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  1. I'm planning the Elves Mafia for July at the earliest, so on my behalf please go ahead with the hosting, Bob.
  2. Sandy

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    I still have all my pictures stored on my harddrive, and many of them are uploaded to the wiki already, but if there's anything particular you need, just give me a holler.
  3. Sandy

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    And here I thought the pictures disappeared because I ended my Photobucket subscription, but apparently it was some other problem with the site. If I ever host another game here, I now know not to make the rules in picture form.
  4. I would love to host the Elves Mafia, I just need to start building the treetop city I've been planning for years. I've just had a busy couple of years now and my lego hobby has taken a sort of backseat where I collect stuff but don't do much with the collection. But this summer I think I'll devote more time to my lego and Eurobricks.
  5. Yaaay! Congratulations to our team! We got lucky, but we also worked together very well. So apparently fhomess killing jluck overrode jluck's kill, since Peanuts was watching me as I protected myself on Night Three but he saw nobody targetting me. I don't understand how legoracer got a town result from investigating mediumsnowman, but maybe we'll hear that soon.
  6. I can almost understand Thrawn's panicking, but why do you care which one is lynched and which one is killed in the night? Your role will be confirmed anyway. If I haven't missed anything, you still haven't told who you investigated on Night 1. We could really use that info.
  7. Thrawn was blocked, that's confirmed. Isn't that the simplest explanation for a lack of scum kill?
  8. There's still the option that Thrawn, Dellus and Greer are all working together, though. Greer only needs to survive to win, after all. I am still inclined to vote: Thrawn (mediumsnowman) because his voting has been more scummy than Needa's. I'll change the vote if a lynch is jeopardized.
  9. Did you mean Needa's loyalty? Daala was hammered by scum votes on both Day 1 and Day 2, so it makes her very likely to be loyal. Why would Needa then claim to her before he was under any suspicion if he was scum? That's what I'm questioning - although I could be the one who's being bamboozled here. 😅
  10. I have to add that Needa claimed to Daala yesterday, and I trust Daala is 100% loyal unless she was converted last night. And there's a watcher who saw Needa targeting me on Night Two, that's why I know both Needa and Daala are speaking the truth about the blocking. That's why the case against Thrawn (who didn't offer himself to the vig unlike Needa, by the way) is much stronger in my eyes. Of course if Thrawn turns out to be loyal, then my trust for both Needa and Daala are proved wrong. Dellus's claim is interesting and adds one more layer to this dilemma. If Dellus is telling the truth and if Thrawn is not a godfather, then Needa is the next target. I support the plan to lynch one and vig kill one, but it's up to the majority to decide which one is which.
  11. The vigilante said they didn't do anything on the first night. And yes, I indeed remembered wrong the way Isard went down. That explains the lack of claiming...
  12. I'm in favor of lynching Thrawn today (keeping up with yesterday's discussion), and Needa tomorrow if Thrawn flips town and Needa survives the night. It's just the most logical thing to do, as those Vulcans mentioned on the first day would say (probably, how would I know really?).
  13. It has happened before when scum get narrowed down to a few. The scum in these situations should be able to kill or convert every night despite their other abilities, otherwise it's not balanced. Not that I'm personally displeased by this situation, but I imagine the scum are getting desperate.
  14. I was privately contacted by many people yesterday since my loyalty was pretty much proven by the traitors' voting pattern. So yes, I'm currently holding a lot of strings but I've also ensured that the info is not only in my hands only if I get killed or converted. I haven't heard of an investigator yet. We might've lost one with Isard although she should've claimed to someone before the lynch if that was the case. Taking converting into consideration I would expect there to be one to three traitors left, but of course we have no way of knowing for sure. If it helps to confirm my honesty, I have been in contact with the vigilante and I knew they were going to target Komec before the night fell. With my contacts I could've easily stopped the kill if I were scum, but because it happened we now have a solid town block going on.
  15. First of all, congratulations are in order towards the vigilante for ridding us of another scum! Not so much to celebrate with our voting yesterday, but we all knew the risks. It's my turn to offer an apology to our Grand Moff Tarkin, albeit posthumously. Now, the case of the Two Blockers. I guessed something like this when I was informed that I was targeted by a blocker on Night 2. I later found out that it was indeed Needa. There was surprisingly no scum kill that night, although that could mean they got to convert someone. It was I who indirectly instructed Needa to block Thrawn (although it was a logical choice anyway) to test his loyalty, and lo and behold - we have no scum kill. So either Needa has been carefully slithering his way into the Town Block, or things are exactly as they seem and Thrawn is scum. The third option - that they're both town - is just absurd.