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  1. Rumble Strike

    Main Street Mafia 2 - Day One

    It all seems pretty cordial so far, everyone seems to be on the same page like beavers building a dam. I will vote: Joyce (jimmynick) as we want to spread the vote out, but also because they haven't said a lot since this ordeal started and we need everyone to contribute.
  2. Rumble Strike

    Main Street Mafia 2 - Day One

    I am also happy for a no lynch this first day. We shouldn't run like a bull in a china shop.
  3. Rumble Strike

    Main Street Mafia 2 - Day One

    I would agree that 2 Mafiosi hiding in our midst is likely, given that there are 8 of us in the Main Street Commerce Guild. They are like sabre-toothed blennies blending into our school of normal fish, just waiting to pounce. Therefore the chance of us not getting the vote right is 75%. If we vote off a loyal Commerce Guild member and then the Mafiosi take one of us out in the night, we will have had a really bad start to this ordeal. It is definitely a conundrum. However, our votes are important and we shouldn't forget that they can also provide us with some illumination in days to come, both in terms of alignment and also how people react to them.
  4. Rumble Strike

    Main Street Mafia 2 - Day One

    A mandatory vote with very little to go on, we will be like deep sea fish in the depths. Voting may be mandatory but we don't necessarily have to get the 5 votes needed for a lynch. With only 8 of us, do we err on the side of caution like the mighty elephant? It may be difficult to reach a consensus today anyway, with nothing to go on.
  5. Rumble Strike

    Main Street Mafia 2 - Day One

    Those Mafiosi are worse than animals! And if you would like a pet in these trying times, come on over to the pet shop!
  6. Hello Main Street!
  7. Rumble Strike

    Main Street Mafia 2 - Sign Ups!

    Be good to play with Hinckley again, he passed me in his Fabuland Housewives Mafia School, which according to the Mafia games index was May 2011. Also great to see Zeph who I played a lot with in the original Heroica game.
  8. Rumble Strike

    Main Street Mafia 2 - Sign Ups!

    I would love to play another Bob game. I hope there is the interest in it, this forum section seems to be quiet these days.
  9. Rumble Strike

    General Discussion and Announcements

    Nice one Bob, it has been very quiet here recently. I always enjoy your games.
  10. I think having the Dark Side Cave scene with Luke versus Vader in the Yoda's Training set would be superb, it's a key scene in Empire and one that we haven't had before, to my knowledge.
  11. Rumble Strike

    Pirates Mafia IV - Conclusion

    That was my first Mafia game since The Pearl, which was also run by Bob, probably about 9 years ago Was lovely to see some old faces still, and the new guys played well. All in all, a nice few weeks, thanks everyone.
  12. Rumble Strike

    Pirates Mafia IV - Conclusion

    Yes to be fair it wasn't until right near the end that we really twigged who the Scum were. Tariq and Duvors did a great job blending in and watching us lynch Townie after Townie! Even with 4 of us left and proof that Duvors must be the last one, it was only that method of elimination and not really anything specific. I couldn't find a smoking gun in the vote analysis!
  13. Rumble Strike

    Pirates Mafia IV - Conclusion

    It was the cumulative effect of the protection that was throwing us all off I think. Great job to JintaiZ, it really blunted the Scum. But it relies on both the doc and the killer targeting the same person, in a small game like this, that was more likely to happen? But as I said to Jack and JintaiZ in PM, if we had lynched a Townie day one, the Vig killed a Townie and the Scum killed one, we could have lost almost half the players in one go and it would have been easy for the Scum to get parity maybe even the next day with a poor lynch.
  14. Rumble Strike

    Pirates Mafia IV - Conclusion

    Ha the scum hated me and I was just a vanilla Townie
  15. Rumble Strike

    Pirates Mafia IV - Conclusion

    Oh wow, thank you JintaiZ! We had dismissed that as being unlikely. Bob, are you going to show roles/night actions? I'm guessing there wasn't actually a blocker? It was driving us crazy.