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  1. Sandy

    Heroes III: Dungeon

    Wow, great to see HoMM in LEGO form! This really brings me back... :D You're really captured the gritty, pixelated (but oh so nostalgic) design of HoMM III into your builds, and the parts usage is insanely creative! The various Beholders are my favorite detail. Great job! I actually thought about if it was possible to make all the Heroes factions as minifigs, since there's now great parts for the demons thanks to Nexo Knights, but with the little time I have for this hobby I left it as an entertaining thought.
  2. Well, this system was created for one-off dungeon crawls, so there's no experience or character progress in itself. But the players would get gold and better items from the dungeons to take with them to new scenarios. Of course it's possible to make a simple class advancement system, since these basic classes are quite simple. I was thinking that the amount of items one could carry would be restricted, so stealing wouldn't be too op. But yeah, everyone is free to chip in and develop this idea, if we really want to make it work.
  3. Okay, here's my attempt to make the dungeon-crawler more science-fantasy themed. If anyone is enthusiastic about helping me with the writing and world-building, I'm open for it, as this theme is really not my forte... HEROSTAR A LEGO SCIENCE-FANTASY RPG “Three centuries ago, we humans arrived to this planet we call Nova Vesta, in search of a new beginning for our kind. What we found was a new war. Scientists discovered this Earth-like planet just as our own was falling apart from overpopulation, extreme climate change and scarcity of resources. It was seen as a sign from the heavens, and soon an armada of spaceships were launched, loaded with people and other Earth’s lifeforms. Precious few of these vessels ever reached their destination, and what our forebearers found was unlike anything they could have expected. As you know, this world is full of an essence known as ether. Our ancestors back in Earth would have called it magic. It makes Nova Vesta an enchanted place, rich with life and energy, but also unpredictable and dangerous. Unlike our ancestors expected, this planet was far from uninhabited. Within the three centuries our kind has spent here, we have found a way to live with the native races of elves, dwarves and orcs here, and even learn how to harness ether to our own use, but our life here is far from harmonious. These human-based settlements like our own Asterome are the only havens for humankind in this hostile world. The elves fear us, the dwarves exploit us and the orcs despise us – all for a good reason. We are the invaders. We came here to their home with our demands and our ignorance. We have struggled to get a foothold on this planet, and only thanks to our superior technology we have managed to do so. But we must not give up! We must explore this world further and make a home out of it, for there is no going back. For that reason, I have founded the Herostar Company, where all those seeking a harmonious future are welcome. We need every man and woman we can rally up, and we need to make an ally out of every dwarf, elf, orc and even chimera that we can. So, with the Herostar gleaming on your chest, set forth and spread peace, prosperity and justice everywhere you go!” - Founding speech of Herostar General Victoria LaFaro in 2534 (Earth Year) RACES: All members of the Herostar Company come from one of the most common five sentient races inhabiting Terra Nova. Each race has their own trait and base statistics. HUMANS Hailing from another solar system, humans settled to the planet they call Nova Vesta three centuries ago. Harnessing the flow of ether into their machines, the humans created Ethertech that now powers their settlements. After hundreds of years of waging war against orcs and wild monsters, the humans have finally managed to find a fragile balance with the other inhabitants of their new home. The humans are the most adaptable and technologically advanced of all races, many having cybernetic augmentations within their bodies. They are good at almost any job they are given. Base statistics: Speed: 5 Attack: 3 Defense: 3 Health: 12 Ether: 12 Racial trait: Augmentation - Each turn in battle, a human may decide to take one die from their attack or defense and allocate it to the other. They cannot undo this decision before their turn comes up next time. ELVES Named so by humans because of their long ears and slender bodies, the elves call themselves dahnaï, “Nature’s Children”. Elves usually live in small primitive tribes in harmony with the nature, but recently they have become more curious of interacting with the other races. Elves are born tuned to their natural environment: forest, plain, sea or desert. They channel the ether flow from their native element, which makes them strong in their own environment while weak in others. Elves are also agile but physically weak. Base statistics: Speed: 6 Attack: 2 Defense: 2 Health: 12 Ether: 15 Racial trait: Elemental Affinity – The player chooses one element (fire, water, air and earth) for their elf character. Skills of that element do double damage when cast by the elf, and they are immune to the same element themselves. However, opposing element does double damage to the elf and skills of that element are only half effective. DWARVES These sturdy diminutive people lived isolated in vast underground societies until the arrival of humans. Dwarves are arduous and skilled, and have built most of the buildings in Nova Vesta, so they were instantly fascinated by human technology. The dwarves quickly formed a pact with the humans, trading their labor to gain access to the machines. Dwarves – or umbur, as they call themselves – have only a weak connection to the ether flow, but their subterranean lifestyle has made them persistent and tough. They can even recover from ailments faster than others. Base statistics: Speed: 3 Attack: 3 Defense: 4 Health: 15 Ether: 6 Racial trait: Resistance – If inflicted by a lasting condition such as poison, sleep, blindness or silence, a dwarf has 50% chance of automatically recovering from them each turn they take. ORCS This chaotic and violent race comes in various shapes and sizes, their only common feature being greenish skin with little body hair. The humans call them by many names – goblins, trolls, gremlins – but the most common is orc. The orcs have no common name for themselves, but call their kin agrra, “friends”, while other races are groshk, “enemies”. The orcs are the main reason elves are so few in numbers and dwarves live in seclusion under the ground, and thus they are the dominant race of Nova Vesta. When the humans arrived, the orcs tried to wipe them out but were no match for their guns. Since then, many orcs have seen the benefit of peaceful coexistence. Still, any orc is quick to anger and should then be avoided at all costs, since few can match the strength of an orc. Base statistics: Speed: 4 Attack: 4 Defense: 3 Health: 10 Ether: 8 Racial trait: Rage – An orc character has a special rage counter in their statistics that goes up by one every time they deal or take damage. That counter can be used anytime with a normal attack to boost the attack’s damage by the counter’s number. The counter is then reset. CHIMERA The humans brought with them many animals on their spaceships. As they learned to harness ether, the early mage-scientists of Ethertech Corporation performed experiments with the animals and captured orcs in order to create an army of biological weapons against the hostile world. However, many of these half-animal hybrids proved to be too intelligent to remain slaves and escaped to live a free life. The chimera are mostly shunned by the other races, living on the outskirts of civilization. The Ethertech Corporation is still producing them for their own purposes, a practice many want to see ending. As natural predators, the chimera are fast and strong, but short-lived. Base statistics: Speed: 6 Attack: 4 Defense: 2 Health: 8 Ether: 10 Racial trait: Animal Hybrid – The player chooses one of the following passive skills for their chimera character, based on their appearance. · Leaping (passive) – If the chimera has bestial features, it can jump over opponents and obstacles when moving. · Flying (passive) – If the chimera has wings, it is unaffected by traps and terrain hazards. · Aquatic (passive) – If the chimera has aquatic features, it can move through water without penalty. JOBS Members of the Herostar Company come from all walks of life. Each job has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as unique skills only they can utilize. FIGHTER Fighters can use all melee weapons well, but ranged weapons poorly. Their defense is bolstered as well. Statistic changes: Attack: +1 if melee weapon is equipped, -1 if ranged weapon is equipped. Defense: +1 Job Skills: Swing (action) – A fighter can attack all characters standing adjacent to them by swinging their melee weapon. Each target rolls for their own defense. Allied characters are affected by a swing attack as well. Break Through (action) – A fighter has a 50% chance to break through an obstacle or a locked door, but they suffer one die of damage with each attempt. Crushing Blow (passive) – If their attack roll causes 10 or more damage, a fighter can lower their target’s defense by one. MEDIC Medics can mend wounds with their miraculous ethereal powers. Statistic changes: Health: +3 Ether: +3 Job Skills: First Aid (action) – A medic can use any number of their attack dice to restore health to all adjacent allies equal to the roll’s result. This costs ether equal to the number of dice used. Cleanse (action) – A medic can remove any lasting condition from an adjacent target at the cost of 5 ether. Banish (passive) – A medic’s attacks can cause double damage to undead enemies if they spend ether equal to the number of dice used. GUARD Bound by duty, the sturdy guards protect their allies from danger but their bulk slows them down. Statistic changes: Defense: +2 Speed: -1 Job Skills: Cover (action) – By choosing to cover their allies, a guard automatically takes damage instead of any ally standing adjacent to them that gets attacked before the guard’s next turn. Bait (action) – A guard can spend a turn attracting all enemies within a line of sight to attack them instead of their allies until their turn comes next. Shield Smash (passive) – If a guard rolls higher than their attacker when they defend and they are equipping a shield, they cause damage equal to half the difference of the rolls. RANGER Opposite of fighters, rangers excel in using ranged weapons like guns and bows. They are not that good in close combat, though. Statistic changes: Attack: +2 if ranged weapon is equipped, -1 if melee weapon is equipped. Job Skills: Aim (action) – A ranger can concentrate their attack on an enemy to cause damage without the target defending. An aiming ranger cannot move on the same turn. Distract (action) – A ranger can attempt to distract an enemy to prevent them from attacking the party. Success rate depends on the enemy. Track Down (passive) – A ranger can track down and follow enemies by finding traces they have left behind. ROGUE Rogues make the fastest adventurers and they have a few tricks they can use. Statistic changes: Speed: +2 Job Skills: Steal (action) – A rogue can try to steal one item from an enemy. For the attempt, dice are rolled equal to the speed of both the rogue and their target. If the rogue rolls higher, the stealing succeeds. If the rogue rolls lower, they lose their next turn. Hack (action) – A rogue has a 25% chance to hack into any locked computer or control panel. Backstab (passive) – If a rogue sneaks behind an enemy, they can deal damage without the target being able to defend. ELEMENTALIST Elementalist make the best use of ether flows, but suffer from low attacks. Statistic changes: Attack: -1 Ether: +6 Job Skills: Ether Blast (action) – An elementalist can remove any elemental obstacle from their way if they know an ethereal skill of an opposing element by spending 5 ether. Meditate (action) – An elementalist can spend a turn restoring 5 ether to themselves but cannot move on the same turn. Wisdom (passive) – An elementalist always roll one extra die when using ethereal skills that require dice.
  4. Yay! The town got really lucky even without any major power roles (that I know of), but of course we wouldn't be here without @Trekkie99's bold move. With his reveal, the win was a simple matter of deduction. We owe this win to you, our Vulcan friend! Thanks for another fun game, @Kintobor! I was worried there might've been a bigger twist in the game, but this was straightforward enough. I've played vanilla town enough times to know I need to take risks in order to get any info. This time it paid off, since I fortunately juxtaposed myself against the right people. As a hint, my play style has rarely gotten me night killed, since the scum seem to think they benefit from me... I wouldn't want it any other way.
  5. Yeah, you forgot to include my vote. I just want to say that if the tide turns against Tyrion, I'm ready to change my vote if it guarantees a lynch. But we already have a lynch so I'd rather not risk having one...
  6. I didn't change my mind, I made up my mind based on today's discussion. Sure, you were with us in voting for Newt, but not really the most active, more like going along with the majority. Trust me, if Tyrion turns out scum in the end I will blame myself for letting him play badly (for a scum) and get away with it. I'm not confident about my choice at all, but I just feel like this is the more likely scenario. You are right that it's a big risk - in case there's two scum left and you aren't one then the town is most likely done for - but the same risk is present even if we vote Tyrion out. Alea iacta est.
  7. That's my point. The scum killer seems to be either Korra or Tyrion - which is more unlikely since he made a bold claim about Bob -, and if there's a second scum, then it must be Bob - but again, Tyrion & Bob being partners seems more unlikely than Korra & Bob. That's why my vote stands. There's also a possibility that on the second night the scum didn't kill but converted someone. But a successful protection seems more likely.
  8. It's not just that (although throwing wild theories like that just as we are cracking a case is a known scum tactic), I'm just trying to look at the big picture of who has said and done what. If Korra turns out town, it means Tyrion has bamboozled me and is scum himself. It just seems so unlikely that a scum would be so defensive of of his partner in crime as to go as far as being the only one not voting for them... So here's to hoping I've got it right. Vote: Korra (Khscarymovie4)
  9. But why would Tyrion say he tracked you if he was scum? He'd be taking a huge risk, unless there was a scum role cop who could confirm you don't have a night action. Having a game without night actions is certainly possible but not very fun. Also to think that Kintobor is making us wait 48-72 hours every night for nothing... Daphne and Tauriel could have been the cop and the doctor, which would be most unfortunate for us townies, but not impossible. Based on this conversation, it seems more and more likely that Korra is the scum killer and if there's one more scum, it's you, Egon Spengler.
  10. So now it's down to the six of us, and the picture is getting clearer. I'm not super convinced Tyrion is telling the truth, since he was so defensive towards Newt yesterday, and was the only person who didn't vote for him. But if he entertain the thought that he is, then it seems Korra and Tracer are our best options. Now that I look back, Tracer went after Newt on Day 2 already, and its unlikely that scum accuse one another that early in the game. So that leaves Korra under scrutiny... But I'll wait for Tyrion to tell his night action results so we can confirm his role.
  11. How could you have had worries of being an insane cop on Day 2 if nothing in your night action results alluded to that? It would be a far stretch for a game this size to have such a rare role... I now firmly believe you're trying to save yourself with a desperate throw. It just makes me wonder why Tyrion is so adamant that you're not scum, instead crying that were trying to get the attention from his "waterproof" theories.
  12. That's our point. If he found out Tauriel is scum yesterday, he should've indicated it somehow to someone, or at least acted upon it sooner during the day if he had nobody to trust. Instead he was going back and forth with the voting until the moment Tauriel got four votes.
  13. That's my biggest question mark, too. We're you in contact with someone privately, Newt? Someone who could verify that you had this knowledge yesterday, or at least this morning? Because you didn't vote for Tauriel until me and Raphael had done so, instead focusing on other theories.
  14. Ooh! An important reveal or scum tactics? I'll wait for other people's comments before deciding if this warrants changing my vote to Raphael. (Apparently in this game lynches can be undone...)
  15. We should hope so. All this rambling makes me more convinced Raphael is genuinely trying to play this game for the town. But we shall see...