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  1. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    I look at Karie squarely. "Believe what you like. I did not know him all that well, I'll admit, but I don't believe Guts had sold himself to any house. In fact, if anything, he understood the houses better than most and didn't have dream ideals regarding hope for them. I could be wrong. As I said, I did not know him well, and certainly did not pledge him my support or loyalty, but he had a leadership quality that I see few others possess and a sort of rugged determination as well. Of course, having said that in someone like him there is always the chance of becoming a tyrant, like Ulric, but Ulric has no humility. When Guts was in the presence of certain heroes, Nerwen (do you know her?) especially, there was a humility, an embarrassment... I think he could have done well. "I don't know the kind of man that Lord Boomingham is. I don't believe I ever quested with him. He didn't seem much like king material to me, rather he seemed drunk most times I encountered him, and perhaps the houses sought to use him in that way. But in general, from what I have noticed, in times past there was a sort of fear, no let me say respect, for of the heroes of Heroica. People didn't expect to just be able to bribe heroes with money. It's true that sometimes heroes were used for devious things, but that seemed nearly always because they were deceived, not because they were paid to do something evil. "These days, though, I've noticed from a lot of heroes the sort of attitude of, 'just pay me to do something/pay me to kill someone, and I'll do it. I'm in Heroica to survive or to get rich or something like that.' Karie, surely you have noticed the same?"
  2. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    I look at Dyric, wondering what to tell him. What use is there in hiding the truth? Heroica is dying anyway. "I can't say things have been well since our last quest together. "First, I was called to participate in a mission by the Paladins of Eubric against a sort of rogue Paladin movement. What I saw in that just wasn't good. By the end, we put down the organization, but I was left wondering whether we did the right thing. They almost seemed more righteous than the Paladins. "The Paladins aren't what they used to be. They're working alongside all kinds of less than savoury creatures. They probably say that it's because they don't have enough regular volunteers, but it leaves one wondering, did they start dying first, and then have to resort to compromise to stay alive, or did they start compromising first and then start dying. Regardless, I do not have much faith left in the Paladin cause. It is all but dead. I'm not sure if they even know who Ennoc is anymore, much less what he stands for. "If that quest made me lose my faith in the Paladins of Eubric, the next quest made me lose my faith in everything. We went after Baba, I'm sure you must have heard of her. She's a wicked sorceress/mindflayer. Anyway, somehow, she got into my head. I will spare you the details, but it was a frightful experience. I betrayed my party...left them all almost for dead. It was horrible, to be used in such a way. It destroyed any faith I had in myself. I could not believe it. Why me, of all people? I who should have been the strongest amongst the party? "I was taken to the Wolf King's lair and he made a bargain with me. He told me that if I would pledge allegiance to him that he would banish Baba. What a choice to make! But I had already betrayed my party, I wanted to at least in some way rescue the quest, so I pledged my allegiance to the Wolfgang (slew my conscience in a sense by siding with such criminals), but at least Baba was banished. It's still a far cry from killing her though, but if I see her again, if I don't find myself fleeing in fright, I would stop at nothing to grind her head, her whole body really, into a pulp. I've never felt such raw hatred running through my veins, and yet I've never felt so powerless before either. "Regardless of my success in banishing the witch, my party could hardly look at me afterwards. They were as forgiving as they could be, I must say. I cannot fault them. But how could they trust me after my actions? "In a mix of other simpler quests, we had another one where we went to Goethia. Quite a quest, that one! We more or less had to go through a whole castle and slaughter demons and rescue people. It was magnificent! Now that is the kind of quest I came back to Heroica for...but it seems like such quests are fewer and farther between. These days, half of the quests seem to do with one house vying against another. "The divide amongst the houses with the Sungold Alliance and the Crescent Union hasn't helped matters in the slightest. Heroes are divided. Most are more loyal to a particular house than to Heroica. Many don't even seeing the heroing side of being a Hero at all. They think it is a business. Instead of looking at the reward of a quest done well as a token of gratitude by a grateful person, they see it as a payment for a job, any job. I think the houses are guilty of encouraging this behaviour and the greed of knows no bounds. "These days, I wonder if there is any point. Will Eubric ever change? It seems to only be getting worse despite all of our good deeds. I don't want to give up on Heroica now when it needs heroes most, but I also don't want to waste my time on a city that is perfectly content in being stuck in its corrupted works. "I'm not sure what to do. Either way, I feel drained. I just don't feel that I can stay out the course much longer. Seeing all of the heroes whom I used to respect leave as well has not been encouraging. You know that Lord Lawrence Boomingham was elected King of Eubric by the Sungold Alliance, but what has it changed? I doubt that they even let him darken their door. It was a political stunt. I haven't even seen him around since. "Guts was a hero I could have rallied behind, but I think the enormity of the task got to him. The closer you get to the problem the more of a tangled mass you find it is. "If I leave Eubric though, I will find myself a quiet village where my presence can actually make a positive difference. That was the life I lived before returning to Heroica. When I heard that Heroica was up and running again, I felt compelled to return. I have done much good since, then, but...sometimes the quiet life calls me. "I'm sorry, I don't wish to bore you with my troubles..."
  3. Heroica RPG - Quest #158: Color Me Shocked

    "Your mother? ...But that is terrible! You must want to rescue her."
  4. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    I rack my brain, trying to remember the name of the familiar face in front of me. "Yes, and I feel the hall has never been less capable of handling the threat." I gaze up and down the empty hall. "But that has never stopped us before, has it?"
  5. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Phoenix Incenses are far more valuable than the Fields gives them credit for. But there aren't that many buyers anymore.
  6. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    I flip to page 3 of the newspaper. "My word! The Hinckwells are closing up shop! This is shocking news. Eubric as we know it is in for a massive change if this isn't some of that 'fake news' that I heard is going around these days." Dragons coming to Eubric? I wonder if Retraga is amongst them? I've been refreshing my page over and over to see the picture. It finally displayed properly when I quoted your post. "Yes. They are quite a marvelous people."
  7. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    For a bit of Heroica Hall trivia: Althior, Atramor, and Pretzel have gone on the most quests/Field runs. Atramor 17 quests + 1 Field run Pretzel 16 quests + 2 Field runs Althior 15 quests + 3 Field Jim B went on 16 quests and 1 Field run. As far as QMing is concerned: Sandy tops with a whopping 28. Zepher 19 Endgame 16 Kinto 12 WBD 11
  8. Heroica RPG - Quest #158: Color Me Shocked

    "Really? You have seen things like that?" I whisper doubtfully.
  9. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    I scoot 125 gold over to Cedric and take the second Phoenix Incense. "Dastan, huh? It's a lovely place in its own way. The home of powerful creatures and men too. Do you know of the Rito?"
  10. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Legonator and CMP both make an appearance in the same day! Glad to see you have forgotten us all entirely.
  11. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    I chuckle at the odd fellow, but smile contentedly at the idea that I had another Phoenix Incense in my possession. It felt save having another in my possession. "Where are you from, lad?" I ask Cedric.
  12. Heroica RPG - Quest #158: Color Me Shocked

    As the Elder Den speaks, a wave of fear washes over me. For the first time in my life, I feel in the presence of power, real power. I gulp and feel for my sword for the familiar power it has given me in times before, but my hand feels nothing. My eyes, unblinking, remain almost drawn into those of the old man. The half-giant's words bring me back to my senses and I draw my sword, still feeling very much intimidated by the raw power emanating from the old man. "W-w-we are not afraid of you," I manage to get out, holding my sword shakily out in front of me. As the dwarf speaks, a sense of calm comes over me, as if I remember who I really am. "But why would you want us to kill poor Luke? That's just mean!"
  13. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    I look up for a moment, giving a suspicious glare at the demon germ, but being too lazy to actually move or perhaps not caring enough anymore. The months of inactivity had done their work on my aged bones. Looking at the offer made by the Paladin, I throw 130 gold on the table. "For the Phoenix Incense." I call. "Keep the change."
  14. Heroica RPG Rules & FAQ

    Ah, alright. Apologies if that is the case. Generally, retiring players giving away things for free or dirt cheap was frowned on if not altogether disallowed, but I'm not sure it really matters at this point.
  15. Heroica RPG Rules & FAQ

    I don't think Cedric can wear Blizzard's coat.