoke Bomb, Blind Bomb (2), Seal Bomb, Sleep Bomb (3), Deluxe Skeleton Decoy, Feather of White, Feather of Flight (2), Demon Repellent, Skeleton Decoy (2), Mithril Shard (1/4 of a piece of Mithril), Crystal Ball (2) (Worth 50 gold, 100 at magic shops), 3 Scrap Metal

Edited by -obelix-

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p8110054.jpgZark, the adventurous Barbarian

21 year old Human Barbarian

Level: 1

Power: 4 (LVL 1+WP 3)

Health: 8/8

Gold: 10

Equipment: Iron Great Axe (WP3)

Inventory: Potion, Bottle of Mead

Edited by Pharos712

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ava-sylph2.jpgSylph Solanum (Dannylonglegs)

unknown age, unknown race Druid *Immune to Sealed*

Level: 25

Power Bonus: 0

Defense: 0

Health: 35/35

Ether: 30/30

Gold: 85

Equipment: Shrapnel Bow (WP: 10, Bow. Every successful hit drops the target's SP by 1), 20-20 glasses (headwear, +1 turn of effect for scrolls), Robe of the Archmagi (Bodywear; SP: 3; Max Ether +5, immune to "Sealed")

Inventory: Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Sleep, Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Confusion, Scroll of Ice Armour, 2 Potions, 1 Grand Potion, 2 Tonics, 1 Venom, 2 Fire Bombs, 1 Ice Bomb, 3 Water Bombs, 2 Lightning Bombs, 1 Floral Bomb, 7 Bones, Trial Brew x3, Helmet (Max. health +1)), Emerald, Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass, Signet Ring, Saber Teeth, Journal of The Bleeding,Tale of the Invincible King, Psych Documents, Journal of The Wound, Suffering's Journal, Robe of the Magi (Bodywear, SP: 1), Smoke Bomb, Ranger's Quiver (WP +1 to bows and crossbows), Orcish Morning Star (WP: 9, mace), Mulled Wine, Spinning Bolas (WP: 8, deals the Slowed effect, but the effect is removed when retrieved, throwing weapon), Grand Elixir (Restores full health and ether to target and remedies all negative effects), Hide of The Suffering (Bodywear, Power +7 when under a negative status effect. Doesn't stack.), Merry Bow (WP:7, ranged, steals 1 gold with each successful hit except Shield-skills), Emerald Hood (SP: 4, headwear, protects from Fragile), Sterile Gloves

Edited by Dannylonglegs

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0d825d83-ba7e-453f-b4cc-22d12430c2fe_zps0b0c6c04.jpg Siercon (Siercon and Coral)

Male, Wraith (Visual appearance of hollow black smoke in human form.)

Level 26.66 Battlemage (Darkness to all Attacks; Immune to Darkness, Asleep)

Power: ( lvl 26 + WP 17)

Defense: 9 (Dark Phibbian Cloak +5, Robes +4)

Health: 39/39 (5 base + 26 lvl + 5 class + 4 robes)

Ether: 32/32 (5 base + 26 lvl + 1 class)

Gold: 305


-Dark Phibbian Cloak (SP:5, Adds Darkness-element to attacks and protects from darkness, suitable for magic users, body wear, Immune to Sleep,)

-Telethia's Robes (black robes that Telethia wore into battle. SP: 4, Max HP +4, backwear.)

-Immortal Essence (+1 power for every enemy still standing. Accesory.)

-Giant Spear (WP:17, causes Bleeding 5, Hollow upgrade [Potion Stored])

Gems: Topaz (Lightning), Diamond (Light), Ruby (Fire), Emerald (Wood), Sapphire (Wind), Aquamarine (Water)

Bombs: 7x Bone (Distracts monster for 1 turn when thrown), x4 Fire Bomb, x2 smoke bomb, x2 air, x2 floral, x2 dirt, x2 holy, x2 ice, x2 lightning, x2 water.

Consumables: 3 Potions, 3 Remedies, 1 Tonic, 3 Grand Tonic, Everlasting Venom (Adds Poisoned +10 effect to one weapon permanently; consumable) Mead, smelling salts, Nostrum, Skeleton Decoy, 2x Venom, Grating Stone, Feather of White (Allows the user to hide for up to three rounds, avoiding Free Hits. The effect ends if the user targets an enemy, Consumable)

Inventory: Scroll of Magic Disguise, Crystow Feather (half damage from Electric and Flying type enemies, accessory), Sylvania's Cowl (Artifact, Head Wear, Animal Talk)

Tools: Magic Compass, Shovel, Magnifying Glass, Decamodifier, Telescope

For Sale: (Message if interested): Hood of the Dark Druid (wearer absorbs Wood- and Darkness-elemental damage; headwear, suitable for druids only), Sanctified Rito Spear, (WP:4, doubled against Flying enemies, Hollow upgrade [Potion Stored]), Skull Shield (SP:6; immunity to dark-elemental damage; suitable to Black Knights only; shield)

Decamon: 3x Mud Frog (Rock 2), 3x Carrion Squirrel (Dark 1), 2x Woodwose (Plant 7), Treant (Plant 9), 2x Unicorn (Luminous 5), Will-o'-Wisp (Fiery 1), Glow Worm (Luminous 1)

Quest: (Good Rep: Shadeaux, Rito, Great: Bonapartes); 1 Feather from each of these Eschaton's Generals: Telethia, Glaz, and Charon's Black archangel wings.

Glory Points: 151

Edited by Siercon and Coral

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5909786980_7e1e6811fb_t.jpgRufindel Galadhras (Rufus)

375 year old Elven Male Cleric

Level 13

(13 + 10)
(25 if using Malfunctioning Staff
(13 + 12)

(2 -
Warlord's Helmet

(9 + 12 + 2 -
Cloak of Chimera

(5 + 12 + 2 -
Cloak of Chimera


Fauxthril Staff (WP:10), Warlord's Helmet (SP:2; grants 'Natural Respite'), Cloak of Chimera (Backwear, Suitable for Mage and Clerics, +2 Health, +2 Ether -
on loan from

1 Grand Potion, 2 Potions, 2 Remedies, 2 Bones, Pickaxe, 2 Tonics, Bedroll, Venom, Wooden Shield (SP:2), Malfunctioning Staff (WP:12) - on successful roll, has 50% chance to do half of WP damage to self instead (ignoring row and SP)

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15018446326_243e44eab5_o.jpgAlexander Vandangant (Wedge09)

99 years old elf Hunter

Level 28 *Favors Undead- and Beast-type enemies*

Power Bonus: +2 WP

Power: 43 (LVL 27 + WP 16)

Defense: 6 (Chevalier of Charis armor + Dream Helm)

Health: 43/43 (6 base + 27 level + 6 class + 2 Chevalier of Charis armor + 2 Chicken Drumstick)

Gold: 280

Equipment: Fauxthril Crossbow (WP: 14 16 due to Hunter's Quiver, darkness-, ice-elemental, Hollow Blade upgraded [nothing stored]), Chevalier of Charis armor (Artifact, bodywear) (Maximum health +2, SP: 2), Dream Helm (SP: 4, wearer immune to asleep and fast asleep, artifact, headwear), Hunter's Qiver (WP: +2 to bows and crossbows, allows the hunter to favour two typers at the same time)


Delfrin Crossbow (WP: 7), Delfrin Master Bow (WP:8, inflicts Jinxed)

Duplovian Helmets of the Guard (SP: 2, Immune to Magic and Healing), Sterile Gloves (Immune to Poisoned and Bleeding; handwear),

Ancient Spear (WP:5, Earth elemental), Trickster's Mask of the Gender-Swap

Grand Potion (2), Potions (10), Remedies (2), Tonic (2), Venoms (6), Nostrum, Smoke Bomb (2), Dirt Bomb, Ice Bomb, Holy Bomb, Fire Bomb (2), Lightning Bob, Elven Bomb, First Aid Kit (Consumable), Meads (3), Weak potion (2), Weak Regeneration Potion (1), Weak Regeneration Tonic (1), Smelling Salt (2), Mithril Shard (1/4 of a piece of Mithril), Big Apple, Bones (8), Skeleton Decoy, Charcoal, Phoenix Essence (2), (2) Grating Stone

Bedroll, Shovel, Telescope, Magic Compass, Magnifying Glass

Reputation: Ziegfrieds - Great (+2 Quest), Bonapartes - Great (+2 Quest)

Edited by Wedge09

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